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This Bruges tourist spot will be an inspiration for romance lovers!

 Not many European cities can compete with Bruges in Belgium - the continent's most romantic city. The romantic tourist destinations in Bruges below are a testament to that.

The old town of Bruges really seems to be a place that comes out of a fairy tale. At night when the buildings are illuminated, walking by the canals, you may feel like you are in a dream. While there is a lot to see in Bruges, this is a city you can visit for a day to get a feel for it.

If you are in Brussels, you can visit Bruges on a day trip without missing the romantic tourist sites of Bruges . However, it is really worth the overnight stay and enjoy Bruges special night atmosphere. At night, not only will you enjoy the breathtaking light, but you will also be able to walk around in the tranquility and romantic silence. Bruges is a very touristy city but at night it becomes a quiet medieval town where time seems to stop. Another option you have to enjoy the quiet city atmosphere is to visit Bruges during the low season, on weekdays.


Romantic tourist destination in Bruges for dreamers

Have a romantic moment at St. Bridge Bonifacius seductive

Bruges has many romantic spots, but perhaps the most romantic one is the St. Bridge. Bonifacius. This lovely bridge is surrounded by typical Flemish houses hidden behind Our Lady's Church. It's hard to imagine a more romantic place than this, it's not surprising that people call it the love bridge.


Take a relaxing walk in Minnewater Park

The charming Minnewater Park is a romantic tourist spot in Bruges , between the old town and the train station, that will be your first contact point with the city. The picturesque lake of love is also found here. So the walking experience in this park is one of the most romantic things to do in Bruges .

Lost between gravel roads and canals

There are plenty of beautiful churches, important monuments and museums to see in Bruges, but the best thing you can do is simply walk between the city's cobblestone streets and canals. In every corner, you will find a lovely little detail and in many places, you will admire the beautiful reflections on the canals that make the scene even more romantic.

If you spend a night in Bruges, you will have the chance to enjoy the best of the city. At night, all the important buildings are illuminated and walking between canals is a very unique feeling. The reflection of the buildings, the bridges and the peace that you can breathe are the best things for you in Bruges.


Watching sunset at Rosary Quay

The famous tourist attraction of the city is called Rosary Quay. It's always crowded with tourists coming to take photos and selfies, but if you go there at sunset or at night, chances are you'll be able to enjoy the magic of the place with a view of the buildings. Beautiful Flemish, Canal and Belfry Tower in picture frame.

This romantic tourist spot in Bruges likes to resemble the city's tourist icon, which you can see in Bruges tourism promotional photos.

Dijver Mansions

On the left side, at the end of the Dijver Canal is an intriguing complex of 15th-century buildings that includes what used to be the residence of Heren van Gruuthuse. Here in 1471, the English king fled Edward IV and took refuge.

Part of the mansion is now home to a special Gruuthusemuseum museum, which houses an amazing collection of antiques and applied art occupying 22 rooms. Particularly eye-catching are the lace, carvings, tapestries and weapons, as well as the completely restored old Flemish kitchen and clinic for tourists to visit.

Windmills in Bruges

To wrap up your visit, the last romantic tourist spot in Bruges  is the area where windmills are found. In the Kruisvest park a bit far from the old town, but well worth a visit. The Sint-Janshuis Mill is the most famous windmill out there and the nearby lawn is an ideal place to sit back and relax after the quaint city of Bruges hike.

Bruges, like other UNESCO World Heritage cities, is frequently frequented by tourists. In the summer, the city was often transformed into a medieval amusement park with groups of tourists in every corner, especially on weekends. If you want to get to know true Bruges, you should visit it outside of the summer months. In winter in Bruges the weather can be very cold, but there will be fewer people and you can feel how romantic the place is!


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