• Hanoi Long Bien Bridge and interesting things you may not know yet

    For more than half a century, the long horned Hanoi Long Bien Bridge spanning the Red River is not only a great witness of history but also a familiar "meeting point" in the bustling city. For generations of people in Ha Thanh, the bridge has been accompanied by five months from childhood to adulthood. Walking on the ancient colored iron rhythms, immersing your soul into the clouds, sky, rivers and watching the flow of people, you will feel the most relaxing and peaceful moments.
    Experiencing many ups and downs of life, from the days of the invasion of the country to the repeating of the vase, Long Bien Bridge still stands out and becomes one of the symbols of the capital, a familiar destination. When traveling to Hanoi, I also want to visit once.

    Hanoi Long Bien Bridge is the first steel bridge spanning the Red River, connecting the two districts of Long Bien and Hoan Kiem. The bridge was built by the French in 1898, inaugurated on February 28, 1902. It was not only a lifeline connecting the two banks of the Red River but also with the army and people of the capital against two extremely fierce resistance against the French colonialism. And in the battle against America, due to many bomb attacks, the bridge was damaged more and more seriously.

    Over nearly 2 centuries with many remodeling times, Long Bien bridge still exists with the capital and so far the bridge has covered itself with the rust color of time despite many renovations. However, in the eyes of the people of the capital, Long Bien Bridge is a historical relic worth to be proud of.

    This bridge has a total length of 2,290 meters across the river and 896 meters to lead the bridge, including 19 steel girder spans placed on 20 piers over 40 meters high with unique architecture. The bridge is designed into multiple lanes, consisting of a single central rail, flanked by two 0.4 m wide pedestrian lanes and 2.6 wide bicycle and other vehicle lanes.

    According to Hanoi tourism experience , the unique point of the bridge is the traffic flow in the left direction, not the right as other bridges in Vietnam. This design style often appears in European countries, typically France. From a distance, Hanoi Long Bien Bridge is like a winding dragon, many people think that it is very similar to the Tobiac bridge in district 13 connecting the city of Paris and Orléans (France). In comparison, this bridge deserves to be called the most impressive iron bridge in the world.

    The history of Long Bien Bridge has shown that it has witnessed many important pillars of the nation. There were two wars against France, followed by against American imperialism. In 1945, when Uncle Ho read the Declaration of Independence at Hanoi Ba Dinh Square , the bridge became a span leading millions of people inside and outside the province to Uncle Ho in harmony with sacred moments.

    By October 1954, when Hanoi was filled with flags and flowers to celebrate the liberation of the capital, Long Bien Bridge was still there and witnessed the joy of the nation. Then 21 years later, it saw once again the greatest day, the day of reunification, the South was completely liberated. Just like that, for more than 100 years the bridge has remained standing there, accompanying the lives of the Vietnamese people.

    Despite over 3 centuries, Long Bien Hanoi Bridge still carries bold French architecture - a bridge that has brought many emotions for the Vietnamese. Neither modern nor wide, with both old and ancient features, it is still considered the most beautiful bridge.

    Every time tourists come here, they are very interested in the ancient beauty of the bridge, as a historical relic of the nation. Today, Long Bien Bridge is still the main traffic place of the people of the capital and is a frequent destination for young people to admire the scenery, to observe the life of the people through street vendors, carts.  Gentle, simple but it is what occupies the love of many hearts.

    Long Bien Bridge is a place where young people often drive out to enjoy the wind on a day when they get excited, or when their soul feels urgent, they want to find an open space to "let loose". For the school girls, this is also a place to gather the piano and keep memories of youth.

    And what better than visiting the bridge in the afternoon, the golden rays of sunshine gradually let go of the brown iron bars. Creating a romantic scene is nowhere to be found. This special background becomes a source of inspiration for the photographer, so if you have a chance, don't miss this moment!
    Tran Nhat Duat coffee watching Long Bien bridge

    Tran Nhat Duat Coffee Shop is located on the 4th floor of a building with open space, you can see Long Bien Bridge from afar. Here, you can call yourself a cup of coffee while sipping and chatting and admiring the ancient bridge, the Red River rocky beach or the busy market nearby. This point will give you a completely different perspective on Long Bien Bridge.

    Located at the foot of Hanoi Long Bien Bridge is the Red River rocky beach - a very familiar place to take pictures for many people. If you are a fan of "virtual living", you will not be able to help but check-in. How far the scenery, the greenery will surely give you sparkling pictures like in the steppe.

    In addition, when coming to Long Bien Bridge in winter to Long Bien Bridge, visitors will really enjoy the experience of sitting together by the charcoal oven, enjoying grilled corn, hot baked potatoes, and warm up. .
    - Travel: Long Bien Bridge is not far from the city center, right next to Yen Phu bus station - Dong Xuan market. Starting from Sword Lake, visitors only take about 15-20 minutes to walk.

    - The most popular shooting spot here is Long Bien station platform. From the parking lot at the foot of the bridge, you can walk up to the rail on the bridge to freely create the perfect photo, but remember to pay attention to passing trains.

    - The bridge has a pedestrian lane but the handrail is relatively low, if you are not used to it, go slowly, avoiding playing around will be very dangerous.

    - In order to be able to comfortably walk back and forth on the bridge, let's temporarily skip high heels, instead of soft-sole sneakers!

    Although today there are many more bridges spanning the Red River, Hanoi Long Bien Bridge still stands quietly as a proud symbol of the Capital. Come to this place in a cool afternoon to have a different feel about the land of a thousand years.

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