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Terraced mountain in Liege Belgium - one of the most special staircases in the world!

 With 374 steps and an inclination of up to 30%, the terraced mountain in Liege Belgium is considered one of the most special in the world!

The terraced mountains in Liege Belgium are open to everyone free of charge and this is a must-see in the city of Liège . This special staircase is called  Montagne de Bueren. A work of art that characterizes 19th-century breakthroughs, Mount Bueren allowed for a direct connection between the city barracks and the city center.

The name of this staircase is reminiscent of the coup that was canceled by 600 Franchimontois on the night of October 29, 1468. Led by Vincent de Bueren and Gossuin de Streel, they attempted to capture Charles the Bold and Louis. XI. And contrary to what many Liège residents believe, 600 Franchimontois never passed by ...

Terraced mountain in Liege Belgium: the stairs will make you tired

The city of Liège  attracts tourists from near and far with irresistible charm: quirky architecture, comfortable lifestyle. A cultural tour of the city gives you the best to see. One of them is  Mount Bueren (Montagne de Bueren) which has been nominated as the harshest staircase in the world . This “mountain” is truly a sight to behold, especially on the first Saturday of October. During 'Night of the Hills - La Nuit des Coteaux' - candles are placed along the stairs to create a truly beautiful visual show. Remember to arrive at ten o'clock as the event may not be as beautiful as it originally was.

The Montagne de Bueren is a 374-step staircase with a 30% inclination and is at the center of major events, such as "La Nocturne des Coteaux de la Citadelle" and "Bueren en fleur". A work of art that characterizes 19th-century breakthroughs, Mount Bueren can directly connect the city's barracks to the city center, providing faster access to protect the garrison's city. in the event of an invasion.

In addition, this special staircase was created to allow soldiers to get from the top of the hill to the city center without having to venture through the dark city alleys full of bars and prostitutes. in the red light district, the cause has led to the collapse of countless armies throughout history. There are no monuments explaining the soldiers or defending the city of Bueren, but the staircase itself and the stunning view of the Liège it offers seem to be enough to evoke a memorial. 

The terraced mountains in Liege Belgium  serve the defense of the city as a reminder of the past. You will definitely want to conquer this height here and climbing to the top will take you a lot of energy! Or called Mount Bueren is not actually a mountain, but actually a long staircase that can make you stop for a breath as soon as you reach the top.

The steps of Mount Bueren are well worth the climb but one can also explore the passages around Montagne and marvel at the hidden treasures you find along the way. You will mainly explore private gardens. Continue along the winding staircase to the top of Montagne de Bueren and you'll find a war memorial as well as some of the best panoramic views in the entire Liege city.

Located in the old city, the terraced mountain in Liege Belgium is a symbol of this city. So when you come here be sure to visit these valuable stairs and take pictures with it. When you look down you will feel like a steep slope between the buildings in the city. The floor of the stairs is tiled, which offers a beautiful view of the city below; The glistening Meuse River meanders through its center, the narrow, winding narrow streets of the old town and the hilly suburbs ...

Remember that twice a year, stairs come alive thanks to flowers and light. In the summer, the Bueren en Fleurs, is a biennial event when the staircase is decorated with flowers, while on the first Saturday of October, the staircase glistens with candlelight for the Nocturne des Coteaux de festival. la Citadelle.

How to get to the terraced mountain in Liege B ? As one of Belgium's major transport hubs, Liège is easily accessible by public transport from within Belgium or any neighboring country.


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