• Coming to Sapa, food and paradise are real !

    Surely you like me, the first times will always make you remember persisting, remembering deeply, right. The first time to Sapa, it was a beautiful and impressive memory. You really can't imagine how you love Sapa Cuisine , and the rustic and wild landscapes also become extremely charming. Fansipan peak is so high is the dream of conquering many people and very happy to touch. With full and overwhelming emotions, you are ready to explore Sapa with me now.

    SAPA FOOD - variety and originality hard to resist!
    Sapa cuisine is a variation right in the local cuisine, to please four-way customers, while still retaining the original taste in each dish.

             Thang Co - a traditional dish in Sapa cuisine
    Thang Co is a dish that belongs to ethnic people, but has been changed by a restaurant in Sa Pa town compared to the original taste to suit the needs of customers, visit “Thang Co A Quynh” (no. 15, Thach Son Street, Sa Pa town) will serve all kinds of dishes from Thang Co to silkworm hot pot, salmon hotpot or you want to have a better taste of Traditional Thang Co, come to A Quanh 08 Ngu Chi Son . And if we want to be more right, go back to Bac Ha market every Sunday or travel to Ha Giang at the top of the country to feel the wildest and most original of the victories.

    Thang Co - a typical dish in Sapa
          Spring rolls in the middle of Sapa - delicious breakfast dish in Sapa  
    Spring roll pastry (34 Thach Son, Sapa town) with a slightly different sauce than normal rolls, the sauce has lemongrass, papaya, coriander and of course, sweet and sour, you will be surprised to have breakfast with hot rolls in Sa Pa.

    Pho Sa Pa, if you have not tried it, is a pity. If you have come to Sa Pa, you should try, Pho Bac at O ​​Qui Ho Restaurant (No. 8, Thach Son, Sa Pa town). The restaurant in Sa Pa has a lot of choices, from Japanese or Hong Kong restaurants, and this is a not bad choice for a restaurant specializing in Northwest cuisine ... The pho here specializes in using meat Local beef, keeping fresh, because the restaurant sells at 40,000 VND and sells ingredients during the day, does not use much seasoning, uses bones to sweeten the water, although it is a large restaurant, it is quite rustic processing.  Under the cool weather, with a bowl of pho using completely local ingredients of Sa Pa, will not disappoint customers,

    Chicken hill - hard to find delicious chicken like in Sapa
    Grilled chicken at A Phu restaurant (No. 15 Fansipan, Sa Pa town) features Northwest cuisine, the use of spices such as guava seeds and cocoons makes the taste of the dish different from other regions. Such local seasoning dish is suitable for those who are a culinary fanatic, grilled chicken with honey and green pepper, fragrant with guava seeds and cocoon will give you a very unique taste.

    Sapa evil chicken with typical black color, extremely delicious
    If you are a follower of the movement "eat clean" or eat "detox", in Sa Pa there are many choices for you, the vegetable-like vegetable dish is only delicious when grown in Sa Pa has a fragrance. More than other vegetables you usually eat, visit Moc Lan Quan (466, Dien Bien Phu, Sa Pa town), you will enjoy "home rice" that will help you not gain uncontrollable weight gain during your journey. Where are you going to Sa Pa?

    2. Certain Points Must set foot when first coming to Sapa!
    Sapa stone church - the ancient symbol of Sapa
    In the center of town, take a walk around the church grounds, to feel the long history of the church: built in 1895, is a mark of the complete ancient architecture of the French. left here. The architecture of the church is Roman gothic style, the whole church is built of hewn stone, in the tower there is a bell with the echo within a radius of 1km. If you walk around the church and hear the ringing of the bell, you will feel the charm of the architectural spirit of Europe, even though the church has gone through decades of war and still remains almost intact.

    Villagers' lives near the Stone Churches
    Being the highest mountain in Vietnam, the highest in Indochina, so it is known as the roof of Indochina, Mount Fansipan is 3,143m high, about 9km from Sa Pa town. The 3-wire cable car project is honored by the Guinness record as the most modern in Asia, instead of climbing for a few days as before, with this modern cable car, visitors only take 15 to 20 minutes to touch Fansipan peak.

    Sitting on Fansipan cable car and watching the valley of Muong Hoa
    In addition, Sa Pa Station is made by one of the 5 most talented architects in the world - architect Bill Bensley, where every small detail is cared for, the motifs simulate the terraces of the Northwestern people. prominently inside every corner of the station ...

    Spiritual complex on Mount Fansipan
    According to the world archaeologists, it takes 100 million years to form this majestic Mount Fansipan ... So come Sa Pa, go to the top of Fansipan and admire the largest Buddha statue located in a prime location. You will have peaceful moments, even if you do not follow any religion, even if you are atheist, you will be amazed by the magnificence and massiveness of the modern architectural complex in the clouds. Surrounding mountains, there you can take pictures, you can meditate with your eyes closed, have moments of relaxation ...

    High-class Hai Cang restaurant at Fansipan station
    If you are a student, do not forget to bring your card to get a discount when buying cable car tickets, will be discounted from 700,000 VND to 500,000 VND and experience with a climbing train so that you do not have to climb 600 stairs at the price 70,000 vnd ticket ... For those who love walking and climbing, moving over 600 stairs is also completely easy, as long as you like you can "conquer" Fansipan in just one hour, just go. Come to Sapa to enjoy all the delicious and unique dishes of Sapa Cuisine and discover the most complete nature here.

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