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Check in Yen Ngua Con Dao mountain to admire the brilliant scenery from above

 The shape at the highest point, seen from afar, looks like a giant "pyramid", standing from the top over the panorama of Con Son island. Yen Ngua Con Dao mountain is a famous natural discovery place that many people love when coming to this place. 

Some information about Yen Ngua Con Dao mountain

Going up from the name "hell on earth", but it is the place that has witnessed so many pains of loss today has become one of the tourist destinations extremely popular with tourists not only in but also foreign. Con Dao possesses a wealth of enchanting beauty, but Yen Ngua mountain always occupies a special place. If you want to choose the coordinates of the windswept sea view from above, this is the place to bring many unforgettable experiences.

Possessing an altitude of about 540 meters and located to the south of the main island area of ​​Con Son. If you look from a distance, you can see that the top of this mountain looks like a "pyramid" with 3 faces facing 3 different directions. From above, it forms a steep slope with green vegetation covering everywhere. The unspoiled and rustic scenery has not been affected by any human influence, looking at the beautiful beaches in Con Dao .

The road to the top of Yen Ngua Hon Son is very convenient for exploring trips by motorbike. On the path to the windswept mountain top, every step discovers interesting things. You can visit at any time of the year because the vegetation here is always lush green. Therefore, it is always explored by people, especially climbing enthusiasts. 

Experience discovery in Yen Ngua mountain

Leading in the trend of sea-island tourism in Vietnam with the possession of magnificent natural landscapes. From the world's leading luxury tourist resorts, Con Dao National Park , beaches and wild nature reserves. Although far from the mainland, the nature bestows this land with a beauty that few places can match. And discovering nature in Yen Ngua Con Dao mountain is also a famous experience that many people love. 

Conquer the top of the mountain to enjoy the scenery from above

With a large area consisting of 16 different large and small islands with amazing beauty, Con Dao is compared with the title "paradise on earth". The beauty of every destination on this island makes tourists exclaim because of its impressive. However, to be able to see all of them from above, this mountain top is a famous check-in place in Con Dao that you should visit. 

On the way to conquer Yen Ngua peak, you will have a different view of a dreamy Con Dao. The coastal road meanders along the passes and slopes with a distinctive and distinctive white-striped railing. However, but you absolutely can choose for yourself a motorbike and get on easily. The seawater in Con Dao is emerald green as one with the endless blue sky.

The road through the mountain has been paved with beautiful and clean concrete, driving on carbon car while inhaling the salty smell of the sea breeze. You can stop for a beautiful view with a mountain on one side and a vast ocean on the other. Relax your soul so that the clouds and the wind blow away your sorrow to make your soul lighter. Take out your phone and save for yourself impressive moments to remember forever when finishing this journey to Yen Ngua Con Dao mountain . 

The journey to the top of the mountain below the foot of Ba island, Ben Dam bay and the summit of Love is associated with famous legends. Arriving at the new place, all of Con Dao suddenly became unusually small, ships and boats on the sea as a model were arranged in a tiny way on Tai island, Trac island. Con Dao town has a glimpse of bright red roofs, white sandy beaches meandering beside the gentle waves of blue water. In the distance is Cat Lon beach, famous Hon Bay Canh .

Explore the rich vegetation

It can be said that rare place that covers the whole mountain is a rich green vegetation like here. Along the way to the top of the mountain will not be difficult to see the vines clinging to the rough old tree trunks. The rare pitcher plants are only commonly seen on television and especially at that height, there are fragile purple simmering petals swaying in the wind, but with intense vitality, making the picture more beautiful. 

Each step at the feet is rustling leaves, overhead is the sound of birds singing echoes throughout the mountains. The wind blowing in from the sea creates a lively song that makes the journey to the top of Yen Ngua Con Dao mountain even more interesting. The scent of the sea, the scent of grass bathed by morning mist, the smell of earth, ... intertwined, but just wanted to inhale and watch forever. As if we were alone in the midst of heaven and earth, there were no worries and worries.  

Welcome dawn 

Dawn in Con Dao land always brings endless beautiful inspiration and once watching the sunrise on Yen Ngua mountain becomes even more attractive. On the Yen Ngua spine, Shark's nose with the majesty of steep cliffs comes early in the morning to be rewarded with the full sunrise moment on the sea. Surrounding is a peaceful space, until the sparkling clear sunlight starts to appear, making you feel even more deep and beautiful. 

Con Dao tourism no matter what season of the year or what experiences it always gives travelers impressive feelings. Particularly with Yen Ngua Con Dao mountain, it becomes even more interesting, go and you will see a new perspective in paradise island.


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