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Cruise on the Bruges Canal, discover the city in the most romantic way

 Stroll along the banks of the Bruges Canal in Belgium and explore the countless bridges and romantic squares. Or step aboard one of the small tour boats and admire the city from the water.

Explore the Bruges Canal

Bruges  isthe most popular tourist city in BelgiumThis medieval city still retains the splendid beauty of its medieval architectural heritage. The historic center of Bruges has also been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 2000. It houses beautiful Gothic brick buildings and masterpieces of original Flemish art.

Bruges is like an open-air museum: its religious monuments are among the city's attractions, it also houses a number of museums that testify to Bruges' art and craft heritage. Many stops will satisfy those who love culture and curiosity.

With its network of Bruges in the city center, the city of Bruges has earned the deserving nickname " Venice of the North ". Over time, a real town gradually developed, connected via canals to the deeper branch of the North Sea, Zwin. Bruges' canals are called "Reie", named after the "Roya" river used to flow into the mouth of the Zwin River.

Thanks to the large number of canals and bridges (of which more than 80), Bruges is often referred to as the Venice of the North. Tourists can explore the city by sailing along its canals. During the Middle Ages, due to the dense waterway network, Burges was considered one of the major trading centers of Europe.

For those wishing to walk along the canals a 2.8 km long walkway that starts at "Zand Square" and ends at the bonifacius bridge near Our Lady of the Church is the best route to explore the  Bruges Canal. .  This is a very enjoyable hike that takes you through the most beautiful old streets and romantic bridges of the city. This hike will lead you out of the busy shopping streets and allow you to explore authentic Bruges , secret gardens, picturesque bridges and stunning vistas.

During your visit to Bruges, you will also take a boat ride along the canals that run through the old town. Don't miss this chance to explore the city in the most romantic way possible and it's where you can enjoy the city from a different perspective too! See Bruges from a different perspective as you admire the charming bridges, hidden gardens and picturesque views surrounding the Bruges Canal . You will find that the lure of the small boats passing through these canals is part of the local tourist landscape. 

Simply captivating medieval beauty, the old town of Bruges is connected by a maze of small, winding canals best admired from the water. So board a cruise from any of the five cruise lines around the city center. Lasting 30 minutes, tours of the Bruges Canal operate between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily.

The Bruges canals within the city were once part of the old Bruges and ramparts. The first city walls were built after the death of Count Flemish Charles the Good. He was murdered at St. Donatian's Church in 1127. In the weeks following the assassination, the people of Bruges built a fortress around the city, following the path of the city's inner canals Dijver, Groenerei, St. Annarei, Goudenhandrei, Augustijnenrei, Smedenrei and Kapucijnenrei.

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