Sunday, December 6, 2020

See a beautiful Quy Nhon "in the heart" on Vung Chua mountain

 Along with Ba Hoa mountain and Xuan Van mountain, Vung Chua mountain is a familiar trekking spot of the team who loves to move when traveling to Quy Nhon.

Located at an altitude of 600m above sea level, Vung Chua mountain - the "plateau" of the coastal city of Quy Nhon , Binh Dinh province with beautiful natural scenery and a "god of melancholy" view of the city, is The ideal destination for the team who loves to move.

How to move to Vung Chua mountain

With the starting point from the city center, you take a motorbike or car along the direction of Highway 1D, through Ghenh Rang - Tien Sa tourist area, to the intersection with the turn to Quy Hoa, turn to the concrete road the left hand side will reach the top of Vung Chua in about 20 minutes only.

If you want to leisurely watch the landscape of the cloudy mountains and exercise, you can set up your car at the foot of the mountain and walk up. However, make sure you are healthy enough, because once you choose to walk, you have to go to the top too, not able to ride a motorbike on the road somewhere.


Great experiences on Vung Chua mountain

1. Enjoy the beauty like a dreamlike landscape on the mountain 

Coming to Quy Nhon Vung Chua mountain , you will never get bored watching because every moment it brings a different charm and attraction. When it is sunny, the sky is clear, everything becomes sharp in every detail, you will feel the breath full of vitality of nature. On cloudy days, the air will be chilly, every scene is dim in the mist, you will feel like standing in dreamy, fanciful Dalat.

However, the most beautiful Vung Chua mountain is probably the time of day and night intersection. At dawn, new rays of sunlight begin to shine through the clouds, forming bright yellow streaks under the horizon, making the space become sparkling and magical. And when the sunset falls, the scenery covered with a warm orange-yellow color brings a dreamlike and strange lyrical scene.

2. Enjoy a peaceful day off

Under such a poetic and picturesque scene, just sitting leaning against each other or lying "poop" on the rocks to heat the sun and watch the sky and the earth, the vast sea is not bad either.

In particular, the top of Vung Chua mountain also has a great view angle to help you see a beautiful Quy Nhon with immense river, mountains, green and high-rise buildings close together. Your will not be disappointed.

In addition, you can also gather with friends to play team games or sing by the guitar and laugh, surely will also be a memorable memory.

3. Virtual life

As technology is developing day by day, photography has become an obvious thing in every trip to save beautiful memories, and of course, in this situation in this watery painting in Vung Chua mountain , Is there anyone who can hold back without doing some kind of "so deep" image here. Even the bride and groom couples who want to save the unique and strange wedding photos, this place is also considered an ideal place.

4. Enjoy a cozy picnic with loved ones

With cool and fresh air, Vung Chua mountain in Quy Nhon is also a very suitable place for you and your loved ones to enjoy a happy picnic, especially an outdoor barbecue.

To have a delicious barbecue, before going you have to stop by Quy Nhon market to buy your favorite foods. You know, Quy Nhon's specialty is seafood, so finding fresh, sweet and meaty seafood in the markets won't be difficult.

You should prepare food before bringing it to the mountain to save time and bring along the grill. If there is no grill, it's okay because there are so many firewoods on the mountain, take the trouble to find a little to skew the meat and make the grill rack is ok.


5. Visiting impressive works

Not only has the beautiful natural scenery, Vung Chua also has an impressive work, marking the historical development of Vietnam's civil aviation industry as Vung Chua radar, with white and red colors. Eyes and a giant snow-white giant ball stood out among the immense and majestic.

Revealing, standing here is taking pictures to make sure "faint" is always there.

Some notes when climbing Vung Chua mountain

- The road to Vung Chua Binh Dinh mountain is wide, beautiful but winding and has many dangerous turns, so you should use a gear car instead of the gas, especially check carefully the brakes, tires and brakes before going to avoid mid-road breakdown.

- For those who want to safely walk up the mountain, please exercise well before the journey, and make sure you do not suffer from blood pressure or heart disease.

- The higher you go, the more likely you will get tinnitus, so swallow your saliva continuously or protect your ears while moving, if you have a ¾ hat, a full face hat or bring earplugs and ear warmers the better.

- If you cook food, you should go to large areas without trees, while baking should also pay attention to firewood to avoid causing wildfires. After baking, make sure to put out the fire and clean the trash to protect the environment.

- Should go before 5 pm because the amount of traffic on the road becomes more and more evening, it is very difficult to move.

Instead of letting the weekend pass tastelessly by the phone and the four secret walls, go right to Vung Chua mountain in Quy Nhon's heart to enjoy the meaningful things of life!


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