Monday, November 23, 2020

'Lost step' to Tam Dao Quan Gio feels the interference of heaven and earth in the fog

 Tam Dao is known as a resort paradise near Hanoi with 4 cool seasons. Not only that, there are also many enchanting cafes that you should check in once in your life, in which Tam Dao Quan Gio is a prominent name. 

Locate the position of Tam Dao Wind Shop 

Tam Dao Gio Restaurant is an elevated cafe, 60km from the capital, in Tam Dao town, Vinh Phuc. Crossing the mountain road, the green forest you will feel a "miniature Sapa" space with clouds and wind blowing. When coming here, the cold air "collapsed", wearing a cold coat, feet standing at the ideal height, the feelings at that time were hard to describe. Perhaps that is why this cafe is a great resort address right next to Hanoi. More specifically, Quan Gio is located close to many prominent landmarks in Tam Dao such as the central square, stone church, ... 

Café Quan Gio in Tam Dao is located at an altitude of nearly 1000 meters above sea level. The restaurant is designed with a very large outdoor hall, surrounded by many trees. Many young people, when reviewing this coffee shop, say that they have a view of the very majestic nature, you can even come here to hunt the clouds just like Dalat or Sapa.  

The beauty of Tam Dao Windy Shop 

Quan Gio Coffee  is considered one of the extreme virtual living spots with a unique name "coffee shop on the clouds". Standing here, you can see the whole city in a very magical mist. From this height in the distance, there are lush green mountains soaring, mixed with cool green forests and mysterious mist. Tam Dao mountains and forests will be seen by visitors with a different angle, beautiful, majestic and poetic. 

Perhaps because of this unique view, the movie crew "Go home," chose Quan Gio coffee as the movie's most "love" scene, the first dating place of the couple oan gia Vu - Thu. Here couples can come to keep memorable memories with their loved ones. 

The way up to Tam Dao Gio Restaurant is a very poetic winding road with colorful flower pots, filled with fairy air. Standing from a distance, you will see clouds embracing the restaurant, hovering around like wanting to have fun with visitors. Sitting at the bar, sipping a cup of hot tea while blowing while warming hands, zooming in the distance. Regardless of the time, you can sympathize with the weather of 4 seasons in a day. If you come to the shop early in the morning, the cold seeping your skin will make many people love it. 

When sunset falls on Quan Gio , the sun slowly sinks behind the trees, the charming red rays of sunlight pour down, making everyone admire. This is also the moment that paparazzi want to capture to record their achievements. Or if you love astronomy, you can go to the observatory to see the stars soaring in the sky. A telescope is available at the restaurant for visitors to freely enjoy.  

The beautiful, majestic space, embraced with all the beauty of heaven and earth, of cold air will bring a feeling of love, relaxation and always full of energy. Here you can check in at many angles. The beauty in this cafe is compared to fairy tales, not too much at all. 

Interesting activities at Tam Dao Gio Restaurant

Immerse yourself in the romantic scenery when you return 

In the afternoon, sitting at Quan Gio , a very interesting scene appeared. These are flocks of birds returning to their nests after a long day of foraging, white clouds floating around the high mountains. More specifically, the bell rang from the old church. At that time, it would be great to hold the hand of a loved one, feel the romantic scenery and sounds together, and then see that the two's love for each other is so cohesive. 

Seeing Tam Dao at night 

Visiting Quan Gio late at night, you will be immersed in a magical shimmering charm. Those are the sparkling stars scattered in the sky, the light of the whole town of Tam Dao. Especially, do not forget to visit the observatory with a telescope to see the starlight, moonlight up close. An extremely unique and interesting experience, isn't it? 


Don't forget to check in 

For those who like to live virtual to save memorable moments in many regions, do not forget to Tam Dao Quan Gio . Here you will be living with that passion of yours. Possessing a charming, poetic but equally majestic natural scene, Quan Gio Coffee will help visitors get many pictures for life, you will have an entire album to upload on facebook. 

Drinks at Tam Dao Windy Shop 

At Quan Gio coffee shop, there are many drinks to meet all the needs and tastes of each traveler. If you are nostalgic, you like to think, and meditate, order a cup of brown coffee is all. If you are a young, active soul, a glass of milk tea, cream, fruit smoothie will make you satisfied. The common price for drinks here is also quite chestnut with only 30k / glass. Drinks such as juice, ice cream, coffee, the price ranges from 25 - 60k / cup. 

Notes to Tam Dao Quan Gio 

If you intend to come to Quan Gio when traveling to Tam Dao , do not forget to keep some notes below: 

You should come here in the morning or maybe at 18 o'clock to be able to witness the best moment of the consistency. 

Because this is a beautiful check-in point in Tam Dao, especially popular with many young people, the number of visitors coming here is very large. Therefore, to avoid running out of space, you should go early. 

With souls passionate about the peace and wanting to find yourself a beautiful corner in the fog, sipping a cup of hot coffee, come to Tam Dao Gio Restaurant to be infatuated forever in that wonderful feeling. Please. 


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