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Bewitching the ancient beauty of Long Khanh Quy Nhon Pagoda

 Besides famous temples like Thien Hung or Ong Nui pagoda, Long Khanh Quy Nhon pagoda is also a sacred spiritual place that tourists should visit.

Introduction to Long Khanh Quy Nhon Pagoda

Long Khanh Pagoda is a spiritual area located at 141 Tran Cao Van Street, Cam Thuong Village, Le Loi Ward, Quy Nhon City , Binh Dinh Province.

According to historical records, this temple was built by Zen master Duc Son in 1715 under King Le Du Tong, with the aim of serving the Chinese community living in this place.

Through many events, ups and downs and extreme weather, Long Khanh Quy Nhon pagoda had to be restored many times during the time of Zen monks, Tich, Thien Chanh, Chinh Nguyen, Chanh Son and the great revolution tu in 1956 for 6 years to complete.

Today, this project is not only the major Buddhist center of Binh Dinh, one of the two oldest temples in the martial land, but also an attractive tourist destination of Quy Nhon that tourists come here can not be ignored.


Sophisticated architecture of Long Khanh Quy Nhon pagoda

Built to serve the spiritual needs of the Chinese, the overall architecture of Long Khanh pagoda is like the word "Khau", deeply influenced by the style of building the pagoda of the South Chinese. 

To enter the temple, you will have to go through a three-door gate built of solid green stone and roofed with yin and yang roofs. In the middle above is an ancient floor with the gentle Quan The Am statue, combined with sophisticated sculptures on the roof to create the sacredness of the temple.

In front of the three-door gate, there is an eye-catching gold-painted incense burner and two majestic white stone lion statues on either side as if to guard and protect the peace of this spiritual place.

Step through the three-door triangles is a large courtyard, the highlight is the meticulously crafted 17m-high statue of Amitabha, standing on a blooming pink lotus, supported by a solid octagonal blue stone pedestal, along with the clear lotus pond in front and the surrounding green pots made the space of Long Khanh Quy Nhon pagoda become quieter and more airy.

The main hall is the largest building at the pagoda with the architecture of "pre-impregnated road" consisting of red tile houses soaring like ancient monuments placed adjacent to each other on a foundation structure higher than 1.5m and around. It is enclosed with a sturdy railing system. 

The front road in the middle is more than 8m long, built into many floors to form a towering tower rising straight up, standing out amidst the blue sky. The doors are made of precious wood and engraved with the temple's name in beautiful gilded paint.

From the tiled roofs, pillars, doorways to the walls of Long Khanh Pagoda in Binh Dinh, all are carefully carved, carefully to every detail, creating impressive works of art guests can't take their eyes off.

To step into the main hall, you have to go through concrete steps, flanked by two winding stone dragons - a familiar symbol of the old emperor, making it feel like you are lost in one. Ancient and ancient royal space without losing solemnity.

Inside the main hall is worshiped Buddha Shakyamuni 2m high in the middle and Amitabha Buddha and Quan Am Chuan on both sides.

Located right behind is the electric backyard with an area of ​​48 m2 is located a bronze statue of Duc The Ton 1.5m high weighing more than 1,200 kg. On the left is a 7m high bell floor, hung a 1.7m high bronze bell weighing more than 700 kg, cast by Venerable Nguyen Trinh Tuong in 1805 under the 4th Gia Long King. Symmetry on the right is an empty floor with a The drum is 1.5m high, all of which are ancient ancient remains.

Moreover, Long Khanh Quy Nhon pagoda still preserves a very valuable artifact, the symbol plate of "Long Khanh Tu", printed in 1813 during the reign of King Gia Long to show the love and respect of the king towards the temple.

In addition, the temple precinct also has East rooms and Tay Phong for monks and nuns on both sides and To Dinh - a place to worship the first abbot of the temple and a place to worship the pagoda's stone discoverers in the back.

Memorable experiences at Long Khanh Quy Nhon Pagoda

Located in the heart of Quy Nhon city, which is always vibrant and bustling, but the space at Long Khanh Quy Nhon Pagoda is always quiet and peaceful, making everyone coming here feel peaceful and relaxed.

However, when Tet comes, the pagoda will be replaced by a new shirt by pots of chrysanthemums, bright yellow apricot flowers, brilliant red couplings and beautiful decorative accessories floating in the air . 

If you come here at this time, you will witness the flow of people filled with gold and incense and offerings coming to the temple to pray for peace, happiness and merit for yourself and your loved ones.

In addition, every summer, the temple often organizes retreats for young people to have meaningful experiences and help them to calm down and slow down before the hustle and bustle life. .

It can be said that, although not the most famous, Long Khanh Quy Nhon Pagoda is always a sacred destination that spiritual devotees should not ignore.


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