• 3 famous schools in Hue are hunted for check-in by tourists

     Traveling to the ancient capital, do not forget to visit 3 famous schools in Hue with ancient backgrounds, becoming a familiar virtual living spot, and people are anxious to check-in.

    Hue ancient capital possesses many impressive ancient architectural works, besides there are 'old' schools, ancient moss with long history. Take a look at 3 famous schools in Hue with impressive campuses, dreamy dreamy corners that are familiar to Hue tourist destinations with young people having love with the city by the Perfume River.


    3 famous schools in HueWorship in front of the beauty of 3 famous schools in Hue


    Worshiping the scene of three famous schools in Hue

    1. Hue National School

    Perhaps, there is no need to spend too many words for this school which is famous throughout the country. Not only is the high school with the oldest history, the most studious tradition, but the school is also the oldest. With unique Vietnamese-French architecture, every corner at Hue National University also brings unforgettable beauty, not only attracting young people to check-in, but also a scene that many photographers hunt when coming to Hue.

    This work impresses when wearing a bold red paint that stands out against the clear blue sky of Hue. The eye-catching colors of the walls are also a popular photography backdrop for visitors. In addition, you can choose from many check-in corners, virtual living on a large campus with many rows of green trees, sometimes with arches, decorative columns to make the ancient look even more.

    Famous Vloggers, many movies, music music videos also choose this place as both a romantic and poetic scene, expressing Vietnamese soul. Especially in the afternoon sun of dreamland, every corner of the wall, each corridor, each tree canopy is like being put on a romantic, strangely peaceful look. Many people only notice the color of the red wall painted in the golden sunshine, thinking that this scene is in Europe, in an ancient school.

    2. Hue University of Education

    This is also one of the three famous beautiful schools in Hue , both with a lot of experience, and ranking in the top of universities in Central Vietnam. Hue pedagogy is also an ancient background that people look for every time there is a chance to travel to Hue.

    Located on Le Loi Street, opposite the poetic Perfume River, this place attracts more attention after being selected as the main scene of Model High School - Set in "Eye of the Blue" , the famous movie directed by Victor Vu. Twisted stairs, corridors, yellow walls, green campus ... are the top virtual life coordinates chosen by young people when coming here.

    Bringing the unique beauty of Hue, the school owns an ancient scene from the building architecture to the campus. In particular, on the corridor with perforated gold walls, at the time the sun shines through, it creates a special impression like passing through some mysterious artistic corridors.


    3 famous schools in Hue-hoc-pham-film-mat-biecThis is also the girls' school in the movie Eye of the Eye!


    3. Hue University of Foreign Languages

    Temporarily setting aside the ancient scenes, sediments, moss, Hue University of Foreign Languages ​​brings a modern, new and dynamic look like the university's training branch. Even the school's space, play area, learning area, library are decorated extremely open and modern.

    This is also considered as a new check-in point for young people, with many personality angles, impressive background series, different from the usual old-fashioned look of schools in the ancient capital.

    You can look at the lake area, the colorful walls, the balcony overlooking the whole school ... are virtual places most loved by young people. Especially, at the end of the summer, the garden front yard is completely white, creating an equally romantic scene for Hue Foreign Language!

    Traveling to Hue , do not forget to visit and live virtual at these 3 famous schools in HueDefinitely will make you remember forever!

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