• Finishing up your Sapa Car Rental Experience, save now!

    There are hundreds of thousands of questions like “Where should I rent a car? Rent a car to Silver waterfall, heaven gate how much money; How much does it cost to rent a car to Lao Chai and Ta Van? Visiting Cat Cat should we walk or ride? " Now I will write a detailed article about car rental experiences in Sapa so that all of you know when Sapa tourism needs to rent a car, call reputable parties, where to go, you need to rent a car. Where to go, what is the car rental price in Sapa? These experiences will be essential for you to have the most happy and satisfied Sapa trip . So please read carefully and save the information when going to Sapa for immediate use.

    Comparison between Car Rental in Sapa and other Delta Provinces.
    Sapa is a mountainous town, with most of the road being steep and passable. The roads down to the village have many rough roads, steep places, narrow places. In general, riding in Sapa is much more worn out in terms of brakes, gas, and tires ... So in Sa Pa , the first is that there is no place to rent a self-drive car. Because Sapa road is not straight and easy to go like in the delta, no one dares to give a few hundred million to a newcomer to Sapa who does not know the road, then meets a steep mountain pass, a narrow curve handling unfamiliar is very easy. But in the plain google map just keep going straight, then I'm fine.
    Sapa central street
    Second, in Sapa there are not many people investing in Sapa car rental service because this is also an industry that needs a large investment capital, but in addition to the capital cost, the money to pay for the repair of the tire brake, gas car is expensive, the wear rate must be 2 3 times higher than that of the plain ride. The manpower for driving in mountainous areas is not as abundant as in the lowlands. So, the number of car rentals in Sapa is not much, especially the weekend is when tourists come back to Sapa a lot, so you need to book in advance if you want to have a car for yourself.

    Traveling to Sapa or anywhere, experiencing the most with the most reasonable cost, meeting enthusiastic and happy drivers. Of course, the attitude of the driver or the waiter is also partly due to your behavior. In order for your happy, willing to pay spirit to meet a professional driver, do your best for your maximum experience, you also need to choose a Sapa car rental unit with process clear work, specific prices.

    What do you get when renting a Sapa car?
    With the type of travel, there are many ways to choose from, for example, by motorbike, taxi, tram or renting a private car. But the advantage of renting a private Sapa car that you easily get is that.

    • There is a shuttle driver, not self-driving, tired of finding the way to the Sapa tourist destinations that you need
    • Not afraid of sunshine and rain on sudden rainy days of Sapa rainy season.
    • You can park at any point you like. On the journey to destinations like on the road to Ta Phin, to Heaven Gate, O Quy Ho Pass, Ta Van, Lao Chai, there are many interesting points that you will encounter on the road, not that it must come right. The new point has beauty to see so when renting a private car Sapa will have the advantage of being a driver to schedule the best stops and if there is any point that you suddenly enjoy, you will also be very pleased. If you take a taxi, you will not be so comfortable because the taxi stops, the meter will still charge so the driver will have to charge for your stop time.
    • Rent a private car, you get a quote about the destination before you get on the car, not afraid of arising more like when taking a taxi.
    • Diverse tour programs, attractions for you to choose from.

    Who should rent a car in Sapa, who should choose another option?
    As I said about the terrain in Sapa, it is a bit different in the plains, the road requires more experienced drivers from motorbikes or cars. For groups of families with young children, moving points such as Silver Falls, Love Falls, Heaven Gate, O Quy Ho Pass, or down to Cat Cat, Ta Van Lao Chai ... should choose to ride by car. And for large family groups from adults to children, the more you need trips with a car with a driver, you cannot ride a motorbike, and take a taxi, you cannot park. Or when groups of friends go out together that are not familiar with driving, there is nothing more expensive to ride by car than renting a motorbike but feel comfortable, free to admire the photography on the road without afraid to drive anything. In short, with families, travel by car in Sapa .

    I also suggest that, if with couples, groups want to adventure with Sapa, you can still choose to go trekking like Western friends, this option requires a little good fitness, but if the You dare to challenge yourself with the trips that crept into each of the alleys, villages and fields, you will have a lovely, impressive impression of a wild and pure Sapa. Or for young people, small groups can ride motorbikes together, but make sure you drive hard, because many roads are really rough, steep and slippery.

    SAPA TOURISTS should choose to rent a car.
    Coming to Sapa , you have many attractive attractions. But you need to determine the location to choose the right move. If you choose the hotels and homestay in the center, then moving to the tourist destinations in the center such as Sapa night market, Ham Rong mountain resort, Stone church, Mat Ngoc lake, you can choose choose to take a walk in the evening, or during the day choose to call a tram is very convenient, or if you go this short you can call a taxi. With Fansipan Cable Car point, many people choose to rent a car to Fansipan Station, but I see how to travel by Muong Hoa train from the Sunplaza building in the center takes 50kby round trip, up to Cable Car Station is both cheap and also admire the valley on Muong Hoa train. I show you how to move while being the most economical and experience the most.

    Sapa village in July and early August with green rice
    As for the further points, with these groups of customers, you should choose to rent a quality and prestigious car in Sapa .

    I have been to Sapa many times and it seems to be a local in Sapa . I also try many parties when I call a group of relatives, friends and a group of friends, I believe that the car rental company of Mr. Khanh is the most trusted. Mr. Khanh's side fully meets the criteria.

    On Mr. Khanh's side, if I have a car booking appointment at 8:00 am to be at the hotel, I want to be at 7:50 am, the driver will contact me to pick up. Since I hate rubber a lot, it has a lot to do with the overall plan. Having made an appointment at 8am is to get up early on time to prepare and have breakfast, but after having to wait for a few dozen minutes for the driver, the trip is not really fun anymore. On Mr. Khanh's side, this account is very prestigious, the appointment time is right, if there is a mistake, we will be fined and deducted money, not over the speaker.

    Private car, attentive shuttle. On the way, there is a comfortable stop to visit, but the price is approximate to call a taxi or cheaper.

    Sapa is a small town, but to travel to explore Sapa, it will take many days. Because in fact there are many villages, many wonders, and beautiful natural landscapes surrounding this place. Below is a list of car rental rates for some major routes. Where everyone wants to go, alo. You can say that you are acquainted with the dulichkhampha24 group to receive the preferential prices as below and the most attentive and open consulting care.

    Car rental Sapa travel will be an ideal choice for the trip when you choose a reputable, quality and responsible unit like Khanh's side. Tourist spots should take a car and places where you can walk, you can take the Muong Hoa train to admire the scenery instead of taking the bus to Fansipan Station ... Every point when you learn, you know why I recommend to ride by car car or point does not need a car. Hopefully the above sharing has helped you to have the best travel options when traveling to Sapa.

    For the full Sapa Trip, you will want to have a clean, suitable and value for money accommodation. Besides, moving from Hanoi to Sapa is also an indispensable part of the trip. You can refer to the most "valuable" hotel synthesis articles with each star line and the extreme Sapa travel Combo with a price that could not be better.

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