• SECRETS about the paradise in Sapa not everyone knows - Lao Chai & Ta Van!

    Believe it or not, it is indeed a wonderful wonder that the Creator was born with the dexterity and hard work of the farmer's hands, turning the hills in the valley into fertile fields, green in season 5-7, turn yellow from August to early September and a muddy color after the days of harvest. Terraced fields in Lao Chai - Ta Van , Sapa , a beauty that I have to exclaim when standing on the road overlooking an entire rice field valley. It will be worth the party if you come to Sapa you have not seen the Lao Chai - Ta Van terraced fields . I do not want people to be missed, so today I will introduce in detail to you in the terraces in Lao Chai - Ta Van, Sapa .

    DOWNLOAD LAO CHAI - Ta VAN - beautiful terraced fields
    From the center of Sapa town , taking the landmark of the stone church, you want to go down to Lao Chai - Ta Van village to admire the terraced fields in the Muong Hoa valley with many simple houses. Go straight to Cau May Street, go all the way through Muong Hoa Street and go straight about 3km, you will see signs leading to the way to the villages of Lao Chai, Ta Van, Y Linh Ho, Giang Ta Chai, and Ban Ho . With signposts, you will know, if you go to Lao Chai, you will go down the road down the field to enter the village, and to go to Ta Van you will go about 3km more. The road from town to the village before June 2019 is under construction, difficult to go and often congested at peak hours, but by this point, the road has been smoothed and easier to go.

    If you want to see all the beautiful terraces, you have to move all the way from Lao Chai village to the new Ta Van village, up on the hill to see the whole valley to see it great. Take a detour from the beginning of Lao Chai village, through steep winding roads with shady bamboo groves on both sides, across Lao Chai Sang bridge and then to Ta Van territory, straight up the hill. The road is about 15km and you can see many wonderful scenes with terraced fields in this village.

    Meet the barefooted H'mong babies on the street
    For those who need to learn details about Sapa to plan their Travel, refer to practical experiences, all about Sapa - a land of romance!

    Terraced fields of Lao Chai - Ta Van, a point not to be missed when traveling to Sapa
    Before going to Sapa, I also saw many pictures of terraced fields , found it beautiful, it was majestic, but I did not think it was so attractive. For the first time standing in front of the terraced field valley , it was a sunny day in mid-August, the rice fields were ripe, some were not fully ripe, some had already harvested but I found the fields were also very shaky Spirit and emotional climax is when you stand from the top of the hill, looking down into the vast valley with the green of the forest trees and the yellow of the rice fields looking through the eyes, creating an emotion vibrations to each cell.

    Immerse yourself in the beautiful valley of Muong Hoa
    From that love, every time I go to Sapa, I go down to the village, sometimes I stay 2-3 days down here. While wandering around the village, while sitting at a corner of the cafe watching me the rice terraces with the street passing, there is time when I come in the main rice season when the rice is green and sometimes the fields are empty. Regardless of the nuance of the terraced fields, I feel really emotional whenever I walk beside the hills of the terraced fields of Lao Chai, Ta Van Sapa. When the field was empty, there was no rice stalk, only the muddy color of the empty field, but when I trekking from Ta Van village to Lao Chai , through the fields, there are streams in the valley, there are green trees. the greatness.

    Ta Van terraced fields from sunny day
    For me, my soul loves nature, so maybe it's a bit "trash", so I see any nuances of the fields in this Muong Hoa valley . The new planting season in May, the rice plants were still sparse, the June and July seasons were already green, they began to bloom, the last season of August, the yellow color gradually changed to the green shirt of the rice fields. Sapa is about to bustle with harvesting rice, slipping rice right in the field and until there are only rice stalks but a whole field stretching from hill to hill, the beauty of Sapa here is still extremely steaming. And charming in the muddy color, the flood season is also an impressive beauty.

    The beauty of Muong Hoa stream flows through Lao Chai, Ta Van
    Son of Muong Hoa stream is derived from the ravine, to specify the source ravine in the Hoang Lien Son range is not known, but kept murmuring streams throughout the year, though the dry season is not exhausted. Flowing through Lao Chai and Ta Van villages is where the stream is the most beautiful. Passing the village, next to the place where there are bamboo groves, stop to wade through the stream to relax and relax.

    Bai Da Co is located in Hau Thao village, next to Ta Van
    I don't know if it was an old rock in the past, but now there are actually only 2 large rocks, a mother rock, a father rock lying in the middle of the field. It is not as large as the ancient rocks of Dong Van, Ha Giang, but the ancient rocks in Sapa are in the middle with the fields, the space is softer and more manic.

    Standing on Co Mother rocky beach, hugging Muong Hoa valley
    If you are passionate about learning about the vestiges of ancient people, you can visit this place. For those who are just curious to see, you can spend time to other places such as Cau May waterfall, La Dao Spa to sit and enjoy coffee ...

    Nearly 300 homestay, bungalow in Ta Van, Lao Chai with cute space!
    In the village with sparsely populated villages, the service response is very high. There are nearly 300 homestay and bungalow business households investing in lovely spaces, with the advantages of natural views by the stream, by the fields and beautiful mountain views.

    Small corner Eco Palms house Retreat Sapa
    Nature always has attractive beauty and human hands are cherished and embellished, creating an incredible charm. Ta Van and Lao Chai located in Muong Hoa valley have such an attraction. If you can walk, or go trekking with your teammates for 15 km of the alleyways to explore and feel here, or you are afraid to walk, you can drive a motorbike. When you drive an unstable motorbike, you can rent a car to take you around here. Really worth a visit, please write in the list of destinations not to be missed when traveling to Sapa !

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