Join friends 'jubilantly' in the excellent Hong Kong Ha Tinh beer alley

 Artistic space with hard-to-resist divine check-in corners, Hong Kong Ha Tinh alley like a new wind, a meeting spot for all ages is hard to miss.

Some information about Hong Kong Ha Tinh beer alley

Although it is no longer a new name, it has also appeared in many other cities of Vietnam. But the appearance of the beer alley called Night in Hong Kong at 19 Phan Dinh Giot, Nam Ha ward, Ha Tinh city still makes people especially young people here with great excitement. Located in the central area, this place is open from 8 am to 24 hours daily, free to check in and enjoy your favorite drinks.

Hong Kong beer alley - extremely 'quality' check-in space

If you are a fan of movies or love to explore "hot" places, you will be impressed by the shimmering Hong Kong streets, the atmosphere is always busy. Traveling to Ha Tinh to this beer alley, you will also enjoy the feeling of being right in the remote Huong Cang land. There is no need to go anywhere but still take impressive photos, relax with the bustling atmosphere of a beer alley that has been "storming" recently across the country in the very hometown of Ha.

The design of Ha Tinh Hong Kong beer alley in décor style simulates the ancient streets of Hong Kong in the 60s or 70s of the last century. Full of sophistication, meticulousness to every corner so deep. The careful investment, unmistakable, old but also new, makes this place quickly become the leading name known and frequented by many people in this city.

Here you can see that every area from decorative walls like in movies, furniture, iron doors or signboards ... can also become shimmering "virtual living" background. Just standing in a random place also brings back the "basket" of genuine scallops. Most especially, the handrail with the logo of the restaurant in front is directly facing the main door. Standing above, you can see the entire space of the prominent beer alley below. 

Or the small corner of the "divine" staircase is stuck with different logos and images. At first glance, it looks confusing, but when posing here, there is an irresistible impression. It can be said that, among tourist destinations in Ha Tinh , this meeting point is the difference that people are looking for. Where to relax, have fun, date, visit, chat, ... all can meet your needs, wrapped in space here. 

The alley is designed in a 2-storey style with bright neon signs and lanterns. Besides, miniatures are also displayed the ribs, simulating food shops, ... as if sitting in the middle of the street. Like a miniature Hong Kong in the heart of Ha Tinh, bringing people and tourists to Ha Tinh with interesting experiences. 

MK Hong Kong Alley Phú Quốc Địa Điểm Check in mới Đảo Ngọc

Hong Kong Alley - an attractive meeting place for young people in Ha Tinh

Life is developing more and more, nowadays, there is no shortage of food and drink stalls so that young people can gather together to chat and check in pocket 1001 cute photo pic. However, at Hong Kong Ha Tinh Beer Alley , the foods and drinks here will definitely make you excited because of their novelty. Enjoy the standard Hong Kong snacks, snacks or try to enjoy the upside down beer, the very unique gas cocktails that are also "good".

The drinks and snacks here are reviewed by many people as quite delicious, the quality but the price is also reasonable. From beer, fruit tea, coffee, fruit, ... there are many attractive options, but the service is friendly, you can use it on the spot or order a ship. Besides, in the atmosphere with sparkling lights, swaying along with the exciting music of the DJs. Worth the "money for rice bowl" for a trip with a lover or close friends. 

As a meeting place with many exciting and exciting activities, in addition to taking pictures, this Hong Kong Night Street In Ha Tinh alley is also chosen by young Ha Tinh as a super cool and quality meeting place. Not only the young but also the elderly come to experience the experiment, families come to relax or take pictures for their beloved children. Therefore, travel experiences in Ha Tinh to here do not miss the opportunity to check in immediately with this impressive street.

Holidays or special occasions such as Mid-Autumn Festival, October 20, ... although crowded, the alley also has many attractive food or drink promotions. Go to the alley, find yourself half of your love and immediately take a super sweet Hong Kong-style wedding photo set. Everything you need is in this welcoming alley. 

Back and equally as beneficial as the alleys of Hong Kong in other provinces. Hong Kong Ha Tinh Beer Alley promises to be an ideal place of fun and relaxation for everyone right in the city without having to look anywhere. Don't forget to check in when you arrive and share your impressive moments with this exciting busy alley!

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