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The charming beauty of the white Mediterranean village

Mijas - white village with bold traditions of the Mediterranean is a destination in Malaga. This place is a Spanish tourist destination that attracts tourists thanks to the color of the walls painted entirely in pure white.

Mijas -  attractive Spanish tourist destination

To reach the white village of Mijas - a famous Spanish tourist destination in the south, you will pass through the hills and many steep passes, from a distance you can see in front of the upper houses. The white house on the side of the hill is quite unique. The white village in the town of Mijas, the name says it all about a village with most of the villas, houses painted in pure white, located 428 meters above sea level, in the province of Malaga in the region. 
Spain is quite hot in the summer, but the climate in Mijas is quite cool. This town is like Da Lat city with winding steep roads and peaceful space. Everyone is gently relaxing in the natural scenery mixed with poetic architecture and no less romantic.
The white houses have typical Muslim architecture about 500 years ago and are now learned and modeled by the Spaniards, creating a diverse culture.
From the old fortress, looking through the telescope, you can clearly see the Atlantic and Mediterranean in front, separated from each other across the Gibraltar Strait. From this height, striking along the coastline are expensive villas.
Walking around the town, visitors can admire a number of monuments from the Roman period preserved until now, which are the simple, small and ancient churches. Besides, the home decoration style, the path with many trees and flowers of the local people help to adorn the natural space here more beautiful.
The path up the hill and down the slope is quite interesting, creating a distinctive highlight of Mijas town. Wandering around the white village, we went through a poetic, light and impressive walk.
Below the hill is the center of the town, the people here participate in the business of tourist services carrying tourists traveling by tuktuk tram driven by graceful female drivers. Visitors can also choose a unique way of moving by donkey rickshaw, it is jokingly called "trick taxi".
You can also sit back on the high hill near the old church, surrounded by the shade of green trees and rustic flowers. The white village of Mijas in the land of bulls gives visitors a sense of peace, relaxation, enjoying everything like in the fairy world and as if to hold onto this lovely rare poetic moment.

Suggestions on how to travel to Mijas

Visa: You need to apply for a Schengen visa to come to Spain  
Itinerary: From Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose the easiest flights to Spain through airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines. Choice 1 is still Turkish Airlines.
Suitable time: Depending on the season that Spain will have a different climate. The temperature of the capital Madrid is between 1 - 8 degrees C in January. In July every year, the average temperature is about 17 - 31 degrees C, this is one of the perfect times to visit the  sites. 
According to the self-sufficient Spanish travel experience of tourists who have come to the land of bulls, you should come to this country in the season of festivals. For example, the Tomato Throwing Festival or the bullfighting festival, you will definitely not find a place with such special and unique festivals in another country.
  • Domestic flights: Vueling is a domestic airline of Spain with the price of about 200 EUR for domestic flights.
  • Subway: The subway is clean, spacious, and cheap. Only 20 EUR / time for the journey to visit another city.
  • Bus is a preferred means of use by city residents with the cheapest prices today.
  • Taxi: This is a fast and convenient means of transport, but quite expensive.
Accommodation: You need to book your hotel in advance on global hotel booking pages. Choose hotels with promotions, so it's best to book 1-3 months in advance. Malaga is Spain's 6th largest city and the 2nd largest city in the South with a population of nearly 600,000 people. This is Europe's leading tourist beach city with the long coastline of Costa del Sol attracting tourists from all over Europe. You should explore indigenous art through dedicated exhibitions for glass and crystals, classic cars, modern conveniences, and the works of Picasso the artist was born here. After wandering through beautiful banana bushes and fountains, walk through Paseo del Parque, then drop into the old city to quench your thirst at a Spanish pub.
  • In Spanish tourist destinations  there are many expensive restaurants with prices around 27 EUR / meal including drinks.
  • Flamencos eggs are everywhere with a unique, creative preparation that combines different types of bacon, tomatoes and vegetables.
  • Cocidos stew is made from fresh vegetables, dried vegetables and meats. You can eat this dish everywhere.
  • Tapas dishes and burgers cost between 3 - 7 EUR. If you want to enjoy wine, the cost of the meal will be around 10 - 13 EUR. Fast foods like McDonalds and Maoz cost around 7 EUR. 

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