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What to wear when going to Con Dao? Recommend costumes for each place accordingly

 What to wear when going to Con Dao is what many tourists wonder because this place owns a multitude of spiritual tourist destinations, history, islands, ... and many interesting activities that need to dress appropriately and still comfortably.

About Con Dao climate

The climate of the sub-equatorial - oceanic climate is hot and humid with 2 seasons: the rainy season and the dry season is a characteristic feature of Con Dao. The dry season from December to April next year or March to September is the time when people come here to travel a lot because of the beautiful and cool weather. Based on the type of climate, people come here to bring cool, light clothes, so it's pretty neat when preparing clothes. 

What to wear when going to Con Dao to suit each activity?

Islands located offshore, far from the mainland. But that also does not prevent people from coming to this beautiful land like "tourist paradise" full of dreams and impressions. Owning a lot of attractions, discovering from nature to history, culture, ... interesting. However, before you go, you should prepare suitable clothes for each suitable destination, to avoid unexpected incidents. 


Suggest beach costumes

Many people often think that beachwear is usually the easiest to choose, but for you to stand out and look good, it requires careful preparation. Comfortable spacious clothes for walking, women are 2-wire shirt, shorts, maxi skirt or mix skirt + off shoulder shirt, croptop shirt or 2-wire shirt + shorts ... Men choose short pants and put on a shirt Outstanding color shirts to check in all the beautiful beaches in Con Dao . 

Bring flip-flops for easy walking in the sand without fear of wet shoes and do not forget a wide-brimmed hat that just protects the sun, adds beauty to the outfit. With swimsuits when going to the beach, you should choose two-piece, one-piece suits that fit your body, as eye-catching as possible. If you are afraid to wear a net shirt, oversize shirt or a combination of swimwear and short jean, it is also reasonable to choose what to wear when going to Con Dao .  

Suggest outfits to go out

For outing outfits, it is very easy to choose, there are thousands of combinations, as long as you feel most comfortable. Prioritize to choose spacious, cool, sweat absorbent because you have to move more under hot weather. Shorts should choose softer fabric than jeans, wear sports shoes, low heels or sandals, do not forget to bring a wide-brimmed hat, umbrella or sunscreen shirt. Wearing dresses to take pictures should also choose a simple one, not too cumbersome, bright in color for a better image.

Suggest clothes to visit historic sites

Going up from the tragedy, the resistance period used to be an easy place to go, so there are many monuments and historical sites in Con Dao , the most famous is the prison where the soldiers used to be network. Places like this often have a dignified atmosphere, so you should choose polite, discreet clothes such as T-shirts, long sleeves and long pants. If you wear a skirt, you should also choose a long skirt and do not forget to stand small and light, avoid running and jumping around and stand taking pictures where is not allowed.

Suggest costumes for going to the temple, visiting the martyrs' cemetery

The famous spiritual tourist sites in Con Dao are scattered in many places and extremely famous, so many tourists visit and burn incense to worship. The dignity and holiness of these places requires what to wear when visiting Con Dao, when visiting these places, you must prepare costumes to match the atmosphere of each place, avoid unfortunate cases such as offensive or You can't go inside. Affect the itinerary to visit as well as my mood. 

Places such as Hang Duong cemetery, martyr Vo Thi Sau grave, temple of Phi Yen or Nui Mot pagoda ... are always solemn. Should always be the number 1 priority when choosing outfits, always remember to be polite, not too revealing such as short skirts, deep necklines, short pants, ... affecting the dignified and tranquil atmosphere. The simplest one can choose a T-shirt, a shirt and a pair of long pants. Or if you are more careful, just a blue clothes to wear to the temple is both polite and suitable for the scene here, even if you take pictures, you do not need to worry about bad or beautiful. 

Some other notes about Con Dao tourist costumes

- Besides choosing outfits, the weather in Con Dao is usually hot, so make sure to prepare more hats, umbrellas, sunglasses and sunscreen.

- If you bring inappropriate items, you can buy them when you come to Con Dao, here are also selling many different types of costumes. In particular, if you want to buy things to go to the temple or visit the cemetery, you can come to Con Dao market very much and cheaply, freely choose.

Along with what to wear when traveling to Con Dao , when traveling here, you should also be careful when communicating. If you come to spiritual or historical places, you must pay more attention, avoid making noise, profanity, swearing, ... affecting the surroundings.

Preparing clothes when traveling anywhere always makes us take a lot of time, especially meticulous people who want to be perfect are even more time consuming. Con Dao tourism is you to a place with many different activities, so it is equally important. Hopefully, with the above suggestions, you will find it easier to choose the most comfortable for your exploration journey.


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