• Experience Barcelona culinary culture through local dishes

     The culinary experience of Barcelona promises to bring many interesting surprises for culinary devotees when traveling to Spain.

    When visiting a culinary destination like the city of Barcelona , one of the best ways to understand and experience the local culture is through local cuisine. From quaint tapas bars to world-class gourmet restaurants, bustling markets to local wineries, the capital of Catalonia is definitely not short on delicious food for you to enjoy. Here's a guide on how to find authentic culinary experiences in Barcelona !

    Barcelona and Spanish cuisine in general

    The first step to an authentic culinary experience is to get acquainted with local cuisine. When people think of Spanish cuisine, they often think of paella, tapas, and sangria. However, there is much more to the country's culinary scene than these three popular dishes.  


    Barcelona cuisine has typical dishes: paella, tapas and sangriaBarcelona cuisine has typical dishes: paella, tapas and sangria


    The first thing to know is that cuisine varies widely from region to region in Spain. If you come to Spain for Paella, it's best to go to Valencia, where it originated, or along the Mediterranean Coast - where you'll also find delicious paella. In Barcelona you will find a similar Catalan dish called Fideua, made from a short spaghetti-like pasta dish called 'fideos' instead of rice. In the Catalan region, the dishes vary from pork as you head inland to more seafood along the coast. Due to the region's geographical location, Mediterranean ingredients are abundant in the dishes.  


    Best Tapas to try in Barcelona

    Enjoying tapas is a favorite pastime of all Spaniards, but you will find unique tapas on offer depending on where you live in Spain. Here are some typical tapas you'll find in Barcelona ...

    Patatas bravas - One of the most popular tapas you'll find across Spain, Patatas bravas consists of pieces of hot fries in a spicy tomato sauce, creating a unique flavor blend. . Although it is a simple dish, you will find that every place you visit will cook it their own way! 

    Esqueixada - In Barcelona cuisine , this is a Catalan-style salad made from raw salted cod, sometimes paired with romesco sauce, tomatoes, onions and black olives, making it a refreshing choice for a summer day.

    La Bomba - This creative Barcelona culinary delicacy is truly inspired by the bombs from the Spanish Civil War! The bread is made from potatoes, ground meat and served with two sauces - a white garlic and a rich and spicy red sauce, making it a tasty and nutty dish.

    Escalivada - A dish made of eggplants, red peppers and onions grilled over wood fire and covered with olive oil and garlic. It can be served hot or cold, usually on toast and sometimes accompanied by anchovies!

    Grilled squid - This is another popular seafood you'll find in Barcelona cuisine . This Mediterranean Coast squid has a special taste and is especially delicious when fresh and soft.  

    Gamba Roja - Caught locally on the Spanish coast, red shrimp is the most popular shrimp you will find in Spain.

    Ham - Cooked Spanish meat is a very popular snack in Barcelona and is often paired with sandwiches. You will find all kinds at both the tapas bar and at the farmers' markets in the city, including spanish ham, fuet, llonganissa and chorizo. Make sure you get the chance to try the best quality Iberian ham - this is an authentic breed of pig from the southeastern part of Spain and considered one of the best in the world.

    Mato - While you will find a wide variety of great cheeses throughout Spain, Mato is particularly unique to each region. This soft Catalan cheese is comparable to ricotta, often eaten as a dessert with honey.  

    Traditional desserts - There are also plenty of traditional desserts in Barcelona that are worth enjoying. These include torrijas (a type of French toast), churros and mille-feuille. 

    Drinks to try in Barcelona

    Vermouth- is a favorite Spanish aperitif and you'll find it infatuated by locals across the country. However, the Spanish vermouth is very different from the rest of the world, where it tends to be only used as an ingredient for Martinis. Here, the locals drink a drink with a sweet, red color variation. All vermouth actually starts off as white wine, which is then steeped with caramel and a variety of spices and plants, so this is what causes it to acquire a darker color.

    Cava - This is the name given to Spain's national wine, and can come in a white or rose variation. About 95% of cava is produced in the Penedès region of Catalonia, so this is a very suitable drink to have in Barcelona cuisine. 

    Wine Spain - Spain is the third largest wine producing region in the world, with a wide variety of local wines on offer. Catalan alone has 11 vineyards - the best wines tend to come from Montsant, Priorat or Terra Alta regions.


    Join a food tour in Barcelona

    Taking a Barcelona food tour is a great way to gain in-depth knowledge of what to eat and where to eat in the city. When guided by a local guide, these tours are the perfect opportunity to learn more about a place's history and culture and ask questions to learn along the way. If you have some food and drink in, you'll find yourself getting really happy walking the city for many hours!

    How to choose the best food tour in Barcelona: There are so many different food tours on offer in Barcelona so it can be difficult to know which one to choose. You should go with a locally owned company such as Food Lovers Company. Nuria, the owner of this company, is passionate about sharing her love for culinary culture and delivering authentic Barcelona culinary experiences , while introducing highlights of the city. 

    Food Lovers offers Barcelona Food Tours , Tapas Experiences and Distillery Tours. During each tour, a local food devotee brings a group of 6 to showcase local Barcelona cuisine , the best area of ​​the city. During the Tapas Experience , your guide will take the group to three authentic tapas bars around the city to sample some of Barcelona's famous tapas . For an in-depth look at Barcelona's culinary scene , "Barcelona Food Tour" includes stopping by four iconic locations in the Old Town to sample a wide range of high quality food and drinks , have a local origin. During The Brewery TourThe group will visit wineries around Barcelona for wine tasting, half-time dining and a stroll through the beautiful vineyards.

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