Two exotic resorts in Mexico make tourists admire their hats

 These two exotic resorts in Mexico all have wood roots, but each resort has its own unique and impressive features, with thousands of virtual living corners that make resort guests enjoy.

Traveling to Mexico , you will be overwhelmed by the series of resorts with a variety of forms, from luxury, luxury, to poetic and unique, ... but there are two strange resorts in Mexico that make tourists. Calendar of admiration!


Explore 2 exotic resorts in Mexico-InstagramExplore 2 exotic resorts in Mexico. Photo: Instagram

1. The mysterious and magical Ahau Tulum resort with giant wooden figures

Ahau Tulum is famous in the Mexican translation industry thanks to the huge wooden doll Ven a la Luz,  full of magic, escaped under the tall trees. 

This wooden statue is a giant sculpture sculpted by talented South African artist Daniel Popper to serve a traditional festival in the old Mexican town of Tulum. And after the festival ends, the wooden doll is brought back to display at the Ahau Tulum resort grounds and becomes a famous highlight, making anyone who sees it admire.

Because, this work is not just an ordinary wooden work but is made of monolithic wood and delicate carvings, cleverly combined with rope. It is known that the wooden figure Ven a la Luz simulates the image of mother nature hidden among the trees, the figure of a woman with a cleverly carved face, on top of a ring made from dried pine and rope. 

The image of a wooden mother opening her chest as if intended to welcome her children and this posture also creates a very unique and meaningful archway.

At this strange resort in Mexico there is another wooden figure placed on the coast, also simulating the woman but with a more special posture, reaching out to embrace the grandeur of nature. It is known that thanks to these two unique and magical wooden figures, the resort attracts more and more tourists to relax and visit, especially these surreal artworks are also 2 virtual living backgrounds for tourists. Favourite!


Exotic resort in Mexico-Artwithmetulum-fbThousands of magical virtual living corners at the resort. Photo: FB Ahau Tulum


This resort also scores with its guests for its beautiful scenery, close to nature and offers a classy service associated with nature, forests and the sea. 

Carrying the operation statement "Living in harmony with the mother of nature", Ahau Tulum makes everyone who comes here admire, for its airy, good taste and respect for nature!

Ahau Tulum Resort is located at Km 7.5, Zona Costera, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. If you have the opportunity to travel to Mexico , take a few days to stay at this unique resort, to both admire the wood art and participate in the Maya culture experience, or admire when you see it witness the mighty and chill Dos Ojos cave system for a long day on the Caribbean coast or El Gean Cetote - One of Mexico's famous shores !

2. The Azulik resort is under the trees, but only for guests over 18 years old

Close your eyes and imagine you are sleeping in a cramped place in a tree with '4 no': no ​​electric lights, no wifi, no television and no air conditioning. But ..., are you thinking of a wilderness on a remote island? 

In fact, exactly this place is a luxury resort in Mexico , not located below the ground but suspended in the jungle. The space is very fancy decor, of course comes with a very attractive experience service and is the dream destination of all virtual living associations!

This exotic resort in Mexico called Azulik - which is known as a tree paradise, is peacefully located in the tourist town of Tulum and only about 90 minutes by car from the Cancun International Airport.

Azulik Resort has 48 wooden villas, some facing the sea, while others are hidden in the lush greenery of Maya forest. Coming here to relax, you are chill and relax in the wonderful natural space.

Immersed in the rustic nature of the green forest, Azulik only equips basic living equipment in certain areas, to ensure visitors can fully feel the natural scenery and have a vacation full of their own!

This Mexico hotel also offers a number of Mayan experiences and cultural experiences. And you can choose to participate in activities or a series of activities including: Boating in the lagoon, talking with traditional shamans, trekking through the woods, exploring ancient Mayan ruins or swimming with uncle adorable dog, ...

With the virtual life club , the scene here is really 'rolling', because from the tree villas in Azulik , you can take the cool blue sea scenery, watch the beautiful sunset embracing the whole forest chill amidst the sounds of nature and enjoy  great Mexican cuisine .

However, on a small note, this strange resort in Mexico is not for guests under 18 years old, if your group has people under 18, unfortunately Azulik cannot serve.

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