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'Beautiful every millimeter' with impressive check-in locations in Con Dao

 Over the years of painful war, now the check-in locations in Con Dao are favorite places for tourists because of its wild and attractive beauty.

1. Con Dao National Park

Established nearly 30 years ago with an area of ​​20,000 hectares, both on land and underwater. The vast campus of the national park covers all 14 islands with a wild look preserved over time. The nature is rich, diverse in ecosystems with 882 species of plants and 144 different types of animals including mammals, birds and reptiles. In addition to nature, coming here, you can also enjoy the sea with activities: fishing, scuba diving, sailing or visiting famous historical sites, ...  

2. Nui Mot Temple

Nui Mot Pagoda is one of the temples with the most beautiful architecture and position in our country. This landscape was opened in 2011, behind the mountain, in front of it is the beautiful An Hai lotus lake. Besides, standing from here, you can see the panoramic view of Con Son Bay, Con Dao city below. The majestic and tranquil scene in a triangle shape with 3 areas: the main hall, the back hall and the hallway. There is a statue of Quan Am Nam Hai sitting on a lotus tower, facing the peaceful sea.

3. Con Dao prison

This is a famous tourist destination throughout the country, which was once considered the "hell on earth" imprisoning communists and patriots during the years of resistance against France and America. After the trauma passed, now Con Dao prison has become a tourist destination with painful images. At the same time, it is also a popular check-in place with a peaceful and irresistible scene.  


4. Ben Dam Port 

The port is the first place you arrive in your journey to explore the island, this is the main trading place of this island so it is considered as the "heart" with many interesting activities. Coming to this check-in place in Con Dao , you will be able to participate in many interesting activities such as scuba diving, boating to the bay, windsurfing, ... Or learn and admire the simple life of the people. With a simple, bustling labor scene in the romantic space of nature endowed with nature.  

5. Bai Nhat

Possessing a poetic lyrical beauty, only 6km from the center of Con Dao to the Southeast. Located next to the blue ocean with undulating rocks, sightseeing walking or checking in here is breathtaking. Especially at the moment of sunset on the golden sea. But during the day, this place only appears for a few hours when the tide falls, so you have to come to the right time to admire the beauty of this unspoilt beach. 


6. Hon Bay Canh

As the second largest island in Con Dao, the entire space around Bay Canh Island is surrounded by a diverse ecosystem of forests, sea and rich nature that are strictly preserved. Coming here, there will be many interesting activities that you can hardly ignore such as climbing to explore fresh nature, learning about turtle birth, diving watching coral or swimming and checking in by rocks big with immense sea. 


7. An Hai beach

Con Dao owns many beautiful beaches and this is the top place chosen by many tourists to visit. An Hai Beach impresses with the ecstatic beauty of the clear, clean blue water with gentle, rolling waves. You can come in the morning when the sun gradually dawns to watch the vast sea, waiting for the sea to wake up. Or in the afternoon, the sunset wanders with bare feet on the smooth white sand to check in with a peaceful and wild look.

8. Bai Lo Voi

Possessing the same beautiful beauty next to An Hai beach, Lo Voi beach is considered by many people as a deserted, peaceful world with only us and nature. Where there is only creamy white sand, small and vast boats of mountains and sea. This famous check-in place in Con Dao is very suitable to check in, relax, enjoy the wind or participate in games of group activities on the beach without fear of crowding. 

9. Dam Trau beach

Referring to the beautiful beaches in Con Dao, it is impossible to ignore a "muse" full of pride that is Dam Trau beach . Here, you can immerse yourself in the peaceful and romantic nature of the white sand beach, the primeval forest in this place like this green oasis. Besides, hidden on the seabed here are coral reefs of all shapes and attractive shapes, attracting tourists to explore, snorkel and check in with attractive beauty. 


10. Bai Ong Dung

Located in the green national park area, Ong Dung Con Dao beach also gives lovers to explore the wild beauty and excitement full of excitement. When you first come here, you will be surprised by the cleanliness and pristine from the white sand blue sea with unique coral reefs to surrounding hills. You can go along the beach along the pebbles of all shapes, check in with the swings beside the old tree and breathe fresh air. Or explore the mangrove forest, swim, scuba dive, fish, ... and not forget to enjoy fresh seafood. 


11. Hon Ba

With the 3rd largest area of ​​the islands here, Hon Ba possesses an extremely diverse ecosystem including: mangroves, marine ecosystems and forests with many rare species of flora and fauna. In addition to swimming, diving and watching coral, you can also conquer the top of Love - the famous check-in place in Con Dao is not inferior to other places. Or immerse in a cool stream if going in the rainy season, the activities immersed in nature are full of fun. 

12. White Stone Beach

Each beach in Con Dao is different in terms of topography and has its own beauty. Located 6 km from the center of town, this place is so called because behind is a cliff with white rocks in front is blue ocean. The dotted point is the burning grass that forms the background on an artistic image. You can come here when the sun is not too bright to be immersed in nature and take impressive pictures by the sea. 

13. Shark Nose

Do you want to go to a place where only me and the sky are available, be immersed in the immense ocean nature and wait for the endless beautiful sunset on the distant horizon. Shark Con Dao Cape is considered by many to be the most worth visiting place on this island. Standing on the top of this place, listening to the gentle sound of waves, the gentle hissing wind feels like all the beauty converges right in front of your eyes. 


14. The road of Ton Duc Thang

Going straight to the sea from anywhere in town, you will come across this beautiful road. On one side are small houses lying close together, in the middle is rows of old trees shading green and cool in the midday sun. One side is a windswept blue sea with a coastal embankment road. Any time, any moment that stops here, whether the beauty is green or dyed in the sunset light, will leave you with unforgettable impressions.

15. Dam Tre Bay

Located 3km from the airport, this check-in place in Con Dao is airtight and close to the mainland. Possessing wild beauty, peaceful scenery of mountains, rocky beaches and a few small boats. Coming here, you can enjoy the scenery, snorkel and watch the corals or camp overnight to enjoy the tranquility of the chirping birds and watch the sunrise. Although it is a small bay, it also contains many interesting things for you to visit and explore. 

Once a painful place no one wants to visit, but now Con Dao tourism reaches out with a beauty like "heaven and earth", captivating people's hearts. The beauty from the wild, brilliant, all retain the inherent nature, making this place one of the unforgettable journeys in the life of every person having a chance to come once!


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