Visiting Huyen Khong 1 pagoda in Hue to explore the architectural features of Japan - India

 Huyen Khong 1 Pagoda has a harmonious beauty between the two architectural styles of Japan and India, attracting many visitors to visit Hue.

Location of Huyen Khong Pagoda 1

Hue is a land famous for many famous landscapes and architectural works. Anyone who visited the ancient capital at least once entered the Imperial Citadel of Hue , crossed the Truong Tien Bridge six or twelve spans, stopped at Dong Ba market and visited the temples imprinted with time. Hue is also the land of many famous religious works such as temples, pagodas and many churches located between charming scenery and unique architecture. Among them, it is impossible not to mention Huyen Khong Pagoda, also known as Huyen Khong 1 to distinguish it from another pagoda called Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda, also located between peaceful space and beautiful hilly landscape.

Both temples named Huyen Khong in Hue are famous tourist destinations, prominent spiritual destinations, attracting visitors from all over the world with unique architecture, located in a peaceful, calm landscape like the place.  

Huyen Khong 1 Pagoda, also known as Huyen Khong Son Trung Pagoda, is located on the outskirts of Hue city, in Nham Bien village, Huong Ho commune, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien Hue province. The pagoda is locatedabout 3 km west of Thien Mu pagoda . This is also the Buddhist temple of Nam Tong in the ancient capital.


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The predecessor of Huyen Khong 1 pagoda in Hue

According to many village elders, the forerunner of Huyen Khong pagoda was originally a small pagoda erected of bamboo in 1973 north of Hai Van pass, located in Lang Co, old Phu Loc district. Five years later, that is, in 1978, the pagoda was moved to the present position by the monk Gioi Duc to the present position with the temple door facing the Southeast. Later, ie in 1993, the Chanh Dien pagoda was rebuilt on a larger scale and completed 2 years later.

Since then, right within Hue, there is a pagoda that is both ancient and modern, and especially has a unique and new architectural style. Many tourists from Hue and visiting this temple thought they were in the distant India, but then realized that it was actually located near the ancient capital and right next to Da Nang.

Huyen Khong is truly a religious work with a harmonious combination of Japanese and Indian architectural beauty. Not only a place to worship Buddha's teachings and pray for the blessings of many Buddhists and visitors from near and far, but also possesses a unique beauty amidst the poetic scenery of dreamland Hue, the temple has quickly become a check-in point. Not to be missed when tourists come to the ancient capital.

The beauty of Vietnamese - Japanese - Indian architecture in harmony at Huyen Khong Pagoda 1

If Tran Quoc pagoda in Hanoi has a bold Vietnamese architecture, Khanh An monastery in Saigon evokes a small Japan in the south, Huyen Khong Son Trung pagoda in Hue makes visitors feel like they are traveling. 

From a distance, Huyen Khong 1 pagoda appears steadily, located in the middle of a quite large campus with a total area of ​​up to 6,000 m2. This religious work is planned into a landscape filled with green trees, peace and tranquility in the middle of the charming mountain and river region of the Neural land. This temple is built from modern materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, creating a solid, adding the usual solemnity and solemnity of the place of practice and meditation.

The most special and prominent work at Huyen Khong Son Trung pagoda is a Great Giac Stupa built on the prototype of the Mahā Bodhi Gāya stupa in India but with a smaller size. Perhaps that is why when checking in at Huyen Khong Pagoda in Huong Tra, many visitors have commented that the temple has quite the Indian look.

Dai Giac Stupa has only one floor as the base, and the area above is a complex of 5-star towers. In which, the main tower has a fairly large side space and is arranged in 6 floors. The main tower is 37m high, the four surrounding sub-towers are about 24m high, the vertical bottom edge is 9.4m and the length of the horizontal bottom side is 15.4m. These four sub-towers are decorative and counterbalanced for the main tower. On the other hand, these architectures also aim to create a balance for the overall Huyen Khong 1 pagoda when it falls into extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains for many days, floods, big storms or earthquakes. To make the bearing frame for the tower complex, fired clay bricks with solid concrete beams and columns were used.

In addition to the stupa with unique Indian architecture, this beautiful temple in the ancient capital of Hue also attracts visitors everywhere by its ancient and tranquil space. In addition, a special feature is that the temple hides the interference between the traditional architecture of the temples in Hue with the delicate beauty, minimalism in Japanese style. This is evident in the rows of houses with red-tiled Luong Dinh roof, the middle point is shiny wooden columns paired with the characteristic hexagonal lanterns of the land of cherry blossoms. Whenever there is a light breeze, the lovely lights gently shake, making visitors feel like they are lost in a quiet, secluded space right in the ancient capital.

The beautiful architecture of Hue's Huyen Khong 1 pagoda is also shown through the pillar ramparts, through the beam. Most of them are sculpted and delicately detailed, meticulous and sharp. Especially the reliefs covered in blue and white colors add to the majesty of the symbol of dragon, unicorn, and phoenix. Thereby making the cultural imprint typical of Hue imperial court even more. This decorative detail also reminds of another famous architecture that also uses many pieces of china and pottery to fill many small scenes in the interior. That is Hue Khai Dinh mausoleum - where there is also the interference between French and Vietnamese construction styles.


Ideal check-in point with many beautiful photo angles

It can be said that Huyen Khong 1 Pagoda in Hue is the ideal and most suitable place for those who like to explore the beauty of Buddhist architecture. But this place is also an attractive Hue tourist destination and especially where many tourists love to visit. Because the temple owns many unique religious works, located in the middle of beautiful scenery, beside the Bach Yen line of Hue.

If you are a fan who loves to check in with beautiful and quality photos, you definitely cannot ignore the Great Stupa - the work is built on the model of the famous Mahā Bodhi Gāya in India.  Although the size of the tower is somewhat smaller than the original to create harmony with other works in the temple, it still impresses visitors because the top of the tower is bright yellow and attractive.

The body of the tower is strikingly white and engraved with many Indian cultural patterns. All have contributed to creating a "foreign" check-in corner in a Vietnamese temple located in a land famous for the Dai Noi - Hue Citadel, ancient temples and imprints of time. Since its construction and completion up to now, the stupa of Huyen Khong Son Trung pagoda  has remained intact in the middle of the sky and forms an impressive highlight for the temple scene.

Static corner in the heart of Hue

After visiting the pagoda, praying for peace for yourself and your loved ones as well as exploring the unique architecture and checking in with many beautiful photo corners on site, take more time to enjoy the peaceful and quiet scenery. Along with Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda and Truc Lam Bach Ma Hue Zen Monastery , Huyen Khong 1 Pagoda is a special place because it is located in an area surrounded by rivers and lakes, creating a natural spectacle in harmony with the space in the temple. .

Moreover, the inside of Huyen Khong is also decorated with 500 more precious orchid baskets and carefully and carefully cared for by the monks, so they are always blooming brightly and lush green. If you walk along the corridors in the temple, visitors can also enjoy many elaborate garden miniatures, creating the feeling that you are walking in the middle of a large ecological area.

The mountainous area along the path leading to the pagoda is also a place to display stone plates engraved with skillful calligraphy with some deep philosophical lines, imbued with human life and morality that make anyone.

It can be said that Huyen Khong Son Trung pagoda,  beside its role as a religious work, also has the appearance of a garden temple with the characteristic of a garden house in Hue. Traveling in the temple grounds, you will easily encounter some images reminiscent of the famous An Hien Hue garden house . Arranging many trees, flower gardens, ornamental plants helped create the pure and poetic landscape of the temple. Moreover, the man-made works with very poetic names such as Thanh Tam Vien, Yen Ha Cac or Hua Nhat Thien Vien are also very attractive, giving visitors and Buddhists a peaceful scene.


Note when visiting Huyen Khong Pagoda 1

Huyen Khong Son Trung pagoda is primarily a solemn spiritual tourist destination, a place for meditation practice. So visitors to visit and worship should pay attention to the costumes, keep the privacy, polite when entering the temple. Accordingly, ao dai, conical hats or long skirts over the pillow are suitable suggestions for you when visiting the pagoda because after praying for peace or visiting the temple, you can also save many beautiful photos with extremely outfits. In addition, visitors also need to keep quiet, avoid making loud noises because it will affect the solemn and tranquility of Huyen Khong 1 Pagoda .

On the other hand, due to the influence of Covid-19, if you are planning to travel to Hue, Da Nang and check in at this beautiful and unique temple, you should take full preventive measures such as wearing a mask. Make up and wash your hands with soap and limit contact with foreigners here (if any). Finally, save the address of this famous temple of Hue to quickly plan your visit.

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