Thursday, January 14, 2021

Visit the historic and charming city of Mons Belgium

 Mons Belgium is the perfect place for a day trip from Brussels for those seeking ancient culture and history. You came here because Mons is one of the many beautiful towns in Belgium and so much more ...

About Mons city of Belgium

While not a tourist city in Belgium, Mons offers a wide range of cultural activities and traditional festivals throughout the year throughout the year. The city of only 100,000 people is located in the Wallonia region of Belgium and was appointed as European cultural capital in 2015.

You might be surprised to learn about Mons's feminist history. Mons Belgium  was founded by a woman named Waudru, who separated from her husband in 670 AD.

In 1349, a number of cases of black plague appeared in Mons. Fearing to be devastated by this disease, the missionaries pleaded with St. Waudru to intervene and save the city. One of the missionaries organized a procession around town and neighboring towns with the temple of St. Waudru. Miraculously, the black plague has left the city. This procession is currently underway every year, albeit with some new changes and additions. This is the beginning of the Doudou festival. During the French revolution, their legacy continued with the UNESCO recognized Doudou festival.

Doudou Festival is the biggest cultural event here but if you miss it then you can visit the Doudou Museum, to learn more about the history and cultural traditions of Doudou festival.

Things to do in the Belgian city of Mons

Visit the Grand Place and eat: It's impossible to visit Mons Belgium  without going to Mons's Grand Place (la Grand-Place de Mons). Many of the town's restaurants are here, around the Grand Place. In particular, you will find many stalls and cafes. To put it simple: do not come without Mons Belgian waffles , Belgian beer and Belgian fries.

Lovers of locally produced food can visit Les Halles du Manège, a fixed market (open Wednesday through Saturday), as well as buy local beer from L'Ode à la Bière - a Famous local beer shop.

Rub your hand on lucky monkey: In front of the town hall at Grand Place, you'll find Mons's protective monkey. This iron statue is said to bring you luck if you rub your head with your left hand.

No one knows why the German monkey appeared. Next to the monkey, you will find a copy of one of the original decorative locks on the town hall gate.

Admire the tower recognized by UNESCO: The bell tower is part of the rich architectural history of Belgium and France, however the Bell Tower in the city of Mons Belgium is unique in its Baroque architecture. (The total height of the Bell Tower is 87 meters.) The bell tower was used for a variety of purposes at that time. Now you can climb more than 360 steps of the bell tower as well as admire its bulbous dome.

Visit Parc du Chateau: The best view of the Bell Tower is from below, however, the yacht park offers the best views of Mons Belgium as well as a glimpse of the original city walls of Mons. You will also find Mons's abandoned mansion surrounded by bushes.

Wander through St. Waudru's Church: This beautiful gothic cathedral dating back to 1450 was built by missionaries as they traveled around Europe in search of innovative church design. The church has many interesting features, including the beautiful carvings of Jacques Du Broeucq. It also contains the Golden Wheel, used for the Doudou festival, as well as the shrine of St. Waudru.

Mundaneum: This UNESCO-recognized attraction in the Belgian city of Mons is one of the weirdest and best things to do here. Its creator, Paul Otlet, has dreamed of documenting world history to make it more accessible.

Get lost in the cobblestone streets of Mons: There's nothing better than being lost in the tranquil, beautiful cobblestone streets to relax and contemplate.

To get to Mons Belgium by public transport, you will take a train possibly from Brussels . The journey takes less than an hour so even if you come from elsewhere, it should be easy. Also, you should consider renting a car for your time in Belgium, as Mons is not where Belgian tours pass by. Mons is definitely a destination where one day seems to be enough, but if you want to spend the night there is some accommodation that needs to be booked in advance.


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