Thursday, August 20, 2020

10 Spanish tourist attractions full of fun for the summer

Spain is a country full of sunshine and vibrant Southern Europe, always in the top of the favorite destinations of visitors when wanting to explore Europe. Spain is entering vacation this August, so what is the best Spanish tourist destination for this summer?

La Palma - beautiful Spanish tourist destination

The beautiful pearl of La Palma in the Canary Islands , here stands out with lush green forests and majestic volcanoes ... creating a unique and impressive landscape. Besides, the clear blue sky and smooth sand are also a beautiful highlight that attracts any visitor here.

La Palma Island is probably the best place in the world to see stars and admire other amazing natural phenomena such as cloud waterfalls, space planets, shooting stars, crab-shaped cloud nebulae, and heads. horse… And you can enjoy the feeling of being an astronomer, immerse yourself in observatories, practice using the telescope.
When the sun sets, the silhouette of many green trees begins to fade and sink in the dark, the volcano stops working, the sea has set, and there is no cloud in the sky. And this is the most ideal time that people still think that La Palma is a harmonious natural tune, very suitable for astronomers to stare.


Cantabria is the strip of land between the Cantabria Sea and the Cantabria Mountains in northern Spain. This place is one of the  Spanish tourist destinations with  the most archaeological sites in the world. Altamira Cave and 9 other caves in Cantabria are home to precious cave paintings, recognized by Unesco as a world heritage site.
Nature in Cantabria is also very wonderful with white limestone cliffs next to the emerald green pristine beach, shimmering in the sun.

Tenerife Island - the largest island in the Canary archipelago

Tenerife Island is one of the largest islands of the Canary Islands. This place is known as "eternal autumn" by its romantic beauty, it seems to be lost in the fairyland.
Tenerife is an exciting Spanish tourist destination that will bring what you need for a dream vacation: extreme sports such as climbing, diving or enjoying the fresh sea breeze from the great beaches. beautiful, enjoy unique local dishes and bask in the warm sunshine year round. Especially, Teide National Park on the island has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Duchy of Asturias

Located on the northern coast of Spain facing the Cantabria Sea, the Principality of Asturias is an autonomous community within the Spanish kingdom. Here visitors can both experience the beautiful mountain landscape and indulge in the immense sea air.
Come to Asturias, live slowly with dream holidays. Step on the walking trails to explore the beautiful ancient town, breathe the fresh and airy green air or immerse yourself in the fresh, clear water ...

Menorca Island - the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea

Menorca is one of three islands in the Balearic Islands located off the coast of Spain. This is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea, where all you need for a perfect seaside vacation.
Menorca Island has 120 beautiful beaches, along with a biosphere reserve with a rich flora and fauna with forests, mountains, swamps and hillsides ...

Majorca Island with charming coasts

Located in the Balearic Islands of Spain, Majorca Island is one of the ideal Spanish tourist destinations for visitors to enjoy a memorable summer vacation.
Majorca's charming beaches are a top priority for family travel. The sea here is very clear, clean and green. In addition, visitors can visit many wonderful landscapes on this beautiful island, notably the vast underground cave system like Del Drac Cristos.

The town of Puerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán town is one of the most beautiful destinations that visitors can not miss when coming to Gran Canaria island. This place is also known as "Little Venice" of Spain with the beauty of beautiful white houses, canals, boats and endless coastlines.

The coastal city of San Sebastian

San Sebastian, also known as Donastia (in Basque language, used to call the saints), is a beautiful coastal city in Spain (just over 20km from France). San Sebastian is considered as a "dating place of water, sunshine, flowers and outdoor art". All year round, the weather is warm and warm, the climate is cool, pleasant and the beauty is discreet and poetic.
Coming to this place, visitors can experience the wonderful holidays on the warm golden sunny coast and participate in many interesting water sports activities.

Calonge Town

Located on the coast of Costa Brava, the town of Calonge is a famous seaside resort. This place is bold medieval architecture with beautiful beaches, harmoniously combined to create a wonderful scene.
Here, visitors can walk on the trails, feel the atmosphere of the fresh coastal town or watch the sunset fall over the magical, enchanting town of Calonge.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava is located in the Catalan coast of the province of Girona, northeastern Spain. The name Costa Brava means "wild coast". This place has the Pyrenees mountains combined with the Mediterranean to create a spectacular landscape and diverse.
Challenging beaches, steep cliffs, many coves, nature reserves and pristine marine parks make not only distant visitors but even Barcelona city residents choose the Costa Brava as a spot coming summer.

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