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Con Dao travel experience from Hanoi detailed for first-time riders

 Con Dao possesses historical sites, sacred and romantic pristine beauty. Let's learn about Con Dao tourism experience from Hanoi for a convenient trip and many memorable memories. 

Introduce some features of Con Dao 

Con Dao, also known as Con Lon or Con Son , island district in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province with a total of 16 different large and small islands. For the Vietnamese, this place used to have a very special sacred meaning, the land containing historical values ​​and war marks was hard to abate. Today, with its pristine beauty preserved intact of beaches stretching with lush green water, these attractive attractions have become extremely popular tourist destinations both at home and abroad.

When should Con Dao tourism come from Hanoi?

The weather of Con Dao has a tropical climate, characteristic all year round, hot and humid, so in general, tourists visit every time. It is divided into 2 seasons: rainy season from May to October and dry season from November to April next year. Everyone can choose the dry season, when the weather is dry and the sun is nice to come here. At that time the journey was also uninterrupted due to the influence of weather, sightseeing and check-in were everywhere on the island.

Con Dao travel experience in terms of transportation


Transportation from Hanoi to Con Dao

There are many ways to move to Con Dao , but for tourists traveling from Hanoi in particular and the Northern region in general, flying is the most reasonable choice. You can choose to follow the following stages:

Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City - Con Dao : depart from Hanoi, connect to Saigon and then go to Con Dao, the total travel time will take about 4 - 4.5 hours. This option is convenient for those who have a job or visit in the South ahead. 

Hanoi - Can Tho - Con Dao : the total time of 2 flights from 4 to 5 hours, the cost is lower than connecting flights in the city. Ho Chi Minh. You can spend time visiting Can Tho fruit gardens, tourist areas, floating markets, traditional craft villages, ... then go to Con Dao. Or if a good day wants to see the sea, another option is to take the Tran De - Con Dao high speed train, but the travel time will be longer with 2.5 hours compared to 1 hour on the plane.

Hanoi - Con Dao : in the past, tourists had to move very hard by connecting to one of the two places above. But from last October, the means of traveling Con Dao from Hanoi will be much more convenient with the newly opened direct flight, shortening the time to only half. Not only is it less tired because the flight time is too long, but you can easily go back in the morning.

Transportation in Con Dao

Con Dao owns a relatively small terrain, there are no buses, and taxis are few, so renting a motorbike to visit will be a great idea for you to have the most complete discovery experience. Ask for easy car rental right at the hotel, motel you stay or car rental facilities with quite cheap prices from 100 - 200k depending on the type you choose. Another suggestion that many people love is cycling, which is both environmentally friendly and sometimes also very impressive photography props.

What to explore Con Dao tourism?

As a famous tourist destination with many attractions, coming here you will discover fascinating journeys. From exploring nature, checking in beautiful places or visiting historic sites in sacred Con Dao , ...


Explore beautiful nature 

Pristine, majestic with a vast green color, if you are a nature lover, this is the ideal destination for you. Beaches with endless stretches of white sand, pristine mountains, fresh forests bring cool air. Some places you should visit are:

Con Dao National Park : Traveling to Con Dao from Hanoi comes here, you like stepping into another quiet world, to admire the wild scenery of the primeval forest with many kinds of rare plants and animals. Trekking with a difficult but equally attractive road.

Dam Trau beach : considered as the most beautiful beach in Con Dao is like a blue silk strip, which is associated with the legend of Cau and Trau. Located in the north of the island, where you find peace and watch the clouds in harmony.

Bai Nhat : located 6km from the center of the island, every day it appears only at low tide, undulating rocks. But because of that, sitting here watching the scenery, especially at sunset, is an unforgettable experience.

Suoi Hot Beach : a beautiful untouched beach with a rich forest ecosystem, this check-in place in Con Dao is also a suitable place to relax.

Hon Tai : located in the southwestern part of Con Dao, a front-end island with 2 smooth white sand beaches, when the breeding season comes here, you will admire turtles nest and lay eggs. Or explore nature, relax, snorkeling, ...

Beach Lo Voi : located in the center of town, unspoiled and peaceful should travel experience Con Dao from Hanoi to this beach you spoiled camping watching the waves and the awaited dawn on the sea great pretty.

Hon Bay Canh : islands are strict conservation, covered by primeval forests and mangroves. Where you can participate in many experiences such as visiting the reserve, snorkeling and watching coral, rowing, fishing, ...

Visiting famous historical and spiritual places

Con Dao, in addition to the diverse nature preserved, cannot ignore famous historical sites and monuments across the country. Places have important meaning, so everyone who comes here wants to visit once. 

Hang Duong cemetery : 190,000 square meters wide is the burial place of tens of thousands of soldiers and patriotic Vietnamese who were imprisoned here, including famous names such as: Vo Thi Sau, Le Hong Phong, ... 

Con Dao prison : the prison during the war years was a place to keep special prisons with strictness and brutality, so it was also known as "hell on earth". Come here to visit the ancient ruins to admire the scenery and learn about the heartbreaking stories that have happened here to know more peace in love. 

Temple of Mrs. Phi Yen : the concubine of King Nguyen Anh in An Hai village, a woman who is highly respected by the people here. The temple is very sacred so you can also visit and visit. 

Nui Mot Pagoda : the temple possesses beautiful scenery and architecture. From here, you can see the great sea, admire the surrounding mountains and forests and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Not only that this place is also very sacred, so traveling to Con Dao from Hanoi here, do not forget to worship and pray for your health and safety.

Experience interesting activities

As a pristine island, but coming to this place, there are always many interesting activities waiting for you to experience. Typically as:

Snorkeling and watching coral : Con Dao is one of the rare places in Vietnam with colorful coral reefs. Participating in diving activities you can see with your own eyes, next to the group of fish swimming in the blue ocean excitedly. 

Fishing : This activity is for both professional people or just want to participate in entertainment. Lenh Dang on the boat, ready to fish and with the people fishing right on the sea really enjoyed.

Watching turtles laying eggs : when you come to Hon Bay Canh , Cat Lon beach in Con Dao right season (April - October every year), you will see with your own eyes the turtles, also known as the cow On the sand to find nesting sites, an experience is not available everywhere.

Explore uninhabited islands : in addition to islands that are crowded with tourists, there are also uninhabited islands located in the middle of the sea, but little is known. However, if you visit, you will discover a quiet world with only waves and nature reserves, suitable for bathing and diving. 

Visit the pearl farms : outside Phu Quoc pearl farming here is also very developed. Traveling to Con Dao farm, you do not miss the opportunity to see the farming process to exploit and manipulate, you can also buy products such as rings or earrings to bring back as gifts.

Where to travel from Hanoi in Con Dao

Tourism on this island has been developing, so it is not difficult for you to choose a suitable accommodation. Hotels, motels, resorts of 3 stars or more with the convenience, luxury and private space located by the beach serve many different needs. Or traveling to Con Dao from Hanoi, you can also choose to go to beautiful homestays with cheaper prices but also fully equipped and above all, learn the life of the people easily.

What to eat when coming to Con Dao?

Possessing a rich ecosystem of forests and sea islands, this place also offers tourists a multitude of famous delicious specialties. Some of the famous dishes that you must enjoy are: 

Enjoy seafood : this is the top delicious dish that attracts tourists because it is caught locally, then brought to processing immediately, so the freshness is free of charge. Some types such as: her snail, red grouper, shrimps, lobster, ... A place to go is the Ben Dam port area, to the houses of fishermen to enjoy while watching the scenery. 

Oyster sauce : when mentioning Con Dao cuisine , you cannot ignore the oyster sauce, a familiar sauce in each family's meal here. Fresh oyster meat mixed with salt, spices, chili, ... to keep for a long time will settle into brown drops and processed into many favorite dishes.

Mackerel a sun : mackerel catch cleaned and dried on a marinated sun without any seasoning whatsoever. This is also a dish bought by tourists after coming here, which can be baked or sauces with tomatoes, soup, ... are very delicious.

Almond seed jam : on the island, a lot of almond seeds are planted. The seeds are peeled off and roasted with salt or sugar. Eating both taste and taste, buying it as a gift is also very delicious, only about 20-30 thousand / kg.

Notes when traveling in Con Dao

- Find out what to wear when going to Con Dao to be both beautiful and polite when visiting historical, spiritual places or visiting the grave of martyr Vo Thi Sau.

- Do not forget to bring insect repellants, sunscreen, umbrellas, ... and cash for convenience of payment in case you cannot withdraw. 

When going to the beach in Con Dao, you should follow the regulations on choosing a safe beach for swimming because there are often strong waves and underground water currents.

Traveling to Con Dao from Hanoi if you want to explore nature, especially the forests in Con Dao National Park are easy to get lost and dangerous so you need to follow instructions, preferably with indigenous people to guide you. .

- When diving, watching the sea, it is absolutely forbidden to do any damage to the coral such as: sitting up, breaking or breaking it.

Always an attractive destination for all tourists from home to abroad because of its wild beauty and especially peaceful. With the above mentioned experiences, you can explore this land complete with your own memorable memories.


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