Check in Hue ironwood pedestrian bridge that is both 'to' and 'real' on the banks of the Perfume River

 The super luxurious Hue ironwood pedestrian bridge located along the Perfume River since its inception has attracted a large number of locals and tourists to have fun, sightseeing, taking pictures, especially young people.

Where is Hue ironwood pedestrian bridge located?

Compared to other ancient Hue tourist destinations such as Dai Noi, Thien Mu pagoda, Phu Cam church or Dong Ba market, the Hue ironwood bridge is very young because it was just completed more than a year ago. However, this place quickly attracted a lot of people and tourists to visit, enjoy and take pictures.

Hue ironwood  bridge extends the walking route on Huong River, including Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Street and Ly Tu Trong Park located on the southern bank of Huong River. Due to the special location of the project, also located between two important bridges connecting the two banks of Huong Giang, Truong Tien Hue Bridge  and Phu Xuan, this is also the ideal place in the heart of the ancient capital to watch the sunset and Dawn.

This young bridge of Hue uses premium South African ironwood as its main material. This material is known as one of the group of 'four essentials' including nails, iron, cheeses, tau with excellent moisture and force resistance, both without termites and extremely suitable for rainy and hot weather humidity and floods rise during the rainy season in Hue. In addition, it also has a gentle fragrance that brings a relaxing feeling for pedestrians, watching the scenery on the bridge. More specifically, the ironwood bridge is also equipped with electric lighting system so that people can come here in relaxing evenings, talk to friends or watch the beauty of Hue at night.

In addition, this area extending the pedestrian street in Hue also possesses a unique architecture, creating a new highlight, different from famous bridges in dreamland Hue such as Truong Tien Bridge, Phu Xuan Bridge. ..

Just standing from the bridge, visitors can admire the full view of the gentle beauty of the Perfume River. Do not forget to gently drop the figure to quickly get beautiful photos in this fascinating virtual living spot in Hue .

Check in Hue ironwood pedestrian bridge on the banks of the Perfume River -  Vietnam Tourism

Hue ironwood pedestrian bridge - a beautiful project of Vietnam - Korea friendship

The ancient capital's famous pedestrian bridge was the result of an effort to unite the Vietnam-Korea friendship. Started in 2018 and under the detailed planning project of two banks of the Perfume River, the work has a total investment of 6 million USD, sponsored by the Korean Government, and specifically sponsored by KOICA in the non-refundable form 100%. In more detail, the pilot project of roads and pedestrian bridges on the Huong River has a total initial investment of nearly VND 53 billion.

The entire bridge is 400m long, 4m wide with a total area of ​​2,443m2. Right from the time when the raw part was completed, this place has attracted the attention of many locals as well as tourists.

The structure of the Hue ironwood bridge is very solid with the bonding substance mainly reinforced concrete. As for the floor of the road from Truong Tien Bridge to Phu Xuan Bridge, it is paved with expensive South African limestone 5cm thick with a total cost of more than 64 billion VND (the wood flooring section is more than 42 billion VND).

It can be said that the iron wood material is an important point to make the unique and luxurious - luxurious of the Hue pedestrian bridge. Investors have chosen ironwood rather than other materials because of the advantages of being hard, durable, luxurious, and friendly with the environment. Hue ironwood pedestrian bridge is also equipped with a two-sided railing system, including a total of 4100 copper (weighing up to 7 tons) and imported entirely from Korea.

Not only is it invested and built carefully, but also the Hue ironwood bridge is also planned to operate, restore and maintain the best. In particular, the electric system and the lighting system are pre-installed and are 100% waterproof. These components can be soaked under water up to 4 meters deep while ensuring the bridge is not affected, whether by storms or floods, minimizing the risk of damage to the structure and safety of the bridge. . With the IP67 waterproof rating, the Hue limestone pedestrian bridge will completely withstand 2m inundation for 5 consecutive days and still be able to operate normally.

Check in at Hue ironwood pedestrian bridge with thousands of beautiful photos

This bridge is not only beautiful - unique - strange but also luxurious - fine - smooth has quickly become an ideal check-in place as well as creating a new and interesting photography and relaxation space for young people. Especially the gate is made of blue, dividing the bridge into two sides, one side is a green park with many trees, flowers fragrant with strange grass, the other side is the gentle, poetic and famous Huong Giang.

If 7 beautiful flower gardens in Hue create a dreamy and fresh look for tourists' photos, the Hue ironwood pedestrian bridge with a row of yellow balustrades under the bright sunlight of the central region adorns the scene. It is golden, luxurious but very chill with cool breeze blowing from the Perfume River. This is also the reason why this pedestrian bridge also has another name as "golden bridge" in Hue.

During the day, the balustrades gleam a strangely beautiful yellow, and at night, under the neon lights and the eye-catching meticulous lighting system, at times the lightness is outstanding, you just need to quickly choose one. Right angle and leaning on you can own yourself a beautiful au-big photo already.

Moreover, to adorn the landscape of Hue on the pedestrian street, the bridge is decorated with more flower beds, and ornamental plants, creating a green space along the riverside corridor.

For the above reasons, the Hue ironwood bridge has become a new destination that locals are proud of and capture the hearts of all visitors. All create a unique artistic landscape and open spaces on the banks of the Perfume River so that domestic and foreign people and tourists can easily access the poetic beauty of the ancient capital.

If you have the opportunity to come to Hue and have visited attractive tourist destinations here such as the palace in Dai Noi - Kinh Thanh, Thien Mu ancient pagoda, the tomb of the Nguyen Dynasty kings, Hue National School , ... Do not forget to spend more time walking sightseeing on the Perfume River at the beautiful Hue ironwood pedestrian bridge . Your travel to the ancient capital will be even more wonderful and unforgettable!

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