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Con Dao tourism to visit the sacred Hang Duong cemetery

 Visit Hang Duong cemetery - a spiritual cultural place in Con Dao that anyone coming here will visit. Please refer to the following article to better understand this famous tourist destination.

Introduction to Hang Duong cemetery in Con Dao

Hang Duong cemetery is the resting place of tens of thousands of soldiers and patriotic compatriots over many generations, imprisoned under the yoke of colonialism and imperialism. The cemetery is about 190,000 square meters wide, with an estimated number of more than 20,000 prisoners and patriotic soldiers resting here.

In terms of scale, Hang Duong cemetery has a total of 4 graves, including: zone A, zone B, zone C and zone D. In which, if visitors want to visit the grave of General Secretary Le Hong Phong, you can go to area. A. Or if you want to visit the grave of the hero of the people's armed forces, comrade Le Chi Hieu, Vo Thi Sau will go to zone B. In zone C, there will be the tomb of heroic martyr Le Van Viet and many soldiers another revolution. In zone D, this site will gather from graves from Hon Cau cemetery, Keo row.

As a deep gratitude for the sacrifices of his father's generations and denunciation of the crimes of the colonialists and imperialists, the Hang Duong cemetery in Con Dao has been restored and embellished. Besides, it also built more art works of high generalization such as: Tuong Thuy Tuong, Hope statue, real relief, stone garden.

On May 10, 2012, Hang Duong cemetery was officially signed by the Prime Minister to recognize this as a special national monument. Visiting Hang Duong cemetery has become the wish and habit of many tourists coming to Con Dao.

The process of visiting Hang Duong cemetery

Visitors can register to visit Hang Duong cemetery in the following 2 ways:

- First, register directly with the relic management staff.

- Monday, can register by phone number: 02543630117 during office hours. Or register outside office hours by phone or zalo 0828508030.

Regarding the registration content, visitors need to fill out the main information: group name, visitor name, number of visits, accommodation, phone number. 

Opening hours to visit Hang Duong cemetery currently will be from 7:00 to 22:00 daily. To ensure the prevention of the covid-19 epidemic, the management of the cemetery recommends that everyone strictly comply with regulations on epidemic prevention such as: wearing a mask, keeping a safe distance during the visit, at the meeting  the maximum number of visitors will also be limited, each visit will usually not exceed 30 people / 1 visit.

Visit Hang Duong cemetery - a spiritual cultural site in Con Dao

About the time to visit Hang Duong cemetery , visitors can choose to go during the day or at night. At night in many people's thoughts the first feeling is the horror of going to the place which is the cemetery. However, the number of visitors pouring into the night is very crowded and everyone feels peaceful, quiet, cozy and the atmosphere is very dignified with no fear of fear as many people imagine. Not only that, the space here is very airy, surrounded by many green trees, giving people a sense of comfort.

Ceremony preparation: Visitors do not need to prepare the ceremony at home in advance to bring it to the island. Because along the way, there are many small stalls selling souvenirs lying close together. From fresh fruits, incense, things to eat, mirror and comb to a variety of designs.

Besides, you can bring some items such as: for example, if you go to the ceremony for Miss Sau, prepare gold coins, white flowers, conical hats, mirrors, and water. During the ceremony at the memorial, you should prepare items such as cigarette packs, national flags, uniforms, bandanas, and hats.

Usually, after offering incense at the memorial, people will come to burn incense for the graves in the cemetery. In which the spiritual places that many tourists visit are: martyrs Vo Thi Sau, Nam Co temple, Mr. Cai temple, Ba Phi Yen temple ...

In the case if you visit the Hang Duong cemetery during the day you can go to the memorial ceremony. This is the highest column in Ham Duong. Go to zones A, zone B, zone C and finally zone D to burn the scent as a tribute to the previous generation who sacrificed in exchange for peace and happiness for our generation today.

According to experience going to the ceremony to visit Hang Duong cemetery , visitors should go all the graves. At the same time a ceremony place that should not be missed is Ms. Sau's grave and should be left at night. The best time to go to Mass is on the Rat. In case if you have a lot of offerings, you should proactively go early and avoid hustle and bustle during the visit. 

Meaning from visiting, visiting Hang Duong Cemetery

If you have the opportunity to travel to Con Dao, you should not miss the spiritual place of Hang Duong cemetery. When you come here you will better understand the sacrifices of the nation's heroes and this is really hell on earth for a while. How many generations have fallen have suffered the pain in exchange for the peace and happiness it is now.

Visiting the tomb at Hang Duong cemetery not only wishes for peace, luck to family and favorable work, but as a deepest thanks to the fallen heroes, remembering the origin of nation. 

The crowds of people who pilgrimage in the evening are more crowded than people do not feel fear at the cemetery, but all share the same devotion to the previous generation, reminiscent of the heroic and heroic struggle of the people. Vietnamese nation before the oppressive yoke of imperialist colonial rule. In Con Dao at night, the more people flock to, the shops, hotels, and shops on the roadside are still lit up to Hang Duong cemetery to visit.

In addition, when coming to Con Dao, visitors do not miss other beautiful tourist attractions with unspoiled beaches such as Hon Tre, Hon Cau , Dam Trau beach, Nhat beach ...

Above are some sharing about visiting Hang Duong cemetery . If you have a chance to travel to Con Dao, you should not miss this spiritual cultural place.


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