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Visit the villages in Sapa - A beauty of the Northwest mountains

Sapa not only allows you to be satisfied with the natural scenery but also have the opportunity to learn about the unique culture of the indigenous people. Here, each village has its own beauty in terms of both its scenery and people, which will evoke you with many indescribable emotions. So if you have one day arriving in this misty town, you must definitely take the time to explore the beauty of the Sapa villages below to see its full appeal.

Be fascinated by the beauty of the villages in Sapa
Sapa tourism is considered one of the attractive destinations of the North, no matter what season this place still does not stop visitors to visit. Besides the famous coordinates such as: Mount Fanxipan, O Quy Ho pass, Ham Rong mountain, ..., the villages here are gradually becoming places that everyone wants to visit whenever they have a chance to visit the land. This forest mountain.

Cat Cat village - the most beautiful and attractive village in Sapa
Where is Cat Cat village located?
Cat Cat is too familiar to tourists, it seems to be a paradise for the "virtual living" association with countless beautiful landscapes and views. This village is located about 3 km southwest of Sapa town center, near Muong Hoa valley, in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. This is considered the most beautiful village in the Northwest and is the main residence of the Mong people.

village in Sapa 
The most famous Cat Cat village in Sapa.
From the stone church in the center, you follow Cau May road to Fanxipan street, about 3 km. The easiest way is to rent a Sapa motorbike or rent a motorbike taxi for only 10 - 15k. Or you can also walk, although it takes more time, but in exchange you can meet people on the street very interesting.

Cat Cat village has something attractive that makes visitors love tired
As expected, is the most beautiful and most attractive village in the Northwest, visiting this village in Sapa you will find many interesting activities. You can explore the rustic beauty of Cat Cat tourist area, feel the relaxing atmosphere around, and watch the simple small houses on the roadside. Then enjoy the view of streams, waterfalls, giant water mill or experience boating on the stream. You can also rent a brocade set (50k / set) to walk and take photos on the unique paved road leading into the village.

village in Sapa 
There are many interesting things for you to explore.
Here, you also find a lot of hot “virtual living” check-in corners such as: check-in with brand-new bird's nest, immerse in the chrysanthemum garden in August or take pictures with the famous Maldives hammock, silk trees roses, flower gardens with giant trumpets. In addition, Me's House, A Phu's House and the cafes around the village are also the places that just stand in to have pretty pictures.

Where is Ta Phin village located?
Before the effects of modernization, Ta Phin is still one of the villages of Sapa that still retains its inherent rustic and wild features. This village is located about 12 km from the town, the main residence of the Dao and H'Mong ethnic groups. You follow Highway 4D about 5 km, to the left turn, run about 7 km more to arrive. The road to Ta Phin is winding by the hillside, the two sides of the road grow flowers and leaves, looking "very love".

The beauty of Ta Phin village in Sapa
Come here, you will be able to admire the beautiful limestone mountains and the wild and rustic beauty of the mountains, green terraced fields, clear streams, winding the village.  All of them give you the feeling of being immersed in nature, extremely relaxed and peaceful.

Seeing Ta Phin scene feels very serene.
Not only that, visitors also learn about the daily life, customs and festivals of the Red Dao and H'Mong people. In particular, when coming to Ta Phin, you should remember to visit the ancient Ta Phin monastery bearing the Western architectural identity and try the specialties, try the tobacco bath experience to reduce stress and fatigue. Also do not forget to buy clothes with different colors as gifts for relatives and friends.

Locate Sin Chai village
Sin Chai is one of the villages in Sapa with the largest area. Currently, the village belongs to San San Ho commune, about 5 km from the town center, surrounded by the Hoang Lien Son mountain range with terraced fields dating back hundreds of years. This village is located near Cat Cat village, so after visiting Cat Cat, you can continue your journey to Sin Chai. Although it is a mountain road, the road to here is not as difficult as many people think. Because the road is easy to go, it is okay to ride a motorbike or walk.

What are you waiting for in Sin Chai village?
Firstly, when coming to Sin Chai, visitors will admire the scenery of rice fields, corn fields, fresh vegetables and fruits covered with many unique colors as adorn for this Northwest mountainous landscape. At dawn, visitors can walk around the villages, catch the first rays of the new day or the brilliant sunset in the afternoon.

And yet, visitors will feel the cultural identity of the Mong people. The image of beautiful Mong girls in traditional ethnic costumes is graceful in a rice mortar. There is a point that you will surely be curious about when coming to the village is that the people of Sin Chai live a very long life, finding old people over 100 years old is not difficult at all. Because of this, it increasingly attracts more and more visitors to learn and explore.

Where is Ta Van village, how to go?
Ta Van village is a district of Sapa, located about 11 km from the town. If traveling from the center of Sapa, you have to ride a motorbike or a car. You pass the stone church area and turn down Cau May street, then cross Muong Hoa street. Out of the street, continue running straight to Muong Hoa valley, follow the stream to come. The square is not far, but because the road is a bit difficult to go, it's rough and rocky, it will take about 40 minutes.

Ta Van has something good that must definitely come once?
This is a village in Sapa - where the Mong and the Red Dao live, including the Giay. The ethnic diversity should contain many mysteries worth exploring. If possible, rent a homestay room to stay here, so it will be easy to discover all the cool things of the village.

The beautiful and dreamy scene of Ta Van makes many souls flutter. That is the beauty of the terraced fields in the water season filled with glitter like a giant mirror reflecting all the scenes, the young green seedlings. The most attractive thing is the beauty of the golden rice season in a large space. Or simply admire the image of indigenous people who are passionately working hard.

Admire the scenery of Ta Van village.
Ta Van is also famous for traditional dances such as key dance, khèn dance, fan dance, stall dance, ... famous for specialties of the mountains such as: horse meat, grilled fish, pork, pork, etc. Ha, sticky five colors ... All you will have the opportunity to enjoy when visiting. This is one of the villages in Sapa that helps you relax, relax, dispel the tired, busy daily life.

Notes to know when visiting villages in Sapa
Because it is a mountainous area, customs and regulations on daily life will be somewhat different from that of the delta. So for a fun journey of discovery, the Sapa travel experience has a note to share with you.

When visiting villages with black H'Mong and Dao people, you absolutely cannot sit in the middle of the house or on the floor, follow the instructions of the owner.
Going to Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Ta Van villages, ... and seeing indigenous people doing a worshiping ceremony or exorcism, they are not allowed to attend because their rules do not want strangers to participate.
  • If you meet the children in the village, you are not allowed to rub their heads or kiss them on the head because the ethnic people think that these actions will frighten them, easily get sick and get sick.
  • When communicating with locals who are offered water or by the host, if you do not drink, look for clever refusal to understand and sympathize.
  • It is strictly forbidden to put the bowl upside down on the tray / table. Besides, when talking while talking while pointing their fingers out, the Mong people consider this an displeased attitude.
  • It can be said, researching and exploring the villages in Sapa is also one of the ways for you to expand your eyes and understanding. Therefore, if you have a chance to come to the misty town, do not forget to take the time to visit these addresses. Your journey will be more enjoyable and complete when there is a combination of these destinations.


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