Sunday, December 6, 2020

Did you know Quy Nhon also has a beautiful and strange autumn?

 Autumn is not only famous in the Northern mountains with its terraced fields and the waterfall season, these autumn experiences in Quy Nhon are also so strange and beautiful!

Will you miss these autumn experiences in Quy Nhon ? It is early in the morning to welcome the dawn at Eo Gio , or cycle in the sound of waves along the sea, camping to breathe the new day air, ... 

Dawn on the Wind

Located in Nhon Ly commune, about 20km from Quy Nhon city, Eo Gio is a place that anyone wants to visit, drop and check-in. Looking down from the high cliffs, you can capture a small strait embraced in a mountain range, like an embrace of a beach. 

Visiting Eo Gio in the chilly early morning weather, hunting for the dawn is a definite autumn experience in Quy Nhon . How wonderful it is to listen to waves and waves, along with the wind as a love song, watch the sun rise, and gradually clear the fog on the sea.

Cycling by the sea

In the autumn, the temperature in Quy Nhon averages 22 - 28 degrees Celsius, extremely suitable for cycling, some ideal roads for you to experience in the city center are An Duong Vuong, Xuan Dieu Street or visitors can cycle along the Ky Co - Eo Gio route.

In the city there are many places to rent twin bikes and single bikes for you to choose from, get up early, or book your car in the afternoon when the sunset starts to experience a clear Quy Nhon autumn tour. more and more interesting than you!


Picnic camping

Summer weather can make our society 'exhausted', but this cold loving autumn weather is camping, pic nic is ideal. The camping sites you can refer to as the picnic area Trung Luong, Cu Lao Xanh or Eo Gio.

If you have a picnic in Eo Gio , you can choose an overnight camping combo to hunt for the galaxy, choose a clear and dry weather day, early late in the morning will be lucky to meet a beautiful star band.


Check-in at sunset by the seaside cafe

Traveling to Quy Nhon , you will have a headache because you choose a cafe, all over the coast, there are so many choices and these coastal cafes are ecstatic. 

In particular, check-in them in the afternoon of sunset, under the autumn weather, the sunset color is more intense than the rest, sipping glasses to watch the golden coastal city and then gradually turning dark, the lights shimmering. You can visit a list of some extremely famous restaurants in Quy Nhon such as Surf Bar, Adiuvat coffee roasters, Marina Royal, Kho, 1990 cafe, ...


A culinary experience rich in identity

Regarding the martial land, you must definitely enjoy the attractive Quy Nhon cuisine , the autumn experience in Quy Nhon is even more memorable when you cross the roadside stalls to order a plate of cake to ask for the pig's heart, or a spicy skin dish to tear your tongue. What could be better in the cool weather in the late afternoon?

At night, pass Tran Cao Van Street, Hoang Dieu Street, beat up a bowl of snails, fresh and delicious seafood, and then went in to make a bowl of snakehead fish soup with aroma of northern pepper and a concentration of fresh chili. Wow, that's really movement, it's the experience!

What's more? Quy Nhon autumn also has its own strange and new features, making visitors come here unable to help recover and miss them. Therefore, this autumn can choose Quy Nhon as your stopover!


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