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    Hanoi, a land of thousand years of civilization, is famous for its unique and massive cuisine. The Hanoi specialties are always interested visitors a special way, by all the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine converge here. In the past, there was a saying "Eat North, Dress South", implying that Hanoi's cuisine is the best in all regions. Combining visiting Uncle Ho's mausoleum, monuments and enjoying traditional Hanoian delicacies, is something you must definitely try once
    Pho is the quintessential dish of Hanoi, the soul-retaining taste of Thang Long land. Pho is actually available in all regions, but only in Hanoi is the original name. This dish seems to have appeared from the 1930s, going through nearly the century, pho is still preserved and passed down through many generations of Hanoians. Nowadays, Pho is not only a Hanoi specialty but also a famous brand of Vietnamese cuisine.

    As expected of the "national dish" of Vietnam, above all it is the uniqueness of Hanoi cuisine. Pho covers 36 streets, from simple, rustic street vendors to the noodle shops that have made the brand. Pho Bat Dan and Pho Thin are names that seem to be very familiar because the taste of pho here is known as the most standard in the North.
    Lang Vong - Hanoi specialties are famous for a region

    Speaking to Hanoi cuisine is to say nuggets, as a common sense. Because com is unique to Hanoi, a dish that has been preserved for many generations, the image of green nuggets has entered the memories of many generations of capital people.

    The rich, fragrant rice cake dish is indispensable in the gift baskets that people from far away brought back from the capital, with an excited and excited mood. Speaking of nuggets, Lang Vong is very famous, wrapped in lotus leaves and eaten with ripe bananas is a hobby of Hanoi people. The cereal season here starts in the period of August-October, when the soft, faintly fragrant and faintly fragrant trade waves all over the alleys signal the arrival of Vong village's cereal season.

    In addition to nuggets, which are ideal snacks in the fall, visitors can also enjoy specialties from com such as rice cakes and sticky rice.

    Bun cha dish seems very familiar to the people of the capital, appearing at lunches and dinner. Moreover, Huong Lien Bun Cha is also the dish chosen by President Obama to enjoy during his visit to Vietnam in June 2016. This dish is also ranked in the list of 10 famous street food voted by tourists. In every corner of Hanoi you can easily smell the fragrant grilled meat on the charcoal stove.

    A delicious, complete bowl of bun cha must have vermicelli, grilled pork rolls, sauces and herbs. The most quintessential thing about this dish is the rich taste of the dipping sauce, accompanied by the attractive aroma of meat pies, blended with the fragrant and delicate vermicelli juice according to the traditional recipe, creating an impossible taste. Meat rolls to be fragrant must be made from lean meat, marinated with salt, pepper, onions, fish sauce, ... and then grilled to taste.

    In Hanoi, there are many places selling delicious vermicelli, but rated as the best, there are shops located at 34 Hang Than, Hoan Kiem and bun cha Huong Lien located at 24 Le Van Huu, Phan Chu Trinh, Hai Ba Trung.

    Although it is just a snack that is popular in the street, but the Ho Tay shrimp cake is honored to broadcast on CNN, fully praised. Born in the 50s, this famous shrimp cake is still preserved and handed down to this day. To tour Hanoi , if not visit West Lake shrimp bread shall not be called perfect.

    As a street food, the recipe for making shrimp cakes is not very sophisticated. Shrimp must be freshwater shrimp, caught from West Lake, combined with ingredients such as flour and eggs. Shrimp is dipped in flour and egg mixture, then in a frying pan covered in oil until golden brown. Picked out, the cake will be crunchy, fragrant and beautiful yellow, very attractive. The simplest way to eat is to bring shrimp cake, dipping it in garlic chili sauce or eating it is also very delicious.

    La Vong fish cake is listed in the list of the most delicious dishes in Kinh Ky ever. Thanks to the heirloom recipe, along with the combination of many ingredients, the appeal of this dish is created.

    Hanoians often eat fish cakes with vermicelli, basil, roasted peanuts, green onions, and indispensable shrimp paste that is prepared in the most elaborate manner. Fish ball is a type of fish flakes or fish, preliminary processing and then cut into pieces, deep fried, then carried both the pan and placed on the table for diners. When eating, just put the vegetables in, stir up evenly, pick up a little noodles and vegetables, sprinkle on some fish sauce and eat right away.

    In Hanoi, there are many vermicelli dishes, but the most elaborate and sophisticated must mention bun thang, if mentioned there must be up to 20 ingredients in a bowl of vermicelli. An exquisite dish that shows the elegance of Hanoi cuisine will probably be very regrettable if you ignore this specialty in your trip.

    As soon as you see the bun thang, you will probably be surprised because of its "massive". A bowl of vermicelli that has a lot of things, which are eggs, chicken breast, silk rolls, shrimp, squid, mushrooms, Chinese aroma, coriander, onions, ... converging on a satisfying dish just want to enjoy. 
    Hoi An cuisine is also very famous for its noodle dish with shrimp paste, which has been around for nearly a hundred, a time long enough for this dish to go deep into the hearts of people. Unlike any other vermicelli dish, vermicelli with shrimp paste is known as a delicious, delicious snack.

    A portion of traditional vermicelli usually includes vermicelli, crispy tofu, spring rolls, spring rolls, shrimp paste, and other vegetables such as oregano, basil, lettuce, perilla. Now, in order to increase the richness of the dish, people also add a lot of fried, boiled pork, cucumber to a bean vermicelli.

    Coming to Hanoi, if you want to enjoy the best taste of vermicelli with shrimp paste and shrimp sauce, you can visit Hang Khay, Trung Huong, and Cay Bang shops, ...

    Remembering Hanoi is to remember the crocodile, a fruit that only Hanoi has, which contributes to the culinary quintessence of the capital. That small green crocodile is so unique and very unique, not only for making familiar food every day but also for making very good cooling drinks.

    At the point of autumn, when alligators are wandering around the street, it's also the time when the family picks them to cook soup. When the crocodile season goes back and forth, each jar of crocodile is located right in the corner of the house, so that in the summer, it is night to mix and prepare a wonderful cooling drink. Then the level of alligators used for snacks, as gifts is also very meaningful.

    Speaking of Hanoi specialties as a gift, it is impossible to ignore the snacks that are infatuated by Ha Thanh young people. A gift that meets all the sour, spicy, salty and sweet flavors is easy to make people crave forever. Although it is a simple and familiar dish of the Hanoians, umbrellas also look as elegant and sophisticated as Lang Vong nuggets' specialty. Perhaps so, every Tet holiday season, or simply guests come to the house to play, Hanoi people often choose an umbrella to invite guests.

    There are many types of oolong, but the most popular is still the crocodile oolong, its crunchy and sour taste to even the most demanding people. Then there are sweet and sour plum, sweet apricot apricots, all of which have mild and calm flavors, so everyone must like. Each apricot fruit is packed carefully in each box, beautifully and meticulously. So if you have the opportunity to travel to Hanoi, do not forget to pick a few to bring back as gifts.

    People heard about fish ball, beef ball, pork ball, but not fresh meat. Cha lua is made from the green, usually appearing at some time of the year, when the water starts to rise, usually in the September of lunar month. So, Hanoi not always can be enjoyed, if you want you should schedule it early.

    There is nothing difficult to make grilled spring rolls, but to taste delicious, it needs the secret of the processor. Rinse and wash it, pour it into hot water to shed its legs. Then, preliminarily prepare the minced lean meat, tangerine peel, flower onions, then cut it into small pieces, beat the egg and mix with the slices. Also do not forget to marinate with a little fish sauce, pepper and chili to make it bold. Wait for the hot oil to age, fry each small piece, turn two sides until it's golden, then take out, eat immediately.

    Although it is a specialty of Hanoi , not everyone is brave enough to enjoy this delicious fried spring roll. If you ever go to the North, remember to try this dish to see how attractive they are and whether rumors are true or not.
    Lotus tea - "the first natural tea" of the Hanoians

    In the midst of a tea forest from all over the regions such as chrysanthemum tea, jasmine tea, artichoke tea, oolong tea, lotus tea is still the most precious tea. Lotus tea is known as the soul of Vietnamese people, representing a country. The pure, sweet lotus tea flavor makes up the essence of the national tea. The special thing about this tea is to sip, feel slowly the sweetness spread on the tongue. In order to bring that flavor, it must be very work in the tea marinating stage.

    Lotus tea is really rare and precious, so not everyone can easily buy this gift. Because tea is only seasonal, making very little, so it is called Hanoi specialties as an ideal gift . According to the artists, in order to produce a quality batch of lotus tea, hundreds of thousands of lotus flowers must be used in the early morning. All go through many stages from peeling lotus rice, sifting rice, brewing tea to the final product are fragrant lotus tea batches.

    Called the name Dien grapefruit because it was grown in Dien village, now in Phuc Dien ward, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi. As one of the best grapefruit types in Vietnam, Dien grapefruit brand impresses thanks to its thin, beautiful golden shell inside, which is succulent freshwater pomelo. The special thing only about Dien grapefruit is that the longer the pomelo is, the wilted the skin will be sweet and delicious.

    Thanks to its long shelf life and delicious taste, Dien pomelo is very popular to buy as gifts or to worship grandparents during the holidays. The appearance of Dien grapefruit on the ancestor's altar shows good luck and full happiness. Therefore, using grapefruit as a gift will make the recipient feel happy and satisfied not only in the sweetness but also in its profound meaning.

    Not only famous during the US-Korean summit in 2019, but this special egg coffee also appeared in a video longer than 1 minute posted on CNN. Although it is a seemingly new drink, but actually the egg coffee dish of the Hanoians has existed for a long time.

    Unlike any other beverage in the world as well as in Vietnam, egg coffee is a special combination of egg yolks, milk, coffee and sugar ... all creating a drink with enough. Sweet, fatty, interestingly intertwined.

    Talking about noodle rolls, Hanoi specialties , there is an interesting story like this. In the past, there was a shop owner named Trinh, who also opened pho like many people on Nguyen Khac Hieu street. Her pho shop is also a good place in the region, customers keep coming and the noodle shop has become a breakfast destination for many people. One day, at that time, a certain guest came in to eat pho, but the pho water was exhausted. Not wanting to be offended but leaving, she cut the noodle cake into square pieces. After that, wrapped with some vegetables and ground beef, invite guests to enjoy with a cup of sauce. Yet that guest was extremely excited about this new cake.

    Gradually, the dish became a Hanoi specialty at this time not good. Little by little cake rolls for sweetness on the inside, there is no shortage of soft and chewy noodles on the outside, creating a strangely appetizing dish. Now, you can enjoy pho roll at 25 and 33 Ngu Xa, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.
    Vermicelli in Hanoi

    Snail dishes are Hanoi specialties, so it is not surprising that the noodle dish is so popular with the capital people. Even tourists coming here for the first time cannot resist the ecstatic aroma of the hot noodle bowl. The special thing about the noodle dish here is just the simplicity, from the ingredients to the processing. However, not everyone can cook the best taste for snail.

    The vermicelli dish for the best taste takes time to prepare, not coincidentally. Snails must be soaked from the night before, and prepared to clean the oil before boiling. The way to enjoy snail drinking is also arbitrary, some people like to marinate with turmeric, stir fry it and then eat it, some people are simpler, whenever you want to eat it, you should go there. In this way, the snail retains its sweet and crispy taste.

    Giang snail noodle soup in Luong Ngoc Quyen, Nham Thin snail vermicelli in Tay Ho district or Co Hue snail vermicelli are the places with delicious snail vermicelli, don't miss it.

    Hanoi specialties seem to have something very special, there are specialties that are unique to the land of the period. Once visiting the capital, after visiting Uncle Ho's mausoleum, do not forget to take the time to enjoy all the specialties of Hanoi, the quintessential dishes that represent the culinary traits that have been passed down from very old.

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