Monday, October 26, 2020

Unique culinary experience at 9 delicious Binh Duong restaurants

 Binh Duong delicious restaurants are always the ideal place for families and tourists from near and far to experience culinary experiences in weekends. Not only the recipe for the feat, eye-catching colors, delicious taste, but the space of the restaurant is also spacious and airy, helping diners have the most relaxing moments. If you have not found a good place to eat in Binh Duong, please consult the famous restaurants below!

Check - in 'tired hands' at Pha Din Pass Dien Bien tourist area

 Pha Din Pass tourist area is located on the top of the majestic Pha Din Pass, with an altitude of 1,600m above sea level, the climate here is cool all year round, creating opportunities for flowers and plants to develop. Thanks to the beautiful natural scenery and the beautiful valley of flowers in four seasons, Pha Din Pass attracts thousands of visitors to visit, check-in and experience food.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Visit the most popular tourist attractions Ghent

 The old city of Ghent is a beautiful place with alleys surrounded by ancient tower-roofed buildings that run along the beautiful canal. The following Ghent tourist attractions will recommend a trip to this city!

Along with the picturesque city of Bruges , Ghent is a famous Belgian architectural attraction, but unlike Bruges, it's less crowded for you to explore more!

This Bruges tourist spot will be an inspiration for romance lovers!

 Not many European cities can compete with Bruges in Belgium - the continent's most romantic city. The romantic tourist destinations in Bruges below are a testament to that.

The old town of Bruges really seems to be a place that comes out of a fairy tale. At night when the buildings are illuminated, walking by the canals, you may feel like you are in a dream. While there is a lot to see in Bruges, this is a city you can visit for a day to get a feel for it.

Beat the vibrant nightlife in Brussels, Belgium

 If you are planning to explore Belgium but do not know the nightlife in Brussels, this article will summarize for you: beautiful, lively and safe!

What is so interesting about Brussels nightlife in Belgium?

The capital Brussels  is a city, so the first thing is to always be cautious, especially at night. For example, don't linger in dark back alleys, watch your belongings. This city has a lot of fun waiting for you, if your trip for one night stops in Brussels then quickly plan the night full of fun!

The top attractions in Bruges - Belgium's 'Venice of the North'

 The Belgian Bruges is nicknamed 'Venice of the North'. Boasting a series of canals through colorful historical sites, cities ... Check out the top attractions in Bruges below!

The Belgian city of Bruges  has only about 120,000 people, its well-preserved medieval buildings and cobblestone streets protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site, making it a popular destination for Daytime walkers from the capitals Brussels and Ghent. Just an hour from the capital by train, Bruges is not too big and you can easily explore its main streets in just a few hours.