Have your eyes on the hundred-year-old crystal palace in Spain

 You will have to wish for once to visit this hundred-year-old crystal palace in Spain, after seeing the very impressive and flashy image of the palace.

It is known that on sunny days , the hundred-year-old crystal palace becomes sparkling and sparkling like 7 rainbow colors, making everyone who sees it overwhelmed and feels like being lost in Princess Elsa's castle.

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Lost in a hundred-year-old crystal palace in Spain

The magnificence of Palacio de Cristal makes everyone want to hold back for a few seconds to admire - that is the famous hundred-year-old crystal palace in Spain . Palacio de Cristal is a very attractive tourist destination Madrid , every year during the tourist season welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors. 

Palacio de Cristal is also a shimmering contemporary art museum by swan lake, in the center of Buen Retiro park and designed by Ricardo Velázquez Bosco in 1887 with the aim of becoming a greenhouse exhibiting a tropical garden of the Philippines, then still a Spanish colony. Palacio de Cristal is modeled after Joseph Paxton's masterpiece of burned crystal architecture in London in 1851.

Palacio de Cristal is shaped like a Greek cross, in addition to the metal contours and decorative ceramics, the rest of the palace is completely made of glass. With tower frames and domes, glass windows. Thanks to that, everything here is almost transparent, when the sun shines on it will create extremely shimmering, fanciful colors.

This hundred-year-old crystal palace has a construction period lasting 5 months, 22.6m high, on a stone foundation. With the dome and ceilings higher than 20 meters, on sunny days, the palace is like a brilliant crystal, reflecting the seven-color bands on the white stone background. When the rays of sunshine fade, the whole palace will be lit up by a hundred jaws of magical gold like fairy castles.

Palacio de Cristal is said to be the most beautiful architectural monument in Retiro Park . In front of the palace entrance are steps leading down to a large man-made lake that houses geese, black swans and tulips. Guests can rent boats nearby to swim out in the middle of the lake.

More specifically, the reflection of sunlight will make the palace reflect and create a sparkling rainbow color. At night, the palace is lit by hundreds of yellow lights, looking like a fairy tale castle. 

In 1975, the palace was repaired and restored almost comprehensively, becoming the venue for contemporary art exhibitions. If you are a lover of humanistic tourist destinations and immersed in Western architectural space, the crystal palace in Madrid is a tourist destination not to be missed.

If you come here on the right occasion of the contemporary art exhibition, you are even more enamored with the charming flower art forms that blend in with the crystal space, you just need to blend in with the air. Time is being able to own a virtual live photo album that people admire. Try to find the hashtag #Palacio de Cristal on Instagram, you will have an eye on the frame of the hot instagramer check in at this place, it must be called too majestic and gorgeous!

Autumn is a very suitable occasion for you to visit Palacio de Cristal , because at this time the central lake becomes calm, clear water. The surrounding trees change the color of the leaves, reflected on the lake surface like a water-based painting with swans. On the occasion of autumn coming, the weather is cool, the sun is not too harsh, the crystal sunlight is reflected in a beautiful level.

Many visitors enjoyed seeing snow falling on the crystal dome during winter. And you, what scene do you like at this hundred-year-old crystal palace in Spain? Looking at the pictures above, you must also be anxious to admire the 'princess Elsa' castle once, right? Note to the experience manual of visiting the capital Madrid and going to the palace once!

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