Thursday, January 14, 2021

Visit the Australian Powerhouse museum

Powerhouse Museum Australia is known as a special architectural - art work of Australia. This is the place to display artifacts that are extremely valuable, of great significance to the history and culture of the country of kangaroos.
Visit Australia and discover the amazing wonders and processes happening around the world at the Australian Powerhouse Museum . This downtown Science Center has excellent interactive exhibits, unique artifacts from around the world.

Location of the Australian Powerhouse museum

Location: Australian Powerhoue Museum is located at 500 Harris Street, Sydney.
This is the place to display valuable artifacts from around the world, it is also considered the city center of Sydney.

Features of the Australian Powerhouse museum

Powerhouse Museum Australia is the place to store and display many valuable artifacts from many different countries around the world.
The first impression of each visitor when visiting this Powerhouse museum  is that the collections of valuable artifacts in the museum are really huge. The first will be the steam machines used in industries in the last centuries. creation of previous generations.
In the museum there are classical music players with a watch called Strasburg. People often refer to this watch as a museum timekeeper for 100 years, the sound of this particular watch will definitely delight you.
The area that will probably interest you and be most curious is the area that displays astronauts 'belongings, including a zero-gravity laboratory where you can try out astronauts' feelings. This experience will definitely give you a heartbeat but will be really enjoyable.
After an experience with air-gravity you can wait until evening to visit the observatory at the Australian Powerhouse Museum . Through the telescope you can observe the vast sky with sparkling night stars sure it will be great! There are also screenings at the observatory on the subject of the universe, planets and constellations.

Ideal time to visit the Australian Powerhouse museum

The Powerhouse Museum is suitable for you to visit at any time of the year, the museum is open year round so you can rest assured!

How is the path to the Australian Powerhouse museum?

The Australian Powerhouse Museum is located in Sydney, where Sydney International Airport is located, so you must first reach the airport from Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam does not have a direct flight to Sydney but still has 1 to 2 stops in the flight. Average flight time from Vietnam - Sydney will take about 11 hours to 47 hours, depending on your departure airport and the number of flight stops you choose.

What to eat when going to the Australian Powerhouse Museum?

Cuisine in Australia in general and Sydney are very rich and varied, so you can easily choose your favorite food and suit your taste. Here are a few dishes that you should not miss:

Chicken Parmigiana 

This is an extremely attractive dish made with chicken and ham, a superb sauce and a delicious, soft cheese layer. Eating this dish with French fries will definitely make you unforgettable for its taste!


This dish is processed from a species of river fish, going through many stages such as frying, baking, ... each method brings extremely great flavors that you will never forget.


This is a popular dish that many people love and is also considered the most common dish Australians eat. This fast dish is made from meat, beets. It is the combination of beetroot that makes the Australian sandwich "great" than ever.


This is the name of an extremely soft sponge cake covered with a thick layer of chocolate. Enjoying a few cakes and drinking a cup of tea on the balcony will make you feel like a true Australian.

Meat cake

This meat pie is sold in almost every restaurant in Sydney you can easily find and buy. Minced meat combined with gravy wrapped in a soft smooth crust makes everyone else unable to refuse.
Powerhouse Museum is really an attractive destination for all visitors, this is a place to keep many scientific achievements of the world. If you have the opportunity to travel to the Australian Powerhouse Museum  do not forget to share with me!

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