Monday, November 23, 2020

Come to Lung Tam linen village to admire the brilliant colors in the great thousands of Ha Giang

 Standing down from the sky gate, Lung Tam linen weaving village is nestled between countless rocky peaks undulating in the fog. This is also the living and living place of the H'mong people, specializing in making linen and dyeing indigo. The beauty of this village has conquered many visitors from far away when visiting Ha Giang. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Experience Barcelona culinary culture through local dishes

 The culinary experience of Barcelona promises to bring many interesting surprises for culinary devotees when traveling to Spain.

When visiting a culinary destination like the city of Barcelona , one of the best ways to understand and experience the local culture is through local cuisine. From quaint tapas bars to world-class gourmet restaurants, bustling markets to local wineries, the capital of Catalonia is definitely not short on delicious food for you to enjoy. Here's a guide on how to find authentic culinary experiences in Barcelona !