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Vibrant and colorful 4 famous Ha Giang fair

 If you can go to the rocky plateau, you should try to participate in Ha Giang fair, which is imbued with the identity of the highland people. It is not only a place to exchange and trade but also a colorful world of brocade, a dating place for couples, a place to talk. 

Pho Fox Fair - one of the most unique Ha Giang fairs 

Among  Ha Giang's markets  , Pho Fox is one of the prominent ones. Every 6 days, the market will meet 1 time, not specified on a few days or days a week. Time takes place from morning to noon. All year round, the whole market is engulfed in a misty mist, but the atmosphere is extremely bustling. Every time there are indigenous people doing business or visiting tourists, this place is like a stretch of plastic. 

Each house in Pho Cao is located quite far from each other, unlike the close arrangement of the Kinh people. Therefore, people here cannot regularly meet each other to talk and exchange. There are also no communal courtyards or cooperatives like in the countryside. So fair market is the only opportunity for people to meet each other and exchange goods.  

At Pho Cao Fair, Ha Giang's specialties are indispensable These are red, purple, blue, and yellow colorful sticky rice baskets representing Kim, Tho, Thuy, Hoa, Moc. These are light yellow beef cakes that are cut into squares, when eaten with foam and foam. There are also curtain cakes, fruit steaks, pho, steamy vermicelli. 


Khau Vai Love Market - a romantic dating place of a couple 

According to experience tourism in Ha Giang , the fair Ha Giang The most prominent is probably the Khau Vai love market. This is a market that is not only famous in the country but also known to many international friends with its characteristic 1 0 2 market. Khau Vai love market is held periodically with the purpose of people coming to exchange various aspects. agricultural products, agricultural tools, ... or trade in pigs, chickens and dogs. The people here also make silver jewelry, brocade fabrics and sell them at the fair market. However, the most special thing is probably that this fair is only held once a year, that is on March 27 of the lunar calendar. The reason this market meeting becomes so unique and unique is because from March 26 to 27 of the lunar calendar, there are a lot of people and tourists in Ha Giang, creating an unforgettable bustling scene.  

Due to the situation in the villages living far apart, moving mainly on foot, without motorbikes, the Hmong, Tay, ... rarely have the opportunity to gather in large numbers. Occasionally, you will see a few girls in colorful ethnic dresses talking, walking together in groups to go to school, go out or sell souvenirs. That is why the image of many ethnic people gathered together is in the Khau Vai love market. 

According to legend, there was a young man from the Nung ethnic minority group, who belonged to Khau Vai. He secretly missed a girl named Ut, from the Giay ethnic group. Although they love each other, but due to poor family circumstances, the girl's parents disagree. The two of them fled together, leading to a fight between the two villagers. Due to the great pressure, the couple had to break up, but the two cut their blood and swore they would definitely become husband and wife in the next life and promise to meet again once a year in Khau Vai. Since then, on March 27 of lunar calendar every year, there has been a love market in Khau Vai.  

Although the local people come here for the market is very crowded, but in addition the number of tourists from many places is not small. They come here to immerse in the vibrant atmosphere, just to keep for themselves romantic memories. The bustle throughout the day is a unique attraction at the Khau Vai love market. 


There is a Meo Vac fair with rich colors in the highlands 

Talking about the rocky plateau is referring to Ha Giang's fair markets with bold ethnic colors. And among them the Meo Vac fair is a prominent mark. The market will be held every Sunday in the heart of the district. When coming to Meo Vac, many people realize that this is a museum about the culture of ethnic minorities. 

It is not known that the Meo Vac fair ever existed, but every Sunday morning, all over the road on the border, people eagerly arranged in groups to come down to the market. This is also a cultural feature closely attached to the life of the upland people. Fair shopping is an opportunity for people to buy essential items for life. Next is the exchange, the mind.  

Coming to this market, you will be amazed at the huge scale. The more surprising thing is the colorful colors radiating from the national costumes. With a large scale gathering a large number of people, the Meo Vac fair every Sunday is like a brilliant flower shining in the middle of the frontier gray rock. 

Another unique feature is that, even though this is just a district market, the goods here are diverse from agricultural products, agricultural tools, linen, food, food, jewelry, herbs, ... 

Dong Van fair market - one of the favorite Ha Giang fairs 

Dong Van fair market is considered one of the most popular  Ha Giang fairs . Located right in the old town of Dong Van town. The market is held once a week on Sunday. The whole market is in U shape, built with stone blocks. This is the largest exchange and wholesale place in the Dong Van plateau .  

The fair belongs to the ancient Dong Van street complex, so it has a lot of cultural colors. The atmosphere at the market was very noisy, the time was from 5:00 am - 12:00 on Sunday. When going to the market, the boys and girls are all dressed up in colorful costumes. 

At Dong Van fair, there are many goods brought to exchange such as: cloth, linen, brocade, clothing, agricultural products, livestock, poultry, agricultural tools, ... 

If the opportunity to visit the rocky plateau given once you soak up the bustling pace of  fair Ha Giang


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