Granada Church - Gothic architectural wonder of Spain

 Located right in the city center, the Granada Cathedral is a must-visit if you are fascinated by Spanish history

The history of the Granada church

Granada Cathedral dating back to 1523 was built by Queen Isabella shortly after Granada's conquest on the mosque's site. This great cathedral is a masterpiece of the Spanish Renaissance style. Although it took more than 180 years to build, the magnificent cathedral of Granada city is still unfinished: its original plan included two 80-meter-high towers, but only one has ever been constructed and it is still half-done. However, its harmonious blend of architectural styles makes it one of the greatest monuments south of Spain.

Granada City Cathedral has an impressive facade and a stunning interior with large altars and several chapels. This is the 4th largest church in the world. The first stone of the church was placed in 1523 on the site of the old mosque. Its first chief architect was Enrique Egas, who designed a Gothic church and oversaw the construction of the foundation between 1523 and 1529. Like many other great churches in Andalusia, the Granada's first stone is placed on the old site of the mosque city - a symbol of renunciation of culture and faith that dominated southern Spain for centuries. In 1529, Egas was replaced by Diego of Siloam, a Burgos-born sculptor and architect who was influenced by the Italian Renaissance on a trip to Naples in 1517.

After Siloam's death, a slew of prominent architects - including Juan de Maena, Juan de Orea and Ambrosio de Vico - went on but their predecessor's ingenuity left its mark. As great as Siloam's personal achievements, however, the Granada Cathedral impresses more with its incorporation of more architectural styles than the work of a single architect.

Cano is also a pretty hot-tempered character and is rarely controllable. According to legend, he once smashed a statue of a saint he was trying to sell when a buyer refused to pay the price Cano demanded - an act for which he may have been executed. Thankfully, he escaped and was able to make his mark on his hometown's cathedral - a Renaissance masterpiece built on an unfinished Gothic foundation.

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Architecture of the Granada church

The cathedral is a work of art:  Once you step inside, you will be amazed by all the intricate details of the Granada cathedral . The dome is a work by Alonso Cano and it contains both paintings and sculptures by the artist. The party walls are also heavily decorated with breathtaking paintings depicting various religious moments and scenes.

Gothic portal:  The Royal Chapel is connected to the church and this is the final resting place of two of Spain's most notable historical figures. So if you're a history buff, a visit to the Royal Chapel is a must as you'll be able to pay homage to Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon, and a few another member of their family.

The Sacristy Museum is part of the Royal Chapel and it has lots of interesting artifacts closely related to the Spanish royal family, as well as a few paintings by famous artists belonging to the royal family. This museum also has a library of Queen Isabella on display.

The entrances of the Granada Church are well known because they are unique and very detailed. There are three entrances in total and they are called Ecce Homo, San Jerónimo and El Perdón. There are a lot of interesting details both around the door, as well as on them. They are an absolute treat for anyone who loves architecture and art.

After finishing your tour of Granada church , you can switch to the old house, which serves as a small temporary museum on the campus. It's not big but it has some very interesting artwork associated with the church.

Granada is a beautiful city with a rich history, there are many attractive tourist attractions you can explore on your own, but the Granada Cathedral continues to be among the favorites. Thousands of visitors come here every year just to see this magnificent building because it's really worth it.

To get inside the church, you must pay a small ticket fee. The usual cost is € 5 for adults, children can enter the Granada Cathedral for free. Although tourists often go to Granada to see the Alhambra castle , the church still has second place on this list. This is a unique church that will amaze you with its breathtaking architecture!

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