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'Shocked' by the fairy beauty of the Nho Que Ha Giang river

 When you feel pressured and tired of the somewhat bustling, noisy life in the city, try once to Nho Que River in Ha Giang to truly immerse yourself in nature.

About the Nho Que Ha Giang river 

Nho Que River is a place that you will be introduced a lot when traveling to Ha Giang . This blue river originates from the Nghia Son mountain in Yunnan, China. The river flows in the Northwest - Southeast direction, flowing straight to our country. In essence, this river not only passes through Ha Giang but also flows through a part of Cao Bang. However, the part of the river flowing from Seo Lung village, passing Tu San alley, is considered to be the most charming and spectacular scene. 

Just standing at the top of Ma Pi Leng , looking down into the deep, you will admire the full beauty of this river. At this point, you will see the river as a soft green silk spreading around the foot of the mountain. Find yourself a coordinate and enjoy this majestic view only. 

In the past, this river was not as gentle and peaceful as now, but only a place for people in Ha Giang to go fishing. This is also the main water supply place for ethnic minorities. Most of the terraced fields get water from the river for irrigation.  

In 2009, the Nho Que River was registered as a Monument of Sights of Vietnam and is the National's Unique Tectonic Valley . If you love nature and adventures then this is a place you should conquer once. When you come here, you will say that your country has many beautiful scenes that captivate people.  

Over many times this river still brings a blue color to adorn the intimate plateau of Ha Giang. The quiet flowing river creates a seductive look and becomes a source of life for people and things. 


How to move to Nho Que river

If starting from Dong Van, you go towards the direction of Ma Pi Leng, this is the way for you to see the dreamy variety of Cinnamon grapes from the ideal height. On this road, you go in the direction Meo Vac along the hills and parallel to the river. The road is about 5 - 7km long, a bit winding and has many dangerous turns, so that increases the excitement for the journey to Nho Que. When you reach the end of the Ma Pi Leng pass, you turn left toward Xin Cai. At this time, keep going 5 - 7km to see  Nho Que boat station . Continue trekking for another 2km to reach the marina.  

If you want to go to Ta Lang and Pai Lung, you will also start in Dong Van, 4km to the pine hill junction. There is a road here, you just turn left on to reach Ta Lang. Then go straight to a small road to reach Nho Que boat station. If you choose this route, you will not lose strength because you have to go through the dense stairs. However, note that the steep road should be careful to ensure safety, especially for scooters. 


The beauty of Nho Que river 

Like Ma Pi Leng, Nho Que River has never become a legend, a poetic inspiration and symbol of Ha Giang plateau. Looking down from above the river is hidden in the middle of the mountains and forests of the Northeast. The river flows smoothly all year round, weaving between the cliffs, creating a unique border between Sam Pun road and Ma Pi Leng pass.  

Standing on the top of the pass has 4 seasons in the clouds, just looking down, the whole green river appears before your eyes. The grandeur of nature at this time is manifested in the expansion of the geological layers that make up the canyon. .

When coming to Nho Que, each towering cliff along the two river banks has captivated many souls. In the sections running through the sharp cat-ear rock layers, the river forms white rapids with the water swirling around the clock.  

The river section flowing through Ma Pi Leng Pass and Tu San Mountain is considered the most beautiful river section with enchanting emerald green water color. 


Interesting activities when coming to Nho Que river 

Enjoy a full view of the river from Ma Pi Leng pass 

Having visited Que Ha Giang Nho River , tourists want to conquer Ma Pi Leng pass to immerse in the magnificent grandeur of nature, of the romantic green river. It seems that Ma Pi Leng and Nho Que are a famous couple of the land of Ha Giang, because without only one of them, that beauty lacks completeness. 

Section of Ma Pi Leng Pass , right next to Tu San alley , Nho Que stream appears with the most beautiful scenery. At this time, there are no rapes and growling, but the water flows smoothly. The section standing at Ma Pi Leng looking down the romantic river is also the road described by many travelers with the phrase "legendary". Because it is very steep and there are attractive curves. Standing at a height of 1200m, looking down at the beautiful scenery of water, mountains, hills, sky, clouds, ... emotions are hard to describe. 

To be able to see the Nho Que line at the most favorable coordinates, Ma Pi Leng is the most ideal location. Even if you have to travel a long way to 20km, many people still have to come once to admire the fairy beauty of the river and check in really "spectacular" beside the unstable cliffs. 

From the top of Ma Pi Leng, the Nho Que river is peaceful, mysterious, wild. In the midst of the cool and vast space of the mountains and sky, you will get to yourself the end of the majesty and see that blue river like a dragon winding around rocky mountains and clouds. 

Boat ride in Nho Que river 

To be able to fully explore the beauty of the Nho Que River , you have to go on a river cruise. This is also considered to be an equally interesting experience when standing at the top of Ma Pi Leng looking down.  

Sitting on the boat drifting upstream, watching the clear river water winding around the mountainside, the beautiful scene is hard to say. The river at that time was so gentle like the woman who caressed tourist's emotions. The scene is very magnificent but equally poetic and romantic. 

The boat surfing on the river, you will feel each rowing rhythm is the natural nuances with unique changes. On either side of the bank are steep cliffs forming narrow ravines. There are also undulating rock rapids or rocky cat ears. In the curves, hidden rocks appear full of excitement. 

Even though it is so intense, the Nho Que River has no shortage of very gentle moments. Sailing on the river and passing through the Tu San alley, the scene at that time made many eyes bewildered. Green year-round river water reflects images of mountains and forests. These are definitely unique images that make the right heart cover one beat. 

Nho Que River is an attractive destination that perhaps if you take the time to come, you will not regret anything. Sitting on a small boat to feel the harmony of earth, sky, mountains, trees or watching the river from above, ... all promise to bring intense emotions when coming to Ha Giang.


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