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Come to Quy Nhon, do not forget to visit the grave of poet Han Mac Tu!

 There is no unique architecture like the Cham towers, nor the romantic and romantic scenery like Ky Co or Eo Gio, yet the grave of poet Han Mac Tu is always an indispensable destination for tourists. 

About the grave of poet Han Mac Tu

Han Mac Tu or Han Mac Tu (1912-1940) is a famous poet in the modern romantic poetry of Vietnam, he is also the founder of the school of crazy, chaotic poetry with countless works "for life. "Makes people admire. Yet, the evil leprosy disease took him away at a very young age - 28 green spring, leaving infinite regret for readers, poetry lovers and a great loss of the village of poetry. Vietnam at that time.

According to local people, his wish before his death was to be buried in a place with his back on the mountain, facing the sea at Son Pass, but this was a forbidden military zone, so people buried him in Quy Hoa - where he lived his last days and gave birth to immortal poems. It was not until 1959 that the grave of poet Han Mac Tu was buried by friends and relatives and moved to Thi Nhan Hill, in the Ghenh Rang - Tien Sa area of Quy Nhon city , Binh Dinh province and kept raw to this day.

The architect of Han Mac Tu poet's grave

The resting place of poet Han Mac Tu is located in a spacious, flat land with green, soft grass, open space and surrounded by lush old trees shading all year round to a friendly feeling for visitors.

Han Mac Tu tomb is designed in a simple rectangular block, its surface is covered with flat and glossy marble. Underfoot is surrounded by laterite with many different shapes, stacked on top of each other, gradually smaller up to create an eye-catching architecture.

Because his family is Catholic, above the tomb is placed a half-meter cross with cement material and covered with white lime. At the same time, at the top of the stele stood out with a statue of the benevolent Virgin Mary with her arms outstretched and looking down at the tomb as if to show sympathy for a talented but destined person.

In addition, the front of the stele is also placed with a black board showing the names of people who have built the tomb in prominent golden letters for visitors to know.

Memorable experiences at the poet Han Mac Tu's grave

Standing in front of poet Han Mac Tu's grave , visitors will feel like your heart is choking, sobbing, mourning for a talent with a mournful fate, and then together light incense sticks to pray for the soul of he was peacefully resting in nine streams.

Besides, because it is located on a high hill, standing in the area of Han Mac Tu grave , you can fully capture the charming scenery of the beautiful cloudy sky in the far Ghenh Rang sea . 

Moreover, near the grave area, hidden by the giant rocks is a souvenir shop - where many valuable artifacts of Han Mac Tu, relatives and his "muses" are kept such as: pens calculus, poems, manhole cover, photos or documents, books ...

At the same time, this is also the place where the artist Dzũ Kha - a person who has a strong love for Han Mac Tu poetry blew the poets' masterpieces on jackfruit boards, pine with "divine" quills.  Sure, his soft, flexible calligraphy will definitely be an extremely impressive souvenir in your visit to Han Mac Tu poet's grave .

Just opposite the tomb of Han Mac Tu poet is a Catholic church with modern European architecture combined with a simple wooden gate and the surrounding green space that makes visitors feel close and friendly.

In particular, when you move your feet behind the overlapping hill, through the stone steps, you will see a poetic slope with two neatly trimmed, straight trees named Mong Cam and comfortable. The roof has a "so deep" shape in the bright pink color and pristine white color of the dreamy confetti trees, making sure this is a virtual and boring place.

After you have "bought" the satisfactory photos, do not forget to continue your journey towards the sea to admire the poetic beauty of the colorful egg stone - a place dedicated to the resort for Queen Nam Phuong every when she was in Quy Nhon. With a discreet terrain with fresh water veins in the wells close to the beach, making the water always filled year round all year round, Hoang Hau beach is a destination not to be missed when visiting the Korean poet's grave  Mac Tu .


How to move to the grave of poet Han Mac Tu

From the center of Quy Nhon city park - where the majestic statue of Quag Trung is located, you run southwest along the coast for about 3km and then look to the right to see a neighboring Ganh Rang beach. Continue running along the village's road to reach a small market. Then, you cross the bridge over Mai Dinh water bar and run in the left direction to reach Thi Nhan hill. At this point, just send the car to walk up to the grave of poet Han Mac Tu .

Note : the entrance fee to visit the tomb will be 10,000 VND / person.

Coming to Quy Nhon, besides having fun "relaxing" at the blue beaches or living virtual tirelessly at the towers, do not forget to visit the grave of poet Han Mac Tu to make your trip meaningful and more memorable.


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