• Hanoi Cuisine - Combination of 5 delicious and delicious dishes

    Hanoi cuisine  has a rustic taste and attracts many tourists because of its passionate aroma. Stepping into the food streets here, you cannot "leave" without tasting all of Hanoi's delicacies. Each street will have its own distinctive character and dish. The long lines of tourists lining up with excited faces are nothing strange at the following 5 food streets.
    Tong Duy Tan Street - Hanoi Food  Street  through the night
    Tong Duy Tan Street is a "sleepless" street for tourists. The delicious dishes here also have the taste  of Hanoi cuisine  with the grilled and hot pot restaurants open close together.

    Unlike the "luxury" buffet restaurants, Tong Duy Tan Food Street brings a rustic feeling to visitors. You can completely enjoy a frog hot pot in just 15 - 20 minutes. Of course, the price is also very affordable.

    Hanoi delicacies here bring visitors to the passionate aroma of broth, seafood and new hot pot dipping dishes. You can call your group a Thai hot pot, frog hot pot, seafood hot pot, or vegetarian hotpot. The price for each hot pot is about 300,000 - 400,000 / 2 people.

    Not only famous for its hot pot dishes, but also known for many other Hanoi delicacies, Tống Duy Tân small street. You can go along the street to "eat" the following specialties:

    The cafes here are also diverse in style and suitable for many travelers. If you love the old food, you can immediately choose Xofa cafe to enjoy delicious cakes. In addition, Puku (next to Xofa) is a vibrant place with lots of alcoholic drinks.

    Ta Hien Street - The busiest dining place  in Hanoi tourist area
    Ta Hien is the most "playful" place in Hanoi tourism. Visitors to Hanoi can not miss this place. This street is located in the city center. Therefore, it has the most obvious color of Hanoi Old Quarter.

    The street is not big but concentrates all the snacks of Hanoi. Groups of tourists often come to Ta Hien to enjoy sour rolls, grilled beef fish, french fries, cheese shakes, ... All are long-established and very famous restaurants. Most especially, the "beer drink" that makes visitors extremely love. You should choose the drinking tables right on the sidewalk to fully enjoy the atmosphere of Hanoi at night. The street is open every day, so you don't need to worry about time. However, there is a minus point is that the parking ticket is expensive. Therefore, grab is quite a convenient means.

    Dong Xuan Market - A place filled with   traditional Hanoi food
    Dong Xuan Market or "Gam Cau" area is famous for its barbecue. Tourists gather here to enjoy the delicious flavors of  Hanoi such as stew, beef, pork, and grilled heart. Besides charcoal grill bars that seem a little harmful to your health, you can choose grill bars. However, the seasonings of each bar are somewhat different. With a cost of about 200,000 VND / person, you have a delicious and filling meal.

    Besides, the famous Huyen Anh cartilage porridge shop opens until 2am with a large gathering of young people in Hanoi. Because fragrant porridge combined with nutritious rib meat is  a delicious dish in Hanoi  causing "crushing".

    Ly Quoc Su Street - Hanoi's culinary paradise   with snacks
    Ly Quoc Su is famous as a food street for foreign tourists. Here, there are delicious restaurants in Hanoi such as spring rolls, spring rolls, pillow cakes, pancakes, filter dough cakes, ... Au Trieu alley is home to many fried spring rolls, the best chicken feet in Hanoi.

    Besides, you have the opportunity to "crash" the taste of Hanoi bread here. Mixed bread in Ngo Huyen attracts a lot of foreigners. The price for each cake is about 15,000 VND.

    Opposite Ngo Huyen is the traditional umbrella of Hanoi. You can choose from various types of kumquat, plum, fried plum,…. at an extremely affordable price. The salesgirl is also very friendly!

    Doi Can Street - Eat pancakes, spring rolls, Thai tea
    Team Can is not in the city center but also brings a bustling tune at night. When it comes to banh xeo, spring rolls, everyone thinks of this street.

    Pancakes here are golden, fragrant with bean sprouts and shrimp. Side dishes include raw vegetables and a delightful sweet and sour sauce. Just once enjoying pancakes, spring rolls here also makes you can't forget the taste  of Hanoi cuisine .

    Besides, Thai tea (75 Doi Can) is famous for its delicious taste. The tea here is not too sweet and has the smell of coconut milk. The supple jelly is also very popular. The price per cup of tea is about 20,000 - 30,000 VND.

    Hanoi cuisine is not only delicious, but I please all visitors. The rustic when enjoying the delicious dishes here makes visitors come to Hanoi more and more. In addition, the affordable price also makes the restaurant constantly expensive. However, the long line of tourists lining up does not reduce the enthusiasm of the Hanoians.

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