• Visit Hanoi West Lake to feel a bit of peace in the middle of town

    Besides Sword Lake, Hanoi West Lake is also a great sightseeing spot. Not only possessing a vast water surface of 500 hectares, but the scenery here is also very poetic, gentle with the purple color of the tomb, the red color of the phoenix wings when the summer comes or the willow wings on winter. Besides, there are also many interesting fun activities, other attractive cuisine ... that makes West Lake always have a special attraction to visitors, especially every weekend.

    If you are looking for a peaceful place to relieve your worries and daily life pressure, one day walking around West Lake with your family and friends will help you quickly regain your energy. Let's explore together!
    About Hanoi West Lake
    West Lake, also known as Cuu Nguu lake, Mu Suong lake, Xac Cao lagoon, is located in the Northwest, belongs to Tay Ho district, Hanoi. The lake is surrounded by the streets of Thanh Nien, Au Co, Thuy Khe, Lac Long Quan and Nghi Ham. The lake was formerly part of the Red River. Through the process of stagnant and changing the river has made it become the largest natural lake in the capital, with an area of ​​about 500 hectares, a long way around the lake about 18 km.

    From the Ly - Tran dynasties, the kings of mandarins and nobles built around the lake many palaces as resorts, typically the Thuy Hoa and Tu Hoa palaces of the Ly dynasty. And the Ham Nguyen area in the past of the Tran Dynasty was Tran Quoc Tuan Pagoda. Up to now, West Lake is still known as a romantic dating corner and an interesting entertainment spot in Ha Thanh with open space and beautiful multicolored scenery.

    It is often said that every season in Hanoi is beautiful because each season here gives us a different feeling and so is West Lake. Walking around West Lake at any time of year will find it always beautiful and interesting. What is the beauty of the dreamy white board, of the sky, which is the dreamy purple mausoleum, the elegant pink lotus, the brilliant red direction, ... each season has a different color that makes this place always romantic like a picture.

    Due to its quite central location, moving to Hanoi West Lake is not difficult. If you are in or outside the province, you can start along many separate roads. For believers in the South you can book a plane ticket or book a bus ticket to go to Hanoi. Then rent a taxi, motorbike taxi or take a bus to get to the lake. Likewise the tourists from the central region. In addition, you can also take the train to Hanoi station and choose to transfer to West Lake.
    Visiting West Lake Hanoi should walk or ride?

    Although walking is one of the ideal forms of walking and sightseeing, West Lake is quite large, but the lake is very large. According to Hanoi tourism experience , you should choose a suitable vehicle, be it renting motorbikes, double bikes, electric cars, ... around the lake, that will be much better. Car rental is also cheap so please rest assured!

    West Lake in Hanoi always has a cool breeze that makes people's souls feel relaxed and relaxed. But not only a sightseeing spot, here visitors can also participate in many interesting experiences such as:
    Ride a duck to explore West Lake

    Compared with other play areas of duck riding, duck riding in West Lake is always crowded and bustling thanks to the open and wide space. Visitors can organize a duck ride to the finish with friends or join their loved one on the duck boats while they move and talk. Don't forget to equip a life jacket to ensure safety throughout the journey!
    Cycling around Hanoi West Lake

    To tour Hanoi each afternoon, you'll see a lot of locals and tourists cycling around the lake. This is the most interesting form of West Lake discovery you should try. There is nothing wonderful that being together on a bicycle watching the peaceful, romantic sunset view can train the body's endurance, right?

    Located very nearby is West Lake Water Park. Although only recently in operation, the park always attracts many young people, children and family groups with many fun underwater games and an opposite corner inspired by the dreamy paradise of Greece - Santorini. Here, everyone is free to participate in interesting games such as: riding the tram in the air, the giant ferris wheel, the ball house, the magnificent ferris wheel, the ferris wheel, ...

    If you want to find a little leisurely in Ha Thanh land. Visit a beautiful coffee shop next to West Lake, enjoy a little lazy time with a cup of coffee or a cup of warm tea, read a book and look at the lake side to see Hanoi never before. Around the lake there are many shops for you to choose from such as: Maison de Blanc, LeMarz Coffee Roastery, Maison de Tet Decor, Platform coffee & cake, 6 Degrees, ... with beautiful, romantic decor, or the cafes the sidewalks along the road are not bad either.

    It will be a pity not to explore the best shopping areas here. Around the lake, on major roads, there are quite a few shopping streets, which can be named Yen Phu, Xuan Dieu or To Ngoc Van, ... Especially, the fair is held every 7 am at To Ngoc Van street. There are a lot of food stalls, clothes, fashion ... you can go for a walk and choose to buy a few items as gifts for relatives and friends.

    Maybe you did not know, around the West Lake in Hanoi still exists a lot of old villages. No matter how the society changes and develops, these villages still retain their ancient traditions. You can visit Nghi Tam Quang Ba village - the hometown of Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Xuan Tao village with a shock temple - a place to worship Thanh Giam, visit Trieu village - where there is Thien Nien pagoda worshiping the ancestor of weaving or Nhat Tan floating village.

    Coming here, visitors seem to be immersed in the ancient space, forgetting all the noise and bustle of the capital. Only a small, gentle Hanoi remains - a space that is difficult to find in modern society.

    Thanh Nien Street, located near West Lake, is known as a romantic road, the most beautiful and clean road in the capital. This road was built in 1957 to separate West Hanoi Lake from Truc Bach Lake, from a narrow dyke. Thanh Nien Street today is extremely crowded, crowded, with many trees on both sides of the road. Lost on the road, visitors will feel extremely comfortable and comfortable.

    Located on the territory of Quang An ward, Tay Ho district, Phu Tay Ho is the place to worship Lord Lieu Hanh. The work was built according to the three-related architecture. This is a place near West Lake that is frequented by people and tourists. On every occasion of the new year, festival or the beginning of the month, many people come here to pray for luck, bless and learn about a long tradition.

    One of the most famous monuments that attracts cross-country tourists when traveling to Hanoi West Lake is Tran Quoc Pagoda. The pagoda is located on a small "peninsula" in the middle of a vast water wave that is more than 1,500 years old and is listed as one of the 16 most beautiful temples in the world voted by the Daily Mail (UK).

    This spiritual center of Hanoi has more than 20 temples, pagodas and pagodas listed among the famous monuments. In addition to exploring Tran Quoc Pagoda, other tourists can learn more Thien Nien Pagoda, Van Nien Pagoda, Vong Thi Pagoda, Tao Sach Pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple, ... Or other tourist spots near Hanoi West Lake such as: wharf Korea, Sen lagoon, ...

    Not only a destination for destinations, the cuisine along the West Lake is also very rich and diverse. According to Hanoi tourism experience, if you have come here you must definitely try the extremely famous West Lake shrimp cake or Thuy Khe spring rolls on Thanh Nien Street, vermicelli noodles, coconut cream. In particular, in this area, there are many restaurants with the culinary style of 3 regions and Asia - Europe such as Sen Ho Tay restaurant, Thang Loi restaurant, ...

    West Lake Hanoi - the place to hold visitors is not only because of the beautiful scenery, fresh air or the old village, water park, but also many specialties to enjoy. If you have the opportunity to visit the beloved capital, take the time to visit West Lake to feel these things!

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