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Come to Lung Tam linen village to admire the brilliant colors in the great thousands of Ha Giang

 Standing down from the sky gate, Lung Tam linen weaving village is nestled between countless rocky peaks undulating in the fog. This is also the living and living place of the H'mong people, specializing in making linen and dyeing indigo. The beauty of this village has conquered many visitors from far away when visiting Ha Giang. 

Where is Lung Tam linen village?

Lung Tam linen village in Ha Giang province, not far from Quan Ba ​​mountain. This is the residence of the H'mong ethnic group associated with brocade weaving. Lung Tam village is just a small valley hidden deep between the high rock formations and the Mien River flowing through. 

How to move to Lung Tam linen village

To reach this craft village, first you will start except the center of Ha Giang. If you go about 50km, you will reach Quan Ba ​​mountain . Continue down the pass to move through Tam Son town, continue to Tam Son gas station for a few more kilometers to Cua Tay Ao. Right at the seventh bend, you turn right onto a small road that will lead you to Lung Tam village. 

Unique technique of weaving flax in Lung Tam flax village

Linen weaving in Lung Tam  Ha Giang has been around for a long time. Butt. The village currently produces many products such as purses, towels, clothes, brocade bags, tablecloths, pillow cases, decorative panels, ... The highlight of these items is that they are all made from linen hand-woven method from a long time ago. 

The main material for weaving brocade fabrics is linen. Flax trees are planted and carefully selected by people in the village or surrounding areas. After soaking, it will be good to split into small, thin fibers.

After being split, the flax fiber will be boiled and steamed until it is soft. The coloring process is also quite special. Most of the color is chosen from the leaves of the plants grown in the forest such as brown roots, tea, guava, ... without the interference of industrial chemicals. 

Usually, the Mong people choose to weave linen over cotton. The people here think that linen is more durable and stronger. Moreover, according to their spiritual beliefs, they believe that linen is the bridge between people and the afterlife. 

Many village elders believe that it is the flax fibers that guide the deceased to their ancestors and reincarnate as humans. In addition, weaving linen also signifies hard work, dexterity, which is one of the criteria to evaluate a woman's good qualities. 

Most of the flax products in the Lung Tam flax village are exported to foreign countries, the domestic market rarely appears. Therefore, many people still do not know about these sophisticated products. 

Each product here has ethnic motifs. These images all have their own meanings, ... all have great national meanings. That is why this trade village always needs to be preserved and protected for a very long time. 

Not only do they weave well, the Lung Tam also possess the indigo dyeing technique that is hard to match. Indigo dyeing is a laborious, strenuous method that requires a lot of patience. To have the desired indigo black color, the fabric has to be dyed several times over a period of several days. Often people will soak the fabric with the indigo solution for 1 hour and then take it out before soaking it. 

That process will usually be repeated about 6 times as successful. When the cloth dries again, soak it like that 10 times. The time it takes to soak the fabric in glossy black water is highly dependent on the weather. If the sun is dry, the litchi just needs to dry for 3, 4 days to finish. However, if it rains, the fabric is difficult to dry, it can take up to 2 months. Due to this careful dyeing, the indigo color in the village is very close, fresh. 

Interesting experiences when traveling to Lung Tam linen village

Traveling to Ha Giang , coming to this craft village, you have the opportunity to learn about or you can personally sew and weave with indigenous women. Witness every needlework and the patience of weaving fabrics. Each stage is made of the hard work and meticulousness of the people of Lung Tam village. 

In the past, linen was mostly woven to make shirts and skirts used for major occasions but now they are used to produce many unique souvenirs. 

Tourist spots near Lang Lung Tam weaving village 

Dong Van Plateau 

Dong Van rocky plateau is not a strange place in Ha Giang. It owns a wild natural landscape with a history of 400-600 million years. The land in the northernmost part of the country always attracts visitors by its breathtaking beauty with profound cultural and ethnic values, along with beautiful flower seasons. 

Wandering in the Dong Van rocky plateau, you will not help being captivated by the beautiful scenery of sky clouds, rocky mountains. At the bottom are countless beautiful scenes of Lung Cu flagpole , strong triangular field, Moon rocky beach. 


Yen Minh pine forest 

Yen Minh pine forest is 100km from the city center and quite close toLung Tam linen villagePassing the rugged and rugged roads, you will feel a landscape of the mountains and forests of the Northeast like in Da Lat. More especially perhaps when waking up in the middle of that immense pine forest to catch the dawn sunlight, feeling the cold breeze patting the skin, the moment was very interesting. Morning in Yen Minh is extremely mysterious because of the mist. 

Quan Ba ​​Mountain 

When coming to Ha Giang, everyone wants to come to witness a natural masterpiece and hear stories about the Quan Ba ​​mountain. Two plump hills, charming and toned like the breasts of a sleeping fairy in the woods. Standing at the highest point of the mountain, looking down you will see the immense green of corn fields full of vitality. Long rice fields and a joyful lifestyle. The scenery here is really wonderful and fascinating. 

Sometimes, looking at the mountain is so lush like a spring girl when she is relaxed, sometimes she feels so noble with the golden color and sometimes she feels the gentle and pure features. The emotions at that time were diverse, the beauty existed perfectly in every detail. You will experience amazement, excitement, and break. 

If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang, be sure to visit the Lung Tam linen village to explore the old craft village and buy special brocade items!


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