• Introduction to Sword Lake - The jewel in the heart of Hanoi

    Perhaps you have heard a lot of introduction about Sword Lake , this is not only a cultural and historical symbol but also considered the most famous landmark of the Capital. It seems that the most quintessential things of the land of a thousand years of civilization are gathered here. The beauty of the lake has captivated many souls of artists and poets, admiring and enjoying visitors from all four directions. 

    Introduction to Sword Lake - Some information you need to know
    Hoan Kiem Lake covers an area of ​​12 hectares, stretching 700 meters in the North-South direction and 200 meters wide in the East-West direction. This is the natural freshwater lake of Hanoi city, also the "meeting point" of both residents and tourists.

    About Sword Lake - location
    It is no exaggeration to introduce Sword Lake , the lake that owns the most prime location in the capital when it is located right in the heart of Hoan Kiem district. The lake is a distributary of the Red River, connecting three major towns, Ly Thai To, Dinh Tien Hoang and Hang Khay. From this location, visitors can easily move to other archives such as: Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Luong Van Can, Cau Go, Lo Su, ... A little further, you can also come to Trang Tien, Trang Thi, Hang Bai, Church, ...

    Introduction to Sword Lake 
    Hoan Kiem Lake is located in the heart of Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi
    It can be said that there is no place in Hanoi as convenient as Hoan Kiem Lake , visitors not only walk to visit, admire the scenery but also discover every corner around, discovering features in architecture and also the food and lifestyle of the people in this area.

    History of Hanoi Sword Lake
    Every time they introduce Hoan Kiem Lake , not many people mention tourism services such as sightseeing, dining, entertainment - entertainment, the first thing they talk about is history, the stages associated with the formation. 

    introduction to Sword Lake
    Due to its emerald green color, the lake was originally called Luc Thuy Lake
    In fact, the lake has existed for a long time, some thousands of years ago, but before the official name like today, the lake had many names associated with many different stories. That is Luc Thuy lake (due to the blue lake water all year round), Thuy Quan lake (because this place used to be the place where the court used to kill sea soldiers). And the name Ho Hoan Kiem is from the tax of the 15th century, associated with the legend of Ly Thai To returning the sword to the Turtle after borrowing and defeating the Minh enemy.

    Legend has it that when Le Loi stood up to lead the Lam Son uprising, he suddenly caught the sword of Thuan Thien. Thanks to it, he defeated somewhere. Before long, the country was empty of enemies, the people no longer worried about the war, and he was crowned king (early 1428).

    introduction to Sword Lake
    The name of Ho Guom is associated with the legend of King Le Thai To's sword return
    On a beautiful day, when King Le Thai To and his army were walking on the lake, the golden turtle suddenly emerged to reclaim the sword, he put the sword into the turtle's mouth, the tortoise closed tightly and then plunged into the bottom of the lake. . Since then, the lake was renamed Hoan Kiem Lake. However, in the 16th century, Lord Trinh made the lake separate into two parts on the left and right and named Vong. By 1884, Huu Vong lake was leveled by the French colonialists to expand the territory for Hanoi, Ta Vong lake is still retained and named as now.

    Sword Lake - the meeting place of present, past and future
    Hoan Kiem Lake Hanoi is loved by many outside because the space is imbued with cultural and historical imprint, the harmony between nature, architecture and people here also makes that space become special. 

    introduction to Sword Lake
    Hoan Kiem Lake is the meeting place of people and tourists
    For people in the capital, the lake is like a familiar place to take a walk or when you want to find a peaceful place to stay away from the bustling atmosphere of the city. But for tourists when traveling to Hanoi , take time to walk around the lake, each corner will have a different beauty. Hoan Kiem Lake always gives people a feeling of peace, tranquility, makes people feel extremely relieved, ... And in the future, this is still definitely a "meeting place" that has never been ignored.

    Sword Lake in Hanoi is the best season?
    Hoan Kiem Lake Hanoi is an ideal location for four seasons. In spring, the lake glows in the pinks of cherry blossoms and traditional festivals. Summer with splendid winds dispelled the hot heat. Autumn comes, the lake becomes romantic in the cold weather and willow branches hang in the fanciful mist. Winter comes, splendid in the rain of leaves, of scattered droplets. It seems that every season is enough to attract the hearts of visitors.

    How to move to Sword Lake
    There are many ways to move to Sword Lake, either by public transport or by private means. If you choose to take a bus, you take bus route No. 09, 14 (car parked in the lakeside parking lot), lines 08, 09, 31 (stop at the City Post), line 36 (stop at 15 Dinh Tien Hoang ), ... If you take a taxi, you can choose reputable firms such as Taxi group, Mai Linh or want to save more, choose cars from Thanh Cong, Thanh Nga, Ba Sao, ...

    Transportation around Hoan Kiem Lake
    According to the Hanoi tourism experience , to experience the lake area to the fullest, you can use one of the following vehicles:

    - Cyclo: Walking around Sword Lake by cyclo is a great suggestion, visitors will comfortably admire the surroundings. However, to avoid chopping, you should choose the car organized by the organization and negotiate the price in advance.

    introduction to Sword Lake
    You can ride cyclo to explore around the lake
    - Motorbike: This way is suitable if you go on your own, want to explore freely. In Hanoi, there are many places to rent motorbikes, prices from 100,000 - 200,000 VND / day.

    - Electric car: Electric car is a new type of vehicle that has been put into operation but is chosen by many tourists. The car will run through many old streets, many famous places and monuments around the lake. Time from 8:30 to 16:30 and from 19h to 23h every day.

    Introduction to Sword Lake - Attractions around the lake area
    Besides stories and legends, when introducing Sword Lake, it is also necessary to mention the beautiful sights around the lake. It will be a pity if you have come here and you will miss the following places:

    Ngoc Son Temple in the heart of Sword Lake
    Ngoc Son Temple was built in the middle of the nineteenth century, on a high mound in the northeastern part of Hoan Kiem Lake. This is the place to worship Van Xuong and Duc Thanh Hung Dao. Just by looking, you can tell that the temple's architecture is bold in religious colors. Inside, there are many plazas, the parallel sentences are arranged in a harmonious way, creating an ancient and sacred beauty.

    Te Huc Bridge on Sword Lake
    This is also a symbol representing the charming beauty of Hoan Kiem lake. Te Huc Bridge consists of a total of 15 spans, designed to bend the shape of a shrimp, made of wood and painted crimson - the color of life and prosperity. With a long history, the bridge has also become a destination not to be missed for every visitor when visiting Hanoi.

    Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street
    Although it has only been in operation for more than 2 years, but Hoan Kiem Lake pedestrian street is an ideal place for people and visitors every weekend. Hanoi travel experience tells you, the busiest pedestrian street is about after 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday. At this time, the city lights up, the flow of people is crowded with many exciting cultural, artistic and recreational activities of young people.

    Hoan Kiem Lake pedestrian street is crowded with tourists on weekends
    Ly Thai To monument
    Moving a bit to the area of ​​Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hoan Kiem District, you will be able to admire the statue of Ly Thai To standing in the center of the city - who laid the foundation for Thang Long Citadel. This is also the place often chosen to hold the Vietnam - Japan cherry blossom festival. Visitors can see the life of the people of the capital to feel a very different Hanoi.

    Old Quarter of Hanoi is next to Hoan Kiem Lake
    Next to Hoan Kiem Lake in the old town. Where visitors can visit the streets and traditional craft villages that have been preserved for many generations such as Hang Bong, Hang Ma, Hang Ngang, Hang Duong, Hang Dao, ... Not only that, set foot in the old town. Guests can admire the ancient houses hundreds of years old and many communal houses, pagodas, assembly halls, ...

    Ancient city of Hanoi
    Around the Hoan Kiem Lake area in Hanoi, there are many more places, such as the Opera House, Thang Long Puppet Theater, Ba Kieu Temple, Turtle Tower, Ham Ca Map ... if you have time we think you should explore .

    Introduction to Sword Lake - Delicious dishes around the lake can be enjoyed
    Around the lake, especially the old town is known as "the culinary paradise", where food lovers can freely enjoy countless delicious dishes.

    introduction to Sword Lake
    Around Sword Lake there are many delicious dishes
    Cake can enjoy Hang Buom bun cha, Hang Khay bean vermicelli, Dinh Liet street boiled snail, Cau Go vermicelli, Ho Hoan Kiem salad, Hang Can 4 seasons tea, Trang Tien ice cream, Thuy Ta ice cream, ... The food is considered very delicious, bold, the price is not too expensive.

    What to shop around Hoan Kiem Lake as a gift?
    After finishing eating, visitors take a walk to shop for a few items as gifts. For example, crafts, clothes, shoes, small and pretty souvenirs or Hanoi specialties such as umbrellas, crocodiles, rice cakes, ... Hang Dao Street, Hang Bac, Hang Duong, Hang Ngang , Dong Xuan market… are reputable and quality places for shopping.

    O mai - a famous specialty in Hanoi
    Above is the introduction information about Sword Lake . There are still many more interesting things that you may have to come 2-3 more to discover and feel. A wonderful destination, imbued with national cultural identity like this, is definitely not to be missed in the journey to visit a thousand years of civilization.

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