• Beautiful new check-in place in Sapa - Ancient Rose!

    Have you heard about the ancient rose clock in SAP? This is a hill planted with a multitude of colorful flowers, roses of all kinds, gerberas, butterfly petals, sunflowers… planted the whole hill. You have one more great place to visit for your Sapa vacation. Are you ready to explore yet. Let's go…

    The reason I want to introduce Ancient Rose Hill in Sapa!
    Do you understand why I would like to introduce you to this place? Simply, because this is a very beautiful destination, a very Sapa style, the road is also very easy to get to. When I arrived here, I felt lost in the fairy world, beautiful scenery.

    Called the Old Rose Hill because here the whole hill is planted with roses like the old rose of Sapa with all different colors. The hill is divided into steps, and each step is planted with beautiful flowers. An entire hill full of flowers, with its paved paths, even rows of dreamy pine trees.

    The romantic path of pine trees on both sides of the Ancient Rose Hill
    The rose hill is open to welcome guests from March 2019, currently, you have not collected any tickets, so just take advantage of coming to Sapa and check-in here. The most beautiful months of flowers are March, May and July. The next months of the year do not know how beautiful, so wait until the end of this year to see the flower season and then sum up for you. Said the months above the flower is more beautiful because at that time the new flower blooms, very fresh, the flowers are very brilliant. Currently, in the garden house, people also prune flowers, adjust so that one flower after another blooms continuously with flowers on the branch, not at the same time, there are no flowers at once.

    On the delicious hills, you can not only admire the beautiful flowers but also be immersed in the majestic mountainous space of Sapa. In the east, when it is morning, the sun shines in the mountains. Late afternoon, sunset falls under the mountains to the west and clouds play. All scenes of nature are very poetic.

    Directions and access to Sapa Ancient Rose Hill!

    Ancient rose hill beauty
    Road to Sapa ancient rose hill
    The ancient rose hill is about 9 km from the town center, going in the direction of Lao Cai. Are you excited about the rose hill yet? If you want to visit this place, you just need to move in the direction of Lao Cai, about 6 km down from the center will see a bend, going straight the big road will continue to Lao Cai, and the direction goes up. In the afternoon, going to Deep Chua, going into Dep Chua Road about 1.6 km, you can see the rose hill at the beginning of the road.

    You only need to step through the gate and a vast and attractive space will call you up the hill. Here it must be said that flowers spread all over the way

    How to move to Sapa Ancient Rose Hill
    Transportation by motorbike:
    The road is paved along the highway, so the road is quite easy to go. Young people, middle-aged siblings can easily rent a motorbike to explore the rose hill, currently completely free.

    Travel by taxi
    Groups of 5-7 people should call a taxi, the road is quite close, the cost is even cheaper than renting a motorbike to run by itself, but safe, without having to worry about the road. Especially for families with children, this taxi ride is very convenient.

    Travel by car with guidance.
    With this option, you will visit Rose Hill not only to know that it is beautiful but also to be introduced to Sapa land on the way, to understand the ethnic groups in Sapa and some special features of Flower Hill. Pink but at first glance you do not recognize, do not fully understand.

    An entire area of ​​sunflower blossoms
    For the most convenience for your trip to Sapa, you should buy a package tour at reputable units. Relaxation tour program so you will have free time to explore new and favorite places like this old rose hill, September 2nd will open a very unique check-in point. is Cau Kinh in the pass area where the intersection between Lao Cai and Lai Chau.

    Visiting the rose hill, what to bring and what to leave is very intact.
    You know, a hill cannot naturally grow full of flowers, but these are rare old rose trees. So each of us visiting here smile and thank the gardeners who look after this beautiful garden.

    The flowers here will definitely be very beautiful, very attractive, but do not take the flowers by hand. There won't be a guard running to punish you because there are only a few people who manage the large garden can not control it all, just the flowers are only beautiful when the flowers are fresh in the tree. So when you visit here, just take away beautiful pictures with thousands of flowers, and leave them with flowers.

    A whole flower hill with countless virtual corners for you to take pictures
    Not only with the ancient rose hill in Sapa , but with all the tourist beauty and national heritages, each of us when traveling, let's join hands to make the destination more beautiful, not paint. 

    Currently, Sapa rose hill with a variety of flowers, flower colors, and extremely fresh. You love flowers, then come to Sapa to visit this hill. If you do not love flowers, just go to Sapa, because there are many other beautiful scenes for you to enjoy. The discovery of new things, new lands makes people more enthusiastic, we find life more beautiful and love life more. So why must consider when doing a Sapa trip. 

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