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Experience to go to Mount Ba Hoa Quy Nhon trekking, sightseeing

 Besides the blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine, the majestic mountains, typical of Ba Hoa Quy Nhon, also make visitors love the experience "crazy".

About Ba Hoa Quy Nhon mountain

As a resident of Quy Nhon , perhaps no one does not know that in the heart of the city there is a towering mountain called Ba Hoa mountain  stretching throughout the wards of Dong Da, Ngo May, Le Hong Phong and Quang Trung. The mountain is bordered on the north by Tran Hung Dao street, on the west by Dien Bien Phu street and on Phu Hoa lake, and in the southeast by Bau Sen and Nguyen Tat Thanh street.

Before 1975 - during the war time, Ba Hoa Quy Nhon mountain was an important military zone of the US and South Vietnamese army with a ammunition warehouse close to Son pass area - the area of West of Phu Hoa lake. However, that ammunition has been destroyed for a long time, so now, this place becomes an interesting destination to see the rich scenery of the beautiful coastal city.


Interesting things at Ba Hoa Quy Nhon mountain

Looking down from above, Ba Hoa mountain is triangular with a vast green color of the vegetation as a unique highlight that nature bestows to Quy Nhon.

With the same height as Xuan Van mountain - about 300m above sea level, standing at the top of Ba Hoa Quy Nhon mountain , being immersed in fresh and airy air and enjoying the cool breeze coming from four directions, will definitely make you fall in love and not want to see it.

In particular, the view from this mountain is quite wide, you can admire the modern and rich beauty of Quy Nhon town with undulating high-rise buildings, winding roads, clear lakes. Green or soaring electric poles… it's like looking at an online map.

You can even clearly see Bau Sen - a green ecological park at the foot of the mountain, the old airport or the church with a spire of spikes in the distance ... and many attractive tourist attractions Quy Nhon's also different.

Especially on clear days, clear clouds and beautiful sunshine, standing on Ba Hoa Quy Nhon mountain , you will be satisfied with the strange islands of many shapes far off the sea or the ships slowly approaching port, simple like that, but lively and attractive.

You can spread a rug, sit on top of a clam mountain singing with friends and enjoy a cool picnic outside, or lie back back to your childhood with a cloud guessing game in the blue sky and immerse yourself In the red sunset, it will definitely be memorable memories.

If you walk around Ba Hoa mountain in Quy Nhon , you can also see the remnants of the remaining war structures such as the Red Light Pillar - the signaling post for the plane to land at the military airport before 1975.

Do not forget to bring a phone or camera full of battery to save artistic photos in this beautiful space.

How to move to Ba Hoa Quy Nhon mountain

From Dong Da junction, you run in the direction of Tran Hung Dao, when you reach the double bridge, turn to Dien Bien Phu Street. Continue straight through the welcome gate, then turn left to see the foot of Ba Hoa Quy Nhon mountain .

The special feature of this mountain is that the road to the mountain, although all red and rocky, but quite comfortable, you can park the car and walk up, and with firm steering, like to challenge yourself, you can move by bike or motorbike, all will be fine.

The road to the top of the mountain is about 3.7km long with many different terrains, apart from the first three sections at the foot of the mountain, the middle and the last section near the top is slightly steep, the rest are quite flat, moving very easily. Easy and safe.


Some note when coming to Ba Hoa Quy Nhon mountain

- Although the path is not too difficult, you always need to go slowly and carefully to avoid slipping.

- Dress comfortably, active, wear sports shoes or specialized climbing shoes for easy travel, you can bring sunscreen, hat or sunscreen if the weather is sunny and a jacket because it is dark , the temperature in the mountain will decrease quite a lot.

- Should come here early in the morning because the weather is quite fresh, cool, and you can also watch the sparkling scenery of the first rays of the sun shining through the clouds and shining down into space, for sure that moment will be a masterpiece that you will never forget.

Mount Ba Hoa Quy Nhon - the destination is not the most unique but will give you a very special feeling about this magnificent coastal city that not everywhere.


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