• Travel experience in Cat Cat Sa Pa village of self-sufficiency Chien 2020

    Traveling to Cat Cat village made me really surprised because I used to think that Cat Cat village is nothing, just like some villages I have been through while traveling in Ha Giang. But I was wrong and indeed Cat Cat village is one of the places worth to visit and worth the most time when traveling to Sa Pa by yourself . Especially for the girls who love to take pictures or those who like to learn traditional culture.

    Before talking about traveling to Cat Cat village, for those of you wondering about transportation to and accommodation in Sa Pa, you can refer to some of my suggestions below!

    I put the title from Hanoi to Sa Pa because probably 90% of you reading this article are from Hanoi already. Because even though you live in the Central and the South, Hanoi is still a transit point to move to Sa Pa. As for those of you who have provinces around Hanoi, I think you know better than me about the means of moving from your locality to Sa Pa.

    The means you can consider choosing to go from Hanoi include:

    Move to Sa Pa from Hanoi by bus
    This is still a convenient and economical means and I encourage you to choose the most. This is probably quite a lot of people sharing with you and there are many options for you, but here are suggestions for you:

    + Sao Viet garage, hotline: 0243 992 255

    + Green Bus bus station, hotline: 0976 708 283

    + Sapa Express garage, hotline: 02466 821 555

    Transfer to Sa Pa from Hanoi by train
    Actually, the train is only from Hanoi to Lao Cai, then you take the car from Lao Cai to Sa Pa, about 35km of the pass, it takes about 45 minutes to be in Lao Cai.

    About train tickets, you just go to the website of Vietnam railway to book. As for the car from Lao Cai to Sapa, unless you come to Lao Cai too early or too late, there is no shortage of cars from the station to welcome you to go to Sapa for 50k / person. Or you can choose to take the bus, 30 minutes 1 trip.

    Move to Sa Pa from Hanoi by motorbike
    Of course you can completely ride a motorbike to Sa Pa with a distance of about 300k. But I do not recommend it because it is very tiring and not safe.

    This is an easy question to answer only because Cat Cat village is very close to the center of Sapa town, very close to the idea. You can even walk. It is about 2km from the center of town. Also below are some suggested vehicles for you:

    + Motorbike rental: This is also a suggestion for you if you are lazy to walk and want to use a motorbike to go to other tourist destinations. Motorbike rental price is about 100k-120k / day only.

    + By motorbike taxi: This is a bit good, but there is. To catch a motorbike taxi, you go to Italy square, where they also keep a list of prices.

    + Take a taxi: It is also a vehicle you can choose from although the taxi price in Sa Pa is relatively high, from 15-17k / km. And one thing is special that you must remember, because that is your bloody experience:  DO NOT START YOUR VEHICLE , call the operator to control the car properly. Because if you happen to encounter a bad driver, he will charge a fee per one type.

    + Electric car ride: This is another vehicle you can choose from, also an interesting experience. Electric car companies have clearly listed prices, 30k / person / trip for the trip from the square to Cat Cat village. You just go to the square to catch the car

    Below is a list of tickets to Cat Cat tourist area along with the traditional art performance I captured. If needed, save them as you remember

    Why rent traditional ethnic costumes? This is not compulsory but should be rented because you will have beautiful virtual live pictures, moreover it is also a very interesting experience when you are dressed in clothes, dresses that are worth many times.

    That day I rented outfits on the spot where I park my motorbike, because if you rent something, you will get 10k free parking fee. If you ride a motorbike or a car, just go down to the gate, if you see a beautiful store with lots of things, stop by. Usually they give them free parking.

    NOTE: If you go by car, you should send it at the top, but the lower down the gate, there is no parking space.

    This is a map of the Cat Cat village tourism area with the starting position as gate number 1, for your reference. If you can save it, when you buy a ticket you ask someone for a copy to use.

    Too many cool things, especially for those who love to take pictures, this is an extremely ideal place. Take photos of the camera. In addition, if you like the traditional ethnic cultures, this is also a place you must definitely visit. And believe me, it will take you more than half a day with this place.

    I have divided Cat Cat village into 4 main areas, you should pay special attention and visit including:

    I set this road to a separate area because this is a road that shows a lot of things about Sa Pa tourism with traditional features bearing the identity of the ethnic groups here. Along the walking path from the ticket gate to the old rose garden and then continue from there down to the main area of ​​Cat Cat village (I will talk in more detail below), you will see a lot of shops, exhibitors. The traditional items of the ethnic people here such as traditional costumes, brocade fabrics, jewelry, specialties ... There are also quite a lot of beautiful view cafes you can visit and take pictures. image.

    This is an area that left me quite a lot of surprises, because I thought there were a few rose trees. , bird's nest ... and what I don't know is what its name is. hi. Just know that taking beautiful pictures. You can see some of my illustrations below .he he

    This area is the next area you will see while walking along the walking path from the old rose garden down to the main area of ​​the village. It is on the left and on the right is the way down to the main area of ​​the village.

    This area also has many beautiful places to take pictures, especially the long wooden bridges. Then bird cages, flower gardens, water ferns ... are all places where you can take pictures as you please

    Cat Cat Village SAPA
    This is the area that surprised me and took the most time because it had so many things to explore and capture.

    Let's talk about where to take pictures for girls first. Wow, so many, many beautiful angles. Wooden bridges, some giant watermills, virtual hammocks, waterfalls, wooden houses ... ui a lot, you can't take all your legs with your feet.

    Then for those of you who like to learn traditional culture, there is now an area with very traditional activities such as traditional art performers, home linen, fabric weaving ...

    In addition, the waterfall and the stream are also the spots you will love here.

    In short, just afraid you are lazy, not strong enough, but there are too many places to take beautiful photos, to explore.

    Here are some extremely important notes you should remember when traveling to Cat Cat Village, specifically:

    + Do not give candy or give money to children in the village: This is a very bad thing, because there is a situation where some children drop out of school to ask for candy from tourists.

    + The road in the village is relatively small, difficult to go, many steep sections should absolutely not wear high heels. You should also wear loose and comfortable clothes to visit Cat Cat Sa Pa village.

    + Usually you will only be able to go one turn from top to bottom, but many people cannot climb because it is quite far and tired. You can now choose to ride a motorbike taxi. As for motorbike taxi, you can rest assured, you just need to step up from the main area of ​​Cat Cat village where the wooden bridge - flower garden is only invited by many people. Price is about 25k / person to go from below to the main ticket gate (gate 1).

    + Cat Cat Sapa tourist area has many entrance gates, so remember your entrance gate so that you can still come back, but the gates are far apart.

    Traveling to Cat Cat village in Sapa has brought me from surprise to surprise. They are all very beautiful experiences, a place worth visiting when traveling to Sa Pa on your own. What I want to remind you the most when preparing to travel to Cat Cat Sa Pa village is: “Be prepared, fully charge the battery, wear beautiful and uncomfortable. You will have a lot of satisfied photos here and there! "

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