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Beat the vibrant nightlife in Brussels, Belgium

 If you are planning to explore Belgium but do not know the nightlife in Brussels, this article will summarize for you: beautiful, lively and safe!

What is so interesting about Brussels nightlife in Belgium?

The capital Brussels  is a city, so the first thing is to always be cautious, especially at night. For example, don't linger in dark back alleys, watch your belongings. This city has a lot of fun waiting for you, if your trip for one night stops in Brussels then quickly plan the night full of fun!

The best nightlife areas in Brussels

Brussels' nightlife and evening entertainment are quite scattered throughout the city, so it will be a bit difficult to pinpoint a particular area that you must visit. These are  Brussels nightlife areas where you'll have the best night out!


1. Favorite cafe-bars: Grand-Place

Many first-time visitors come close to Grand-Place as it is the most central area, the area most active at night and home to most of the top tourist attractions in Brussels . While in this area you will find many "estaminets", which come from the French language and refer to a small cafe selling alcoholic beverages. Some places also nicknamed this type of facility is a cafe-bar.

- Delirium Café - Over 2000 different beers await!

- L'Archiduc - Where there is a cocktail bar with a beautiful art deco style, opened in 1937.

- MEzZO - Delicious cocktails and a "happy hour" (hours where drinks are 50% off) are available.


2 For those who want to save: Anneessens

For students, backpackers, and budget travelers, the Anneessens area is the perfect match for nightlife in Brussels - especially along the Rue de Chartreux and into the Danseart fashion district. Recommended bars in Anneessens include:

- Lord Byron - The place to go if you love hipster and the cozy atmosphere.

Cobra bar-gallery - Another cozy bar, taking its name from the pioneering art movement of the 1950s.

- Taverne Greenwich - An affordable café-bar comparable to those in the nearby Grand-Place district.


3. If you want to listen to live music: Ixelles and Matongé

Similar to Anneessens, Brussels nightlife is equally exciting in Ixelles and the nearby Matongé district is popular with students and budget travelers. But these are also recommended areas if you love live music - especially jazz! Recommended bars in Ixelles and Matongé include:

- Tavernier - so popular and so hilarious!

Sounds Jazz Club - A local organization from the mid-eighties that also offers the best live jazz music.

- Le Café Floréo - Less jazz, more DJs… but still great live music!

4. To have fun and exciting adventure: Red light district

Like Amsterdam, the red light district is legal in Belgium. But unlike Amsterdam, Belgium doesn't really have a specific area of ​​the city devoted to the red light district as this activity in the streets takes place throughout the city.

That said, if you want to get to know Belgian nightlife , it's best to head to the main red light district, where you'll find some interesting shops. The main red light district in Brussels is located north of Gare du Nord in the Brabant district Wijk Quartier, along the Rue d'Aerschot, Rue de Brabant and surrounding side streets.

The best things to do in Brussels at night

Aside from drinks, pubs and clubs, here's a list of some of the things to do in Brussels at night and top entertainment options:

1. Eat chocolate late at night: Chocolate and confectionery are one of the most attractive things of Belgium. In fact, praline was invented in Brussels! This means that there are a number of chocolate shops that open late to attract more chocolate lovers, both domestically and internationally. By visiting one of these chocolate shops late at night, you will see less crowds and a more relaxed approach to souvenir shopping.

- Lachesterque Gourmande - Most stores in the city are open until 11 pm.

- Corné Port-Royal - Their Galeries Royal Saint-Hubert branch opens no later than 11:30 p.m., while their Rue au Beurre and their Rue de la Madeleine branches are open until 10 p.m. and 9 p.m. .

Leonidas - Its Galeries Royal Saint-Hubert branch is also open until 11 p.m.

And if you visit Brussels for Christmas, then you should know that the Neuhaus at the Galeries Royal Saint-Hubert usually opens late until around 11pm.


2. Night Market: If you are a person who likes to shop at night (and haggle), then you might be happy to know that Brussels nightlife is great, home to countless evening markets! Here are a few of the most famous:

- Place Sainte-Catherine - Flower and food market, open from Thursday to Saturday until 8pm.

- Place du Grand Sablon - Gourmet food market, open until 9 pm every Thursday.

Agora Roundabout - Crafts and arts market, open Thursday to 8 pm and Friday through Sunday to 7 pm.


3. Watch the Grand - Place light show: Although the light show at Grand-Place is synonymous with Christmas in Brussels, this light show actually takes place at other times during year.

For example, you'll often see a light show accompanying an annual flowerbed in Brussels, which draws a lot of crowds during the summer months. But even if you miss a light show, you'll still see the Grand-Place lit up every night… making the buildings look sparkling and even more splendid than usual.


4. Events and concerts in La Bellone:  Night activities in Brussels indispensable  La Bellone is a beautiful event space. It has a luxurious baroque facade, opening up to a domed courtyard with glass roofs… like the most beautiful greenhouse you can imagine! Throughout the year, theater, dance, circus and opera performances are held here, making for a truly spectacular night out in Brussels.

5. Take late-night photos in lovely shopping galleries:  Both the Galeries Royal Saint-Hubert and the Passage du Nord open late. Galeries Royal is open all day, while Passage du Nord is open until 8pm. This allows you to take pictures of these stunning shopping galleries, complete with their marble and gold details, free from crowds and free to live virtual!

How many interesting things about  Brussels nightlife have attracted you enough to this beautiful Belgian city yet?


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