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Visit the old town of The Rocks Australia: A place where time stops

The Rocks Australia - Sydney's old town. This is a historic neighborhood, where the past and present intersect. 
Comprising all the elements, from the ancient architecture of stone houses, historical stories to the place to keep the bustling taste of Sydney city, The Rocks Australia is also compared as a "Sydney open air museum".

About The Rocks Australia old town

The Rocks Australia  was the first white British settlement in Australia. This place is considered as the original origin of the city of Sydney. An environment - where the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century buildings or public places still exist. 
If you have the opportunity to travel to explore Australia and visit this ancient city, you will feel that this place still lingers on a series of stories from the past, such as the story of life. condemned households, stories of sailor and dock labor habits, or simply the change of the riverbank. All that is written down from archaeological evidence, rewritten history and testimonies. And most obviously, it is the establishment of many buildings that are still intact until now.
Located on the northwestern edge of the city center, at the foot of Sydney Harbor Bridge, The Rocks includes rows of sandstone houses, cottages and a few old pubs. The streets are strewn with pebbles and dead ends have no exit. It is home to some of the most exciting rides and some of the most exciting festivals in Sydney.

Move to The Rocks Australia by favorite vehicle

The Rocks Australia is just a short walk from two of the city's most popular landmarks. These are the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Seashell Theater. It is also located right near Circular Quay and a short distance from the Wynyard train station. The Rocks extend from the harbor on the north and east, to Kent Street on the west, and Grosvenor Street to the south.
  • Train: Take the train to Circular Quay, head towards Sydney Harbor Bridge, and you just need to walk a bit more. If you come from Wynyard Station, walk north down George Street towards the harbor and you'll be there in 10 minutes. 
  • Bus: For buses passing through the Central Business District along Elizabeth Street, get off the bus at Bridge Street and head north to The Rocks. 
  • Ferry: Take a ferry to Circular Quay and you'll arrive in just a short walk. 
Alternatively, you can take a taxi, ride a car, bike, or walk to see the beautiful scenery of this wonderful city. 

Discover great things at The Rocks Australia

Spending time in Sydney's old town is a great option. The Rocks has the best. Experience at The Rocks Australia - where you can let go of everything, learn the origins of stories or enjoy fun moments with heaven here.

Wandering on the old town of The Rocks Australia

Wander around the old town of The Rocks Sydney , meet a few locals, hear about historical stories or interesting secrets behind The Rocks old town. What makes you feel most comfortable is not only your curiosity, but also the friendliness, enthusiasm and hospitality of the people here. 
Walk slowly on the cobblestones arranged evenly on the ground, mumbling and counting each step without understanding why the soul is so relaxed. Lose your soul in picturesque ancient scenes, think back to the interesting stories heard by your own ears, feeling like a vast sky seems to shrink within reach. How interesting!
Next, take some time to visit The Rocks Discovery Museum. Learn about the indigenous people who first lived in this old town. In addition, there is an exhibition of the protest movement in the 1970s, which aims to save the entire area from the order of total demolition and modern redevelopment. 
Housed in a restored sandstone warehouse from the 1850s, this museum combines technology and artifacts interacting with traditional exhibits to recreate the past in present-day life. . 

Enjoying food at The Rocks Australia's old town

With over 50 cafes, restaurants and hotels, it's easy to find a spot in The Rocks Australia . A place where you can loosen up, sip some food for you to feel delicious. Drink a cocktail and gaze at the magnificent, ancient scenery. Hold the camera in your hand and take lots of pictures that capture the great moment you are enjoying. Isn't that great?
Just make sure you spend a lot of time on that wonderful time, sure, nothing can stop you. From picnic lunches under Harbor Bridge or alfresco dinner under the stars, to excursions across the neighborhood, every little step is present.

Shop at The Rocks Australia

If you come to this place on a weekend, be ready to wander around the grocery stalls at The Rocks Market, which has a history of over 16 years. Try choosing a few of your favorite, locally made jewelry. Or choose local art, photographs, home appliances, including gifts and candies.
Although living in a modern life, The Rocks Australia still intact the ancient charm and inherent charm of a historic old town. Because, no one planner wants to destroy the monuments and its inherent features. 
The Rocks Australia - a harmonious combination between modern beauty and precious traditional values. It is a paradise for food enthusiasts, shopping enthusiasts and curious entertainers about ancient history.

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