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The top attractions in Bruges - Belgium's 'Venice of the North'

 The Belgian Bruges is nicknamed 'Venice of the North'. Boasting a series of canals through colorful historical sites, cities ... Check out the top attractions in Bruges below!

The Belgian city of Bruges  has only about 120,000 people, its well-preserved medieval buildings and cobblestone streets protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site, making it a popular destination for Daytime walkers from the capitals Brussels and Ghent. Just an hour from the capital by train, Bruges is not too big and you can easily explore its main streets in just a few hours. 

The top attractions in Bruges cannot be missed

Start your day in Bruges by taking a guided hike, rickshaw ride or walking along the canals. This will give you an overview of the points you will return to later, as well as detailed information about the surrounding Flemish area and the history of Bruges as an economically important port city of Belgium.

It's great to take a boat trip to see the dazzling facades of shops and houses reflected on the water, but the compact city center makes it easy to explore on foot too . Locals love bicycles and you can go on a ride by horse cart. Bruges is not one of those places where you struggle to get from one place to another: instead, you can start by watching people pass by in the beautiful main square, then walk down side roads.


Market Square (Markt)

Market Square (Markt) has always been one of the top attractions in Bruges , where festivals, tournaments and especially the medieval revolts gave way to shops and cafes. and bustling restaurant. It won't take long to find a location serving rich Belgian chocolates, or come across a store full of creative laces here.

If you make time for your day trip on a Wednesday morning, you will enjoy the market day when local producers sell fresh fruits and vegetables, bouquets and snacks. Fans of Tintin comics will want to visit the Tintin store, which commemorates the famous story of a curious boy and his loyal dog. 

The Belfry Tower

One of the top things to do in Bruges is to head up to the Tower, which is famous in the movie 'In Bruges' starring Colin Farrell. This bell tower in Bruges has functioned as a treasury as well as an observation point. After climbing a 365-foot staircase, you'll have a panoramic view of the entire city below.

Choco-Story Museum

Once you've explored Bruges' top attractions , indulge yourself by tasting some of the best Bruges in Belgium . There's no complete trip to Bruges without trying their famous waffles, and a fun way to do that is by pre-booking this waffle maker. You will learn how to make this special breakfast with the ice cream and fruit topping above.

If you are more discerning, head to the Choco-Story museum, where visitors can visit and explore the origins of chocolate and how to make it, or try making your own at this chocolate factory.


Windmills on the outskirts of the city

Another of  the top attractions in Bruges  you should visit are the windmills found on the outskirts of the city. Back in the 1600s, there were almost two dozen windmills used to make things like flour and corn. Four factories still exist today, including Sint-Janshuismolen, which has been crushing its seeds since 1770.


The Basilica of the Sacred Blood Cathedral is one of  the attractions in Bruges that  is said to contain the blood of Christ, collected by Joseph of Arimathea and brought to Belgium from the Holy Land. This is a place of historical value including two chapels; the downstairs one is plain with very little décor, while the upstairs is in vivid gothic style with majestic colors and details. Every day at set times, visitors can line up to touch or kiss a cloth with holy blood.

Tips for a trip to Bruges

To visit  the top tourist attractions in Bruges,  you need to take a train to Bruges from Brussels for an hour but if you drive, you must park outside the city center as it is not accessible by cars .

If you plan on staying longer for a few days then here are some of the top-rated rooms in Bruges:

Hotel Fevery: This cozy spot is found in the historic center and the rooms are clean, tourists love great breakfast and attentive service.

Hotel van Cleef: This flashy spot has luxurious rooms in an old villa located right along the canal. This location makes it easy to see the channels and is for travelers who love a small family feeling.

Prinsenhof Bruges Hotel: As one of the top hotels in the city, this beautiful hotel features superbly located rooms and friendly staff.


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