Monday, November 23, 2020

'We freeze together' at Pho Bang Ha Giang!

 Perhaps if you do not get a point, many of you will not know that in the mountains of the Northeast there is a beautiful town as enchanting like stepping from a fairy tale book page. A peaceful, simple village makes many dreaming souls fall in love with it, not wanting to leave. That is Pho Bang Ha Giang. 

About Pho Bang Ha Giang

Pho Bang is a small village located close to the Vietnam-China border in Dong Van district, Ha Giang. 120km from the city center. This town is located deep in the rocky valley. This is also the living area and living area of ​​the Mong and Chinese. 

Pho Bang Ha Giang has long been known as the young girl sleeping on the Dong Van plateau . Referring to the top land of the country, many of you will think of Ma Pi Leng Pass , Hoang Su Phi, Lung Cu flagpole , ... but suddenly forget in this mountainous area there is also a lovely Pho Bang like that. Although this place is not a prominent address in Ha Giang, it has a very strange color, very unique, never mixed anywhere. It is the color of time. 

Compared to many other places in Dong Van, Pho Bang is still an unknown name. There are many indigenous people who sometimes do not even know the existence of this village. It is the mysterious, wild feature that has made this place more attractive. Then, once you have found it here, everyone will be surprised by the beautiful scenery that nature offers for this town. 

Pho Bang Ha Giang is the perfect address for those who have a passion for wandering around for a long day on a short, rocky road but don't want to stop. Perhaps this village is not suitable for those who like chaos and noise. If you are too bored with the vibrant atmosphere, Pho Bang is a silence just enough to help you capture the moments in life that seem to be seen only once. 


Road to Pho Bang town 

On the journey to Pho Bang Ha Giang , you should stop for a bit at Sung La junction. This is home to the famous "Pao's house" , this small house is sure to make many people fall in love. The road to here is not easy, especially on rainy days. However, leaving behind those difficulties, you will feel happy to see the beautiful scenery of Pho Bang town like in the old story. 

Discover the most beautiful time Vice Table? 

Each season at Pho Bang has its own poetic beauty, but perhaps autumn is the time when this place is the clearest and most attractive. Coming here in the autumn, not only has the image of the charming triangular flower hills, but the scenery also becomes strangely peaceful. Autumn comes, Pho Bang exudes a slightly wild beauty, tinged with memory, but hidden inside is full of living plastic. Vibrant flowers with a gentle scent creep into every house of the town. Breathe in the fresh air in this high mountains or leisurely in Pho Bang with a camera will make you find something you can keep for yourself. 

Time-colored beauty in Pho Bang Ha Giang 

Previously, many people mentioned Pho Bang Ha Giang would think of a busy cannabis trading place. But then we know that this small beautiful village is addictive not because of banned substances, but because of its simple, rustic beauty and art hidden deep in every corner. At any time, Pho Bang is also calm in the fog and wind, quiet and gentle like a slow-motion movie. All the beauty here belong to the domain of memory. They are tiled roofs, golden earth walls, hedge of rooster stones, ... The girls are dirty but their eyes are very clear and somewhat wild. All of these take visitors back to the space of many years ago. 

Seeing Pho Bang from afar, you will see old little houses with old memories. Above is a reddish brown yin and yang tile with a hint of yellow color and a few words of silence with a nostalgic impression. Each old lantern wobbles in the wind as if sending people lost in the fairy world. This place can not find troubles, worries, every detail, every scene wears a simple, rustic look that very rare places can own. 

In Pho Bang Ha Giang, there are many unique and brilliant flowers. Pretty flower clusters, glowing in the morning sun, but a field of bright yellow mustard greens blooming next to the corn field next door. The people here have an interesting habit that they often hang corn on the pillars of the house, kitchen, ... This is a method to prevent the cornflakes from being invaded by the beetles. Inadvertently, this makes the picture in the coastal village become very dreamy. 

A rustic lifestyle that is full of human love in Pho Bang Ha Giang 

Because of the rustic and simple scenery, the people here are also very simple, innocent and simple. In Pho Bang , everyone will meet the clear and shining eyes of the people. Although life here is not quite well off, that poverty does not make them lose their beauty and soul. Pho Bang's people live slowly, leisurely and diligently with their work. Day by day, the old people sit in front of the porch and chew betel and chew, healthy young men go to the fields to work hard, the children are filthy but extremely loving life and strong. 

If you have come here, do not hesitate to participate in the Lau Ha Giang market with a frequency of every 6 days. People in Pho Bang Ha Giang  usually only go to the market once a week. The early market meeting made the whole town become very bustling. The market is held until noon, then Pho Bang returns with a quiet, peaceful expression as usual. 

Perhaps with the development of the society, someday Pho Bang Ha Giang will be swept away by the modernity, the primitive rustic character will be fading. So when you have the opportunity and the youthful years are overflowing, go and come to feel the downtime in this small village. 


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