Enjoy Hue Hue rice - a ghostly dish that attracts customers in the ancient capital

 If vermicelli beef and mussel rice are considered the typical dishes of the ancient capital, Hue Am Phu rice is a name that reminds of a unique and long-standing dish of this land.

When it comes to Hue - the land of the Perfume River, the poetic Ngu Mountain and the time-colored architectural works such as Dai Noi or ancient temples and mausoleums. But the attraction of Hue not only stops there, but also shows in sweet folk songs and rich but extremely unique cuisine. In which, there is a dish that is not famous and popular throughout the country such as vermicelli beef, mussel rice or Hue tea but has made an unforgettable feature for the delicious dishes of the ancient capital, which is Hue rice .

After visiting Truong Tien Bridge, visiting Hue Citadel , stopping at Thien Mu pagoda, visiting the tomb of King Khai Dinh and enjoying the rice dish called The famous Underworld of the Holy Land, then finished attachment does not want to leave. It can be said that the rice of the Underworld together with many other Hue delicacies creates the unique but delicate cuisine of this special city that has contributed to making nostalgia more full.

om Hades do very dark delicacies "of Hue" includes multi-material form, but multi-colored multi-colored but very affordable and familiar to many people, regardless of wealth, on man. This is one of the typical dishes for the processing art of Hue culinary culture From the past, the Hue people had a saying:

"Want to eat lyrical dishes

There is a ghostly shop behind ".

Another special feature is that despite its mysterious and somewhat scary name, this dish possesses a delicious taste, in addition to its simplicity mixed with the royal style, making previous diners curious to try. 

Origin of Hue Hue rice dish

Among the delicious dishes of Hue, there is no shortage of typical representatives of imperial cuisine, containing sophisticated and luxurious features such as Nam Pho soup , elegant Hue lotus tea, steamed rice with lotus leaves. Elegant regal, ... There is also no shortage of popular dishes that any tourist or local people can easily find on each street corner such as mussel rice, turmeric noodle, cakes Hue specialties are famous. Located between two luxurious and popular areas, the rice dish of Am Phu has a unique position in the middle of the ancient capital's delicacies with a special taste that can not be found anywhere else.

Right from the name, this dish has aroused the curiosity of customers. Many people even have to find food to eat when they hear the brief introduction of the rice dish called The Underworld. If you can overcome the initial hesitation and hesitation because of the ghost in the name of that rice dish, you will be treated to a dish that is both attractive, delicious and beautiful, while listening to stories. And of course, only traveling to Hue and eating in the Underworld will you have the most ideal space to immerse yourself in interesting anecdotes about the origin and the birth of the name of this dish. 

Legend has it that Hue dishes are uniqueThis dates back to the Nguyen Dynasty. Many elderly people in the ancient capital recalled that once the king "acted", disguised as a commoner and suddenly felt hungry, he stopped by an old lady's house and knocked on the door to ask for a meal. Although the old lady's family is not abundant, she still welcomes the stranger with a decent meal with a bowl of white rice, surrounded by ordinary dishes but pre-sliced, beautifully presented like a melon. The stranger, who is also the king, sits and eats in a space where only oil lamps are scattered in the middle of the house, so there is a cold feeling on his spine. However, after a day on the road, tired and the hunger came, the king ate very deliciously until the rice was completely clean and did not mind the surroundings. After finishing the meal, the king called it "Hell Rice Rice" because he remembered the ghostly scenery of the meal.

When the king returned to the palace, he always remembered the taste and space when eating that rice dish, so he ordered a selection of chefs in the Imperial City to enter the palace to find someone who could cook this dish. At that time, there was only one person named Tong Phuoc Ky who successfully processed the strange food, satisfied the king and became the head chef in the palace. At that time, he was trusted by King Bao Dai and loved the taste of his dishes, especially Hue Hue rice . Even, the king only allowed this chef to leave the palace when he was old and weak. After leaving the palace, he opened a restaurant to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy this unique dish that the king loves.

This restaurant has a special feature that is located in a rather secluded land, the space is also somewhat dark, only one lamp of climbing oil is lit up. Diners often stop at night to "torment" their stomachs when hungry. And another interesting point is that the restaurant only serves this simple but delicious mixed rice dish. It is for all the above reasons that people give the dish and restaurant the name "Am Phu rice" and then circulate to this day.

Besides this a bit of a thrilling anecdote, there are also a number of other theories that said Hue's rice dish was actually opened by a businessman living in the early nineteenth century. And the ghostly name associated with the dish comes from the location where the rice shop is located. It is a secluded land, often open until late at night to serve customers mainly those who go to see opera, festivals, singing, dancing ... coming back late. In addition, the shop also only uses a burning oil lamp, selling only popular white rice mixed with lean meat and vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, sliced, served with sauce to create Five-color delicacies include white, blue, yellow, red, and black. The happy customers who finished eating called the name of the restaurant's rice dish as lunar rice and so on has been used until now.

At first, it was just a simple rice dish to use when hungry. More and later, the people of Am Phu rice added many other ingredients and spices to become today's attractive dish.

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The ingredients that make up the dish of Am Phu rice

Am Phu Rice does not have luxurious ingredients, meticulously selected like royal food for kings, does not have a popular style, eaten like banh beo, banh nam or mussel rice, but still has a drag.

Traditional Hue Hue rice dish is made from ingredients extremely familiar to Vietnamese people such as a few pieces of boiled pork; a few slices of Hue silk rolls, a beaten egg to be fried; a few shrimps, a little spring roll, add melon, tomatoes, and cilantro. All brought to cut yarn and then arranged into sections around the white rice bowl in the middle. These ingredients, when combined, will interweave to create an unusually attractive flavor.

Although the ingredients are quite simple, the way to make this rice dish is also quite elaborate. Because the bowl of white rice in the middle is the main ingredient, choosing rice for cooking plays a very important role. According to Hue people, to have delicious rice, you must choose fragrant rice with good quality.

In the past, people used firewood stoves, but nowadays they can still use an electric rice cooker to cook little by little rice. However, in order to have a soft rice dish that does not get sick, if it is not dry for a long time, you must soak the rice in cold water for about two hours and then use a blister to let it simmer.

Eggs used to make the omelette must be the original duck eggs, do not taste any seasoning, then beat them, put them on a thin coated pan, then cut the thin strands. Another ingredient is shrimp, it is steamed, peeled and drained only the lean shrimp. Next, crush with mortar to loosen shrimp. The last step is to put in the pan without oil, remember to keep the soup hot, put the shrimp in and then use the bamboo chopsticks to stir and continuously until the shrimp is completely dry and dry, then you can use it to put together. Yin Cover rice plate can be. With this way of processing, you can use your hand to pick up each bunch of shrimp just finished, rub lightly on a rough surface like a metal sieve.

For pork, depending on the taste, the chef will choose the meat in many parts such as: lean back, lean butt ... After preliminary processing, it will be cut into thin pieces that are about three fingers. Next is the process of marinating the meat with familiar spices such as minced garlic, sugar, salt and pepper, and fish sauce. Finally, pick the meat on the grill to bake on a charcoal fire.

In addition to the above main ingredients, a delicious Hue dish of Hue rice also has other ingredients such as Hue pork rolls, pickled vegetables and a few sour food like pickles, carrots mixed with a little vinegar. One characteristic that makes Am Phu rice similar to Hanoi vermicelli is that all the ingredients are cut into small fibers and spread around the dish, sometimes beautifully interwoven. Before eating, diners are conquered by the harmonious color and the freshness of the ingredients with the pattern on the rice plate. When you eat, you are also served by the chef with a cup of sweet and sour fish sauce with a cup of green onion, fresh chili ... extremely stimulating the taste buds.

Another attractive feature of Am Phu rice dish is that you can both eat rice with each dish or mix it all together and then pour a little fish sauce mixed with garlic, sugar, lemon juice to feel the full harmony. 


The address of selling Am Phu Hue rice is correct

The uniqueness of the Am Phu rice dish not only lies in the name associated with interesting anecdotes but also in the form, impressive amount of nutrients and especially cheap prices, easy to find in any street.

Indeed, when coming to Hue which is beautiful and poetic, not only can you find delicious Hue noodle dishes in many places, you can also find Am Phu rice dishes in large restaurants or righteous food in popular restaurants nearby. It is no coincidence that Am Cover rice is voted by many tourists as a simple dish, but shows the beauty of the people of God from many generations: gentle, honest and hospitable. It can be said that this is a very unique dish of the cuisine of Festivan Hue city, even if you have ever eaten Am Phu rice  in any place, you must eat at least once in the ancient capital.

If in the past, Hue Hue rice shops  were often only come by late-night workers to eat to ensure their stomachs, hoping to have enough strength for the next hard living hours, today, this unique dish has. But if you want to eat the most delicious Hue rice, visitors should visit Am Phu rice shop at 35 or 51 Nguyen Thai Hoc to enjoy this delicious dish that is both simple and subtle in this royal style. Because according to the anecdotes told, the origin of this dish originated from the first rice shop called "Am Phu", located on Nguyen Thai Hoc street, right near Hue stadium. According to many Hue people, this restaurant has been open for nearly a hundred years and previously only opened late at night.

To this day, the shop is still sold at the original location and the more interesting point is next to the newly opened Thien Duong hotel on Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Hue city. That is why many people have compared in the verse when they come to Hue, " Eating rice in the palace, sleeping at Thien Duong hotel ".

Am Phu Rice 51 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Address: 51 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hue City

Opening hours: 05:00 - 22:00

Price: 20,000 - 35,000 VND

Am Phu Rice 35 Nguyen Thai Hoc

35 Nguyen Thai Hoc - Hue City

Phone: 054.33825259

Both of these restaurants have large staff and enthusiastic service, so you can rest assured that you will have your meal right away without having to wait long. When you are finished with vegetables or papaya, you can order more easily. delicious dish of Hue Hue rice currently has a very affordable price from only 25,000.

Indeed, a famous dish with a "strange" name - this Hell rice is only the best when eaten in Hue and is sold during four seasons of the year. If you have the opportunity to visit Hue Citadel - Imperial Citadel, immersed in the poetic scenery of Truong Tien Bridge with six or twelve spans across the Perfume River, remember to choose a small corner of the restaurant on Nguyen Thai Hoc street and Enjoy this authentic Hue rice dish along with many other Hue specialties .

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