Thursday, January 14, 2021

Terraced mountain in Liege Belgium - one of the most special staircases in the world!

 With 374 steps and an inclination of up to 30%, the terraced mountain in Liege Belgium is considered one of the most special in the world!

The terraced mountains in Liege Belgium are open to everyone free of charge and this is a must-see in the city of Li├Ęge . This special staircase is called  Montagne de Bueren. A work of art that characterizes 19th-century breakthroughs, Mount Bueren allowed for a direct connection between the city barracks and the city center.

Visit the historic and charming city of Mons Belgium

 Mons Belgium is the perfect place for a day trip from Brussels for those seeking ancient culture and history. You came here because Mons is one of the many beautiful towns in Belgium and so much more ...

About Mons city of Belgium

While not a tourist city in Belgium, Mons offers a wide range of cultural activities and traditional festivals throughout the year throughout the year. The city of only 100,000 people is located in the Wallonia region of Belgium and was appointed as European cultural capital in 2015.

Visit the Australian Powerhouse museum

Powerhouse Museum Australia is known as a special architectural - art work of Australia. This is the place to display artifacts that are extremely valuable, of great significance to the history and culture of the country of kangaroos.
Visit Australia and discover the amazing wonders and processes happening around the world at the Australian Powerhouse Museum . This downtown Science Center has excellent interactive exhibits, unique artifacts from around the world.